NUJS LAS’s Call for Entries: 3rd Issue of Let’s Get Talking “Are We Old Enough”

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We, at the Legal Aid Society in NUJS, have always believed that differences in opinion are equally, if not even more essential than consensus in a democracy.

So here we are again, this time with the third issue of Let’s Get Talking, our informal magazine that seeks to compile varying views on issues of socio-legal relevance.

Are we old enough?

After exploring Moral Policing and Euthanasia in our previous issues, this time we are looking to broaden our reach and include a wider panorama of perspectives from across the country, basing our theme on the eternal debate between age and the right to choice – Are We Old Enough?

Do you think that age warrants such significance that it can determine when a person may, say for instance, vote, inherit, marry or even consume alcohol? Or is age just a number that does not constitute a worthy criterion for controlling the choices of individuals?

Have you ever wondered why you can vote at 18 but contest only at 25? Or why is it that girls may marry at 18 but boys only at 21? Or why if you are old enough to marry and vote, you are still not considered responsible enough for alcohol consumption in some states? Voting, inheritance, marriage, sex, candidature in elections – our Parliament has managed to create a wild web of numbers when it comes to deciding if one is old enough to take charge of life.

What is it exactly that makes a 16 year old so different from an 18 year old or a 21 year old? When exactly does one become eligible to exercise the much talked about ‘Right to Choice’ and well, who decides?

Send us your opinions, caricatures, experiences, trivia or anything under the sun that makes you wonder whether these various statutory limits of age are sourced from logic or stem from convenience or whimsy.

Mail in queries / contributions to no later than 30th September, 2012 and do remember to mention your name, the name of your institution and the year in which you are studying.

Also, please limit your articles to an upper limit of 700 words and make sure your caricatures are in JPG format.


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