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NUALS Kochi’s Law School Review: Victimization by Faculty and Blatant Sexism [READER’S BLOG]

NOTE: This is a reader’s blog. It does not represent the views of Lawctopus.com.

Dear prospective law students,

NUALS Kochi (the National University of Advanced Legal Studies) is not just a law school, but a desperate-housewives community within itself.

Before you embark upon the possibly most questionable decision you will have ever made (yes, there will come times when you will question it) we want you to be prepared.

The NUALS Kochi administration/ faculty/ wardens/ caretakers/ surrogate mothers and fathers/ vigilante moral police

A. The NUALS administration doubles up as the faculty as well.

This proves to be quite a dilemma as the gross understaffing translates into excessive power in the hands of a few who are not accountable for their actions.

Their arbitrary decisions often misguided based on considerations other than academic

Internal marks are determined by the faculty members.

Even though a national law school is supposed to have external faculty come in for a truly unbiased VIVA and internal assessment, here, the very faculty that teaches you does it.

50 marks go out towards your internal from each subject out of a possible 100 (yes, that much) out of which 5 marks are for discipline, 5 for attendance 5 for class participation.

This essentially means that if, at any point of time you have annoyed a teacher, you automatically lose out on 10 marks that no one is accountable for and will never have to explain to you.

There are no hesitations to brazenly threaten you in class that 10 marks are in their hands and you need to adhere to their commands and personal moral code.

b. The point of a unique identity is lost (Roll numbers) as mentioned earlier, they know your roll numbers and each teacher is well aware of whose paper is being corrected.

So the entire 100 marks rides on excellent scrupulous behavior at all times which is arbitrary in nature because moral behavior is subjective.

This hampers growth as each student is afraid to speak up in class, or even against any injustice happening in the college, for that matter for fear for their GPA.

c. This stifles the debating atmosphere and the general electric student culture that is quintessential to law, as everyone is afraid to think outside the box or even go against anyone’s opinion.

d. Moral behavior is very important, owing to the conservative culture of Kerala, where NUALS Kochi is placed.

This subjective moral behavior ranges from not going out too often, to wearing “decent” clothes, to not spending too much time with the opposite sex.

The faculty takes note of all your actions and these effect everything starting from your internal marks and ending at your hostel placement in the upcoming academic year.

nuals kochi victimisation

There is no redressal forum

As there is no mediator between the students and the teachers and you cannot approach one faculty in grievance of another’s actions as they do not allow it and we have been specifically told during the orientation (warned, to be more precise), that there will be repercussions of such an action and that the VC is satisfied with the faculty and criticism and complaints in any form will not be entertained.

Owing to this absence of an outlet, there is a “Petition Culture”.

The students, resorting to desperate measures, can only get through to the VC if they specifically sign a majority approved petition stating what the issue is, after which an elaborate process of drawing flak and explanations is embarked upon (2 in 10 petitions get through) and even those petitions are for the most part, disregarded, which essentially leaves the students with a want of say in any matter.

IMPORTANT: No internship cell and Alumni network/committee

The most important part of such an exclusive National law School, is the closed community feeling it brings forth and the close connections it establishes.

In the absence of an alumni network, the college has lost out on establishing any contacts and thereby prevents the students from doing the same through their alumni as well, wasting the years and years of students passing out from the college.

To add to this grievance, there is no Internship cell that ties up with various lawyers, firms and organisations and due to this, each student has to struggle to secure an internship through personal contacts and cannot depend on the college to help him/her with internships as no help is offered.

Hostel Life at NUALS Kochi

While it is generally peaceful and without incidents (brutally honest here) and you do find your clique and your friends who help get you through this experience, labels and stereotypes are rampant.

Your sound behavior in the hostel is based on how much niceness you can find in yourself to mete out towards the wardens, and they will not hesitate to make your life miserable if not constantly placed on a pedestal.

nuals kochi sexism

The Rampant Sexism

Boys will be boys and girls will be caged.

This is truer than true, as, and the conservative culture in Kerala only aggravates the already instilled thought process.  There are intrinsic differences.

a. The boys can walk out of the college gates till 10 (sometimes even walking out at 3 a.m for smokes) but the girls need to be in by 7 p.m (because burglars only steal from girls, apparently)

b. Girls draw flak for sitting with boys and being in public relationships, thereby affecting their “image” and “dignity”.

c. The watchmen and administration take it upon themselves to play the role of moral police.

