NUALS Kochi’s Law School Review: Victimization by Faculty and Blatant Sexism [READER’S BLOG]

NOTE: This is a reader’s blog. It does not represent the views of

Dear prospective law students,

NUALS Kochi (the National University of Advanced Legal Studies) is not just a law school, but a desperate-housewives community within itself.

Before you embark upon the possibly most questionable decision you will have ever made (yes, there will come times when you will question it) we want you to be prepared.

The NUALS Kochi administration/ faculty/ wardens/ caretakers/ surrogate mothers and fathers/ vigilante moral police

A. The NUALS administration doubles up as the faculty as well.

This proves to be quite a dilemma as the gross understaffing translates into excessive power in the hands of a few who are not accountable for their actions.

Their arbitrary decisions often misguided based on considerations other than academic

Internal marks are determined by the faculty members.

Even though a national law school is supposed to have external faculty come in for a truly unbiased VIVA and internal assessment, here, the very faculty that teaches you does it.

50 marks go out towards your internal from each subject out of a possible 100 (yes, that much) out of which 5 marks are for discipline, 5 for attendance 5 for class participation.

This essentially means that if, at any point of time you have annoyed a teacher, you automatically lose out on 10 marks that no one is accountable for and will never have to explain to you.

There are no hesitations to brazenly threaten you in class that 10 marks are in their hands and you need to adhere to their commands and personal moral code.

b. The point of a unique identity is lost (Roll numbers) as mentioned earlier, they know your roll numbers and each teacher is well aware of whose paper is being corrected.

So the entire 100 marks rides on excellent scrupulous behavior at all times which is arbitrary in nature because moral behavior is subjective.

This hampers growth as each student is afraid to speak up in class, or even against any injustice happening in the college, for that matter for fear for their GPA.

c. This stifles the debating atmosphere and the general electric student culture that is quintessential to law, as everyone is afraid to think outside the box or even go against anyone’s opinion.

d. Moral behavior is very important, owing to the conservative culture of Kerala, where NUALS Kochi is placed.

This subjective moral behavior ranges from not going out too often, to wearing “decent” clothes, to not spending too much time with the opposite sex.

The faculty takes note of all your actions and these effect everything starting from your internal marks and ending at your hostel placement in the upcoming academic year.

nuals kochi victimisation

There is no redressal forum

As there is no mediator between the students and the teachers and you cannot approach one faculty in grievance of another’s actions as they do not allow it and we have been specifically told during the orientation (warned, to be more precise), that there will be repercussions of such an action and that the VC is satisfied with the faculty and criticism and complaints in any form will not be entertained.

Owing to this absence of an outlet, there is a “Petition Culture”.

The students, resorting to desperate measures, can only get through to the VC if they specifically sign a majority approved petition stating what the issue is, after which an elaborate process of drawing flak and explanations is embarked upon (2 in 10 petitions get through) and even those petitions are for the most part, disregarded, which essentially leaves the students with a want of say in any matter.

IMPORTANT: No internship cell and Alumni network/committee

The most important part of such an exclusive National law School, is the closed community feeling it brings forth and the close connections it establishes.

In the absence of an alumni network, the college has lost out on establishing any contacts and thereby prevents the students from doing the same through their alumni as well, wasting the years and years of students passing out from the college.

To add to this grievance, there is no Internship cell that ties up with various lawyers, firms and organisations and due to this, each student has to struggle to secure an internship through personal contacts and cannot depend on the college to help him/her with internships as no help is offered.

Hostel Life at NUALS Kochi

While it is generally peaceful and without incidents (brutally honest here) and you do find your clique and your friends who help get you through this experience, labels and stereotypes are rampant.

Your sound behavior in the hostel is based on how much niceness you can find in yourself to mete out towards the wardens, and they will not hesitate to make your life miserable if not constantly placed on a pedestal.

nuals kochi sexism

The Rampant Sexism

Boys will be boys and girls will be caged.

This is truer than true, as, and the conservative culture in Kerala only aggravates the already instilled thought process.  There are intrinsic differences.

a. The boys can walk out of the college gates till 10 (sometimes even walking out at 3 a.m for smokes) but the girls need to be in by 7 p.m (because burglars only steal from girls, apparently)

b. Girls draw flak for sitting with boys and being in public relationships, thereby affecting their “image” and “dignity”.

c. The watchmen and administration take it upon themselves to play the role of moral police.

Not only does the college play a more than necessary role in your life, it infringes on your rights and liberties and is a temple for biased and skewed impressions and manipulation, with no one accountable to anyone and with the unending power in the hands of a few.

To top this all off, the quality of teachers is only above average (as is the case in almost all law schools, we are given to understand but it is our duty, nonetheless, to inform you of the same)

If you can look past the complacent atmosphere with a lack of competition and push yourself through and seek out the opportunities a National Law School has to offer, sacrificing your sanity in the process, you may then sell your soul to the devil and enter this institution.

We are not saying it is all bad, no.

There are the wonderful parts to it such as the people you meet (apart from the conservatives who will judge you at every turn and be vocal about it), some brilliant teachers, a good library, a mooting culture (no debating culture, unfortunately).

Apart from that, you make this decision at your own risk. We would just rest in peace knowing you have been well informed.

Yours most sincerely,

Anonymously suffering NUALS Kochi students.

Editor’s note: Also read another post about NUALS’ administration here.

Read this article to know how you can stop University authorities from becoming pocket dictators.

NOTE: This is a reader’s blog. It does not represent the views of

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