NUJS Kolkata’s Certificate Course In International Taxation and Transfer Pricing: Applications Open; No Deadline!

Globalisation has lead to an erosion of the national tax systems. Businesses and international investors use liberalisation and relaxed tax regimes to save taxes on a large scale.

Can you advise businesses in structuring the global operations to save tax?

Do you know how to optimize tax liability for cross-border transactions?

Do you know how to use tax havens for high-value business transactions?

How should you deal with tax authorities in case of international tax disputes?

What planning measures can you adopt in case of complex international transactions to minimize tax uncertainty?

Global corporations save billions in taxes due to effective tax structuring and tax planning. To mitigate tax liability, Google uses a complicated legal structure that has saved it $47.4 billion. Multinationals that have subsidiaries in various countries, including markets where they benefit from lax tax laws, saves them an estimated $90 billion in federal income taxes each year. Further, 60% transactions across the world are between related party entities and involves transfer pricing.

In this context, there is an ever-expanding opportunity for professionals to acquire highly-specialised skills in international taxation advisory and litigation. This course will also provide an understanding of complex issues involved in this spectrum and as to how can you advise companies to mitigate tax liabilities?

At law school, you only learn about basic concepts of transfer pricing and international transactions and how transfer pricing is calculated but this course will enable you to use these concepts for structuring transactions and advise multinational corporations as to how can they save tax.

NUJS, Kolkata, in collaboration with iPleaders has launched a three-month certificate course in International Taxation and Transfer Pricing for young law students, CA, CS, lawyers, management consultants, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc.

What will you learn in this course?
  • How to apply advance tax planning strategies to a unique cross-border structured financial product
  • How tax haven countries can help you mitigate your tax liability
  • How to interpret tax-treaties
  • How you can resolve disputes effectively in the field of international taxation
  • How to identify and resolve tax controversy issues at the time of structuring a transaction
  • How you can claim benefits under DTAA
How Will This Course Help?

Understanding of international taxation and transfer pricing can be useful in the following ways in one’s professional/academic career:

  • Establish your practice in Taxation Laws after law school
  • Attract interest for foreign LLM in the field of International Taxation
  • Create strategies on the structuring of cross-border transactions to reduce your overall tax bill
  • Expand your practice in International Taxation domain
  • Advise businesses on how related-party entities should carry business in accordance with the transfer pricing rules
  • Learn how to negotiate and draft advance pricing agreements
  • Learn what falls within the ambit of genuine tax planning and what amounts to tax evasion
Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to International Taxation and Transfer Pricing

Module 2: Legal Framework for International Taxation

Module 3: Guiding Concepts for Transfer Pricing

Module 4: International Tax Planning

Module 5: Penalties and Dispute Resolution

Who Have Made This Course?

This course is designed and highly recommended by industry professionals that know the workings of the sector inside out.

Jimit Shah: Proprietor at JPS Legal

Ketan Mukhija: General Counsel, SREI Group

Sunil Agarwal: Senior Tax Partner, AZB Partners, Noida

Sameer Jain: Partner at Pamasis Law Chambers

Shivi Agarwal: Partner, Amicus

Suhas Baliga: Principal, Impact Law Ventures

Is This Course Certified?

Yes, absolutely. This online course is certified by NUJS, Kolkata, one of the leading law schools in the country.

Important Dates

Apply anytime, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

Duration: 3 Months [It is an online self-paced course and you gain access for one year upon payment.]

Fees: INR 5,000

Where To Enroll For The Course?

To enroll for this course, click here.

Contact Details:

Feel free to call on +91 11-3313-8901 or email us at [email protected] with the subject line: NUJS Certificate Course In International Taxation and Transfer Pricing.

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