Not only does the college play a more than necessary role in your life, it infringes on your rights and liberties and is a temple for biased and skewed impressions and manipulation, with no one accountable to anyone and with the unending power in the hands of a few.

To top this all off, the quality of teachers is only above average (as is the case in almost all law schools, we are given to understand but it is our duty, nonetheless, to inform you of the same)

If you can look past the complacent atmosphere with a lack of competition and push yourself through and seek out the opportunities a National Law School has to offer, sacrificing your sanity in the process, you may then sell your soul to the devil and enter this institution.

We are not saying it is all bad, no.

There are the wonderful parts to it such as the people you meet (apart from the conservatives who will judge you at every turn and be vocal about it), some brilliant teachers, a good library, a mooting culture (no debating culture, unfortunately).

Apart from that, you make this decision at your own risk. We would just rest in peace knowing you have been well informed.

Yours most sincerely,

Anonymously suffering NUALS Kochi students.

Editor’s note: Also read another post about NUALS’ administration here.

Read this article to know how you can stop University authorities from becoming pocket dictators.

NOTE: This is a reader’s blog. It does not represent the views of Lawctopus.com.

We request our readers to use the English language while commenting.

Disclaimer: Law School Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The law school experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the law school. We also do not edit law school experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the author's voice remains intact.


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  1. After reading the comments, I get the feeling that the students in this college only voice their opinions in the virtual world. If they really had the courage to represent this collective rage and emotions to the faculty, we would not be seeing such an article in the first place. At least the students seem to have picked up something from the faculty..stamping down on dissent. Apparently, tolerance is a scarce commodity these days. #justsaying

  2. I am not from NUALS, but after reading this review, I would like to ask the admin that are you planning on expanding your law school reviews further, to individual reviews as well. Because I do have issues with this person I hate the most and I would appreciate if lawctopus will give me a chance to speak ill of that person online.

  3. Hi,
    Could the four students who had an issue please approach the VC and bring up all your grievances. From personal experience in this college, and being known for being quite outspoken, I can confidently say, if you have complaints bring it up with the college. Airing your grievances on lawctopus is fine. But perhaps next time, weigh your words. Because if I have learnt one thing in law school, its that you need to get your facts right. There is no scope for poppycock. That being said, hopefully lawctopus can take something from this. I understand that you guys run a blog and post students views verbatim. But try and be a little more responsible with your work. Posting a facually incorrect opinion piece is par with times of India’s headline, “DEEPIKA PADUKONE’S cleavage!”. Next time you receive articles like these, post it. By all means. But before you do, perhaps reach for that phone of yours and give the college admn. a call. Reach out to the VC for a comment. Give both sides to the story. You call yourself the media in previous messages. And get in response to someone’s comment, I find that you have written you aren’t journalists. Buddy, do u see the structural flaws in your argument. I think you’re getting a little emotional.

    1. I think you are getting emotional with words in CAPS (which amounts to shouting online).

      Anyway, getting back to the point. A review can be a ‘negative’ review. It needn’t be ‘wholesome’.

      1. How about you focus on answering my question, where was the fact check you should have done? Have you contacted anyone from NUALS? Professors, VC, Admin.? No comments?

      2. Of course I am emotional. When someone speaks ill of my college without truth to their statements, it is very offensive. Having spent five years in this college, I happen to be better aware of what goes on in our college as opposed to the ill informed editors and administrators of LAWCTOPUS.

        Which brings me to my questions – Have you contacted the VC, Admin, professors for a comment? No? Figured.

        1. Why should we contact the VC, Admin of NUALS unless WE are doing a piece on NUALS. This is a student’s experience of NUALS and we don’t need to contact the NUALS admin for that.

