NUJS Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights [Course Fee is Rs. 15,000]: Apply by Oct 25

About the Course

The continuing aspiration of individuals and peoples to seek an environment where one is treated with equity, equality and justice represents the evolution of Human Rights. The concept of human rights, justice and human dignity date back to antiquity. It is in the late 18th century that notions of individuals as the bearer of human become crystallized.

Thereafter in the post World War II period human rights were institutionalized as legal documents within international law as well as in national constitutional frameworks. Human rights are conceptualized and practiced at multiple levels.

From philosophical understanding of rights and duties, they can be understood as normative frameworks reflecting or challenging moral and ethical concerns, can work in tandem or in opposition to religious and customary practices and finally understood as a legal frameworks embedded in historical, social, political and economic contexts. The debates on various facets of human rights law is to be understood within the contexts of colonization, post coloniality and globalization.


The objective of this course is to familiarize students to various aspects of human rights with a focus on national and international legal frameworks of human rights. Human rights education not only provides an understanding of one’s own rights but also of fostering an attitude of tolerance, goodwill and removal of prejudices towards fellow human beings.

The topics in this course are chosen carefully so that the students can be motivated to pursue their interest in the field of human rights.

With the aim of spreading human rights awareness, NUJS started a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Human Rights in 2011. The course for the current academic year (2016-17) will begin in the third week of September, 2016.


The course comprises of three papers namely:

1. Human Rights and the Indian Constitution

2. International Human Rights Law

3. Rights of Vulnerable Groups.

The course has the approval of The University Grants Commission (UGC). The eligibility criterion is a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University. Provisional admission will be made for candidates who are awaiting graduation results provided other conditions are met. The course will be conducted in English thrice a week in the evenings at NUJS premises.

Course Fee

The total course fee is Rs. 15,000 (Fifteen thousand only).


Last date of submission of completed Application Forms is extended upto 25th October, 2016 by email or in hard copy.

Candidates will be notified on email if application has been accepted and asked to pay the course fee of Rs. 15,000/-

Admission will be complete only after payment of fees.

Application Procedure

Email applications to be sent to Mr. Manabendra Ghosh (M : 9432361046) at: [email protected]


Office Phone no – 25694700 (Ext 2260). Hard copy of application has to be submitted to his office on the second floor (Room No. 226).

Dr. Anupama Ghosal, Co-ordinator of PGDHR, WBNUJS

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