The W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences is hosting the first Environmental Law Essay Competition 2013.

This is a maiden initiative by the Society for Environmental Awareness and Activism (SEAA) in order to create a common platform for learning and creating environmental awareness in order to exchange ideas for conserving our depleting ecosystem.

The official notification is HERE.


1. A Critique of the Biodiversity Act: Legal Loopholes and Suggestions

2. Environment Impact Assessment: Do we really need a shift from EIA?

3. Implementation of the Forest Act, 2006 in Tiger Reserves: An interplay between the Indian Forests Act, 1927 and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 in areas declared to be critical habitats for tigers


1st Prize: Rs. 5,500

2nd Prize: Rs. 3,000

3rd Prize: Rs. 1,500

Guidelines for Submission:

1. Co-authorship of 2 people (max.) is allowed.

2. All submissions have to be made in MS Word format with Font size 12 and 1.5 line space.

3. Citation style to be followed is Oscola.

4. An Abstract (minimum 300 words) must be sent to confirm participation in the NUJS Environmental Law Essay Competition.

5. Students enrolled in 3 year or 5 year integrated undergraduate course would be eligible for NUJS Environmental Law Competition.

6. The final essay can range from 5000 (min.) to 8000 (max.) words.

7. The final essay would be judged on the basis of lucidity and structure of the essay, relevance to the theme, the research questions raised in the essay, the analysis or the author’s own views/opinions and finally probable solutions to the existing problems (if any).

8. The decision of the three-judge panel will be final.

Important Dates:

Submission of Abstract: 15th September 2013

Final Submission of the essay: 30th October 2013

Announcement of Result: First week of January 2014

We invite all students pursuing their undergraduate course L.L.B. in either 3 year or 5 year programs to participate in this Environmental Law Essay Competition 2013 organised by SEAA, NUJS, Kolkata.

The Abstract should be sent to by 15th September 2013

The Final Essay should be sent to by 30th October 2013.

For queries

Contact: Shruthee Srinivasan (09831506032)

Ashi Gupta (09748805176)

Aman Gupta (08697366874)

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  2. Results are out!




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