          1. Dude admin, you really need to work on your basics well. What you are supposed to do is very less in journalism, if you intend to continue practicing the kind of journalism you are into! Instead, if you get your nose out of the gutter, you will realize that ethics are a very important tag-along with every profession, more so in journalism. Let me explain with an example why you should have contacted NUALS before putting this up. Let’s assume that TOI intends to run a horrendous post tomorrow – that Lawctopus is a bunch of hopeless people putting up posts without caring to verify the authenticity of the contents. Now, to my mind, TOI should be reasonable enough to contact Lawctopus and provide Lawctopus an opportunity to explain their side of the story. What this translates to, and is missing discernibly in your post here, is a balanced story. And if people don’t strive to post balanced stories, they are certainly not in the practice of journalism – instead, they are in the practice of ‘immature journalistic hoolinganism’. More than anything, if the well-being of future students is what you care for the most, isn’t it more of a hazard to provide a one-sided view (no matter what you call that view)? Your comments indicate that you are ready to cross any line to uphold your perception of what is ‘freedom of expression’.. Unfortunately, while I’m happy to agree with you in principle, i’d be a hundred times more responsible in providing a platform to express grievances which are uncorroborated.

            Net-net, somewhere, your objective needs to be aligned with ethics as well. There are quite a few ‘best practices’ which are not prescribed in the rule book – but doesn’t mean you don’t follow them. I neither have the time nor the inclination to dispute the allegations of this post. But what I certainly do have time for is to tell all the students to chill and have a happy diwali 🙂

          2. I don’t think you know the difference between an opinion piece and investigative journalism.

            Happy Diwali to you too!

          3. I do not know the difference between Krav Maga & Silat either.. or the difference between tachyons and luxons.. But due to the lack of my ability to correlate, i’m unable to place your response in perspective to my comment.. How does it matter what you call the post? Admittedly, you’re trying to provide accurate insights about law schools so that prospective students can make informed choices right? How did you achieve that by this post, when you have effectively nullified any form of accuracy by choosing to post a review without caring to cross-check if the contents are true or not?

        2. As an outsider, I would like to take the liberty to respond to some of your statements and provide my opinion on this situation. The note at the beginning states that this is not the opinion of lawctopus.com. It would be unfair to accuse them of wrongdoing.
          I would like to declare that I did a b.tech in Calicut. As a result, I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a law school. Nevertheless, some factors affect every educational institutions. Details mentioned below:
          – If the premise of the first complaint is true, i.e., the administration doubles as faculty, there is a genuine problem. There is a reason why an external examiner is required by rule for an unbiased viva. Even if one staff is rogue (I refuse to believe there are none. We are talking about humans here), it would be unfair to the students. Students are dedicating years of their lives to get that piece of paper called the degree certificate. It affects a student’s motivation if he feels that some faculty member might be biased against him because he behaved in some manner outside the exam hall.
          – The second premise, if true, is valid too. Same reasoning. If someone has the authority to grade me for my behavior, I would behave differently outside of the exam hall, which I shouldn’t have to. You may disagree, but I stand by that statement.
          – The case about having no redressal forum. Again, you can’t expect a fair trial if the defendant is also the judge.

          I could keep going but I hope you get my point. If you instead of accusing the author of going behind your back (that is what people tend to do when no straightforward method gives them any sense of hope), you could write your own opinion piece on this website and lawctopus wouldn’t edit that either. But if you’re found to be lying, you know the consequences.

  4. ‘We are media’? As if media is an honourable thing today! And sorry, you are not media, you are a bunch of jobless people who do not know to differentiate review from opinion. Don’t flatter yourselves!

  5. Although those commenting in support of NUALS are justified, it is however completely unacceptable to comment specifically against this post. I say so simply because I can very well understand the effort that went into writing such an article which requires both a considerable amount of nerve as well as an inclination to promote thorough scrutiny of one’s own college. It is imperative that people note that the authors have definitely gone through frequent bouts of uncertainty in writing this article as it affects the very future of a university which they themselves are a part of. It is clear that their intentions were honourable and informing unwitting students of their potential future colleges is definitely nothing that must be scorned upon. So I would like to request everyone to stop attacking the post and air your views, be it for or against the college ,by keeping in mind that the ultimate purpose is to enable students to assess the merits and demerits of the the college and not the post or it’s authors.

  6. The real culprit here seems to be law octopus itself …I am lucky if this statement gets through without editing

    ADMIN: Your comment won’t be edited. We put our comments in bold to reply to long comments in an appropriate way.

    Well the aggrevied students just expressed their frustrations of isolated incidents which unfortunately they haven’t informed none other , which if adressed could easily have been sorted out as have been mentioned by majority of NUALS ians (HOPE THERE IS NO BOLD WORDS SAYING ..ITS AN ASSUMPTION).

