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India passed an important law to ensure safe workplaces for women called The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

This act ensured that offices, stadiums, schools, institutions, organizations or any office space or hospitals implement a set of provisions, including formation of a committee to look into cases of sexual harassment at every location where more than ten people work.

After the passage of this law, it has become compulsory for an employer of any such workspace to formulate policies and make necessary changes in their office to comply with the requirements.

Important Features of this Law

Requirement of an Internal Complaints Committee to handle the complaints and resolve the matter of women internally when possible.

Any committee of an organization under this law has to hire an ‘external member’ on board who is an expert in this field.

An external member should have either worked on or be interested in working on women issues along with some legal training.

While working on this issue since past few years, we realized that lack of expert members in the committee is the leading cause of an organization being unable to implement the law as per requirements.

Any person who wishes to work in this field can know more about the nuances of the law and join our community by completion of one of a kind certification course in this field offered by one of the top law universities in India, NUJS, Kolkata.

What the Certification Course Offers?

It intends to build a workforce that enables implementation of the sexual harassment prevention law passed in the country more than two years ago.

It is a location agnostic online course which trains eligible people to become ‘External Experts’.

It is a one stop place to learn about the technicalities, legalities and compliance requirements given in the law to ensure that a company doesn’t fall behind in implementing the law.

What can you do?

As an external expert member, you can advise a company on legal technicalities of the present law, lead the functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee, help organizations in compliance of their legal duties and undertake sensitization classes for employees.

80% businesses in India are unable to comply to the sexual harassment laws due to lack of expert assistance.

Experts in this area are highly sought after and well paid. You can make a positive difference – help India to end sexual harassment at workplace.

This course from India’s top law school, taught by top industry experts will give you unmatched skills and credibility.

Full Syllabus

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