    ADMIN: Even if the grievances can be resolved internally, it’s no reason to not write about them.

    ..Well still they have the right to publish their individual hardships and their perspective s of issue ..that amount s to Freedom of expression unless it fits into exceptions.

    ADMIN: So do any of the exceptions apply here?

    Not blaming the frustrated souls..They just published their opinions.
    But you people knowing it to be opinions of 4 individuals and not the collective opinion of the student community here, publishes it under law school review.

    Do we have to clarify what a review is…gathering the opinions of almost 500 + students here and drawing a conclusion would have a made it a fair review which we all would have supported .

    ADMIN: Reviews are written by individual students. They are subjective.

    This is our issue, opinions of 4 turned out to be our general opinion, forced upon us without even letting us know and an admin who keeps on saying he has reasons to believe so.(THIS AMOUNTS TO BE AN ASSUMPTION)
    Well the flowing dissents itself are self revelatory.Admin pls don’t impute your ASSUMPTIONs upon us.

    ADMIN: See above.

    Putting it simple

    imagine I had a bitter experience with law octopus that my opinions Regd u are bad.. I have the freedom to express it ..no offence…but what if my opinions Regd u turned up unfortunately in a reputed magazine under the heading WEBSITE REVIEW .Do you think it’s fair if years of your credible work were published like this to the outside world? Won’t u be aggrevied?

    ADMIN: We wouldn’t be aggrieved if you published a ‘website review’ about Lawctopus, anywhere. We’d read it; take it carefully if it raises valid concern and toss it in the bin if it doesn’t do so.

    We might also publish our response on it. You fight words with words not with a call to delete the words. Simple.

    Admin pls refrain from editting our comments in bw , it’s highly unprofessional especially from someone like you who vigorously advocate freedom of expression.

    I believe I have defamed none and fairly exercised my right .So pls dont tamper it with your Bold words in bw.

    ADMIN: As I said, your comment is published unedited and in full. We’ve just replied to it.

  7. Dear Authors,

    I have highest regard for your freedom of speech and expression, as a matter of principle. And you are entirely entitled to your opinion that your review would be helpful to perspective law students though others may disagree.

    Also, I disapprove of being in denial to protect ‘reputation’ at the cost of compromises. Further, it may be conceded that it wouldn’t be civilised if your grievances are dismissed outright without adjudication. However, the allegations need to be fairly enquired, tested and adjudicated if you need them to be of any consequence.

    You are encouraged to take your grievances before an appropriate forum so that a legitimate process can be followed, logical conclusion can be reached and adequate remedy can be granted. Your objective of rectification at NUALS would be duly achieved this way.

    And if I may reassure you from my experience of three and half years if you put down your grievances in writing it’s quite likely that it would be addressed.

    Lastly, it may be clarified that this opinion may not be regarded as an intolerant attack on you for your expression but may be taken as a humble request to kindly reconsider your strategy.

    Hope for the best.

  8. This article must have never seen so much attention had it not been one filled with cons. Seems to me all those who want to show their total love for the college have proudly published their names while the rest had to remain anonymous. And brilliance of this article is that all those whose comments I see here are really the ones who have criticised the college at one point or the other (and for the one who pointed out the defamation part, truth is a defence). Now dont ask me to prove it, I have too many things on my plate. Just because this has been an article pointing out the loopholes in the system dsnt mean you bite the head of the writer. There is truth to it.. Bla bla I don’t want to hear another word about it happens in other NLS also. This particular writer is concerned with what happens in Nuals and had the courage to write an article about the same. The remedies for the same can be suggested in a much less offensive way too (for all those who criticised it as if their patriotism was questioned). Love for your college is always good but blind love is not what is needed. To make it a better place understand first that you have to accept that your college has flaws and do something for the same. All of the remaining you.
    No I am not the writer and not related to him/her and yes I studied in this college and have a degree too but truth be told this article has plunged into the lacunas of the college.

  9. Dear Lawctopus, I guess this review is an insight into the authenticity of your posts. Im a student of the same college and I can vouch that this is nothing but exaggerated. There might be a few issues here, but those are definitely not as portrayed in this pathetic apology of a review/article/whatever. And don’t you go on and on about freedom of speech, we are goddamn law students, you can spare the lecture. You better be concerned about posting the rants on cry babies as ‘reviews’. And stop acting like the messiah who has appeared on Earth to save the future generation from the tyranny at NUALS!

      1. We do admin, but if you believe that it was ‘critique and debate’ that you were trying to promote here, maybe you should check out what those terms actually mean! You seem to have confused the word review with the opinion of ‘4’ students, and the words critique and debate with vehemently defending a blunder. The only thing that seems desperate here than this ‘review’ is you yelling out “go learn free speech”… seriously?! Maybe, the next time you attempt to promote the ‘value’ of these things, you can get laughed at a little less.

  10. Anonymity seems to be a trend here hence.
    An opinion given by four anonymous students does not amount to the general opinion of all who study here. No place has no downsides. This place has its own downsides and upsides too. Focusing primarily on the cons, the negativity in this article has successfully managed to hide all the good things about this university and its environment.
    Being a first year student and being here for merely 4 months, I have already seen changes taking place. The curfew as said has gone up to 9 for girls and the instance that happened as mentioned in the article about the warden being all “comebackbyseven” has not occurred to me ever and I have indeed at times entered the hostel at even 8:59. It takes time and effort to get anything done and things are getting done, the mushroom covered amphitheater is to be revamped and a plan for the same exists. Rules exist for a reason. The location of our university, like many universities, is in a remote place and wouldn’t you rather want to sleep in peace or study after 9 than go out for a smoke after you’ve already been exhausted of all the lectures. And we wouldn’t be here in a differeny if we never heard of the reputation of the university and even after coming here seeing all the changes, though very slow, still changes are changes and if you cannot help in supporting the student community gathering support and voicing your opinion to the college authorities by the mediums a sensible student would voice, I would not suggest you to leave but to just ponder over the good times you’ve had here.

      1. Along with the pros and “as an opinion” stating clearly as an opinion and not a general view. Since when did the administrator become so active as to reply to every comment on PERSONAL basis supporting every argument which is supposedly personal and subjective and opinion of four?

    1. “…wouldn’t you rather want to sleep in peace or study after 9 than go out for a smoke after you’ve already been exhausted of all the lectures.”

      It’s your assumption. Someone else might want to smoke.

      “…if you cannot help in supporting the student community gathering support and voicing your opinion to the college authorities by the mediums a sensible student would voice…”

      Again, it’s an assumption you are making. Students are free to write to the college authorities or write on mediums like Lawctopus.

      1. Do post another article if you find this more effective than gathering our support to voice it directly instead of making our university look like it has no pros which is does have in fact, if you are reviewing a law college, be fair and let the world know of the pros as well. Thank you for being a fellow student and not ever trying to take actions with our support and going to an online portal giving the world a biased review. We are proud of you.

  11. Pls admin
    I accept the fact that they were exercising their personal right to Freedom of Speech but don’t just jump to conclusion that you believe these to be the view of the whole student community here.If you have been here nw you would have found hw shocked we all are abt the Article.Well I can show you hw 90% of the students dont accept to what’s been stated.Well no offence to the fact they have just exercised their freedom of expression which everyone has the right to , the issue is that their personal perspective s has been portrayed as the general view about the institution which is unfair..Before exercising their freedom expression in a platform like law octopus they could have at least checked the veracity of the facts stated here.Some of them are factually incorrect..I am not blaming them but they still could have exercised their freedom of expression better.If they would have wrote abt issues that genuinely affected us the whole college would have supported them..Well there are something s that are hard to achieve in NUALS bcs certain issues which we are trying to solve ,,the things that they have mentioned are trifles that could easily be addressed if mentioned..You don’t even have to mention the bitter experience you had from the security to the student reps to belt him down a friend would be more than enough..No one gives damn abt securities here and these happen here a lot unless you have done something seriously wrong..you don’t need to write a petition or something fr this ….unless you want to change your teacher or something serious…Regd the warden not letting you after 7 :00, come on you know hw strong is the Students Council is regarding these things , these are real trifles the council could itself have sorted out …

  12. The article aside, the administrator’s involvement in the comments appears unprofessional. As someone who read the original article, the deletion of certain select parts of the article while retaining other parts shows a serious lack of ethics on the administrator’s part. As someone who regularly follows Lawctopus, it has been noticed that an article published last year has been re-published which makes it look like there is an agenda the admin is trying to further. It seems like this site has now become one which entertains law school gossip as opposed to meaningful content.

    1. We’ve edited the article based on request of the author.

      The article was republished to show how similar complaints were raised a year and a half ago. It brings context to the present article.

      This maybe gossip for you, but or present law aspirants, it should be useful.

  13. In the spirit of freedom of speech, maybe it would be better if the administrator would consider posting a reply to this article. The authors of the article may have a right to post the article, however the rest of the college should have a right to reply as well.

    1. We’ll be glad to publish a counter-view (till it is not advertorial).

      However, we have strong reasons to believe that the majority of the students agree with what’s written here. Even a year and a half ago, similar sentiments were expressed in an article we’d published.

      1. Just because lawctopus published an article earlier does not mean that majority of the students agree with what’s written here. Why isn’t that you can’t find a better (right) way of ascertaining majority opinion after all the organization capacity you have? For example, you could contact the student council. For your info, it is a democratically elected body having 5 representatives from each class. Everyone is equally represented. The lack of such enquiry shows the level of reasoning that drives the administrator’s sensational journalism.

        1. I don’t think you understand the right to freedom of speech at all. Every ‘person’ has the freedom to right. It needn’t be a majority opinion.

          1. You claimed that you have strong reasons to believe that majority of the students believe the authors. All I ask is how do you conclude that from an article that you yourself published last year? Isn’t that stupid?

      2. Does the administrator then admit that the no fact checking that was performed by him(or her)? The only other source to which you referred to adjudge the veracity of this post was another unverified anonymous article? I’m afraid lawctopus is setting very low standards for legal journalism if that is the case.

          1. So essentially lawctopus feels that it has no responsibility to ascertain whether the personal blog published has any backing in the truth. This one contains many falsities and factual inaccuracies as have been pointed out in the other comments apart from being manifestly vicious.
            Please ensure that you publish reviews that offer a balanced viewpoint.
            This personal blog belongs in a “petulant rant” section, certainly not in a law school review section.

          2. This is a personal blog in which the administrator is very clearly personally interested in, seeing his active involvement in the comments section. Also the reposting of the article.

            If you have an agenda, try to be smooth about it from next time.

          3. I wouldn’t know. But certainly, that’s what it seems like.

            Maybe because a spicy piece is just what Lawctopus needs right now? Or because you personally believe that the allegations in the article are entirely true, based on two/three isolated articles which are along the same lines, and because of a few comments in this one? Trust me, that is worse. You wouldn’t want to affect your credibility, would you?

            If you believe that the level of opposition that this article received on lawctopus is not reflective of a contrary view which is shared by a majority of students, and that this is a fair law school review, I really have nothing more to say. If you believe that you have done a good job here with your absolutely unwarranted commenting and reposting of old articles, I’d hate to burst your bubble. I’d just say that this is extremely disappointing for someone who has relied on lawctopus a lot in his 5 years of law school.

            P.S: Please stop using “But prospective students need to know” for this horrendous, exaggerated, and largely false article. You sound like Arnab Goswami in the internet media.

          4. We are doing great without spicy pieces. Also, do let me know why do we need a spicy piece?

            Right to free speech is not limited to expressing ‘the majority view’. Actually, it’s always the minority view which needs more visibility.

            It’s ok that you hate Arnab Goswami. We respect your views.

  14. The “proud alumni” calling out the authors for exaggerations and bad wording, which while acceptably could have been done better, are consumed entirely by the wrong things. They wholly disregard many very valid points that these four have stated, and this attitude is what I feel encompasses the true root of all the issues this article attempts to highlight.
    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, my friends.
    Don’t get so petty that you lose sight of the goal; and forget that you are both, essentially, on the very same side.

  15. Yo peeps at NUALS- I agree that while this is a vitriol fueled report it is not entirely inaccurate. To those of you vehemently against the very publication of this post- what exactly IS the grievance redressal procedure? Clearly these four could not find an adequate forum and telling them to be brave and not hide under the refuge of anonymity is a bit rich considering that we all know that the few who have ever voiced their opinions have always gotten into big shit. Approaching the authorities is no solution cause those who sit as the Executive Council are old farts who don’t give shit.
    And by ‘evidence’ what do you want – names? Defeats the purpose of anonymity which BTW is not synonymous with cowardice. And since WHEN is something acceptable just because it is practiced ”in all other NLUs?” Wallow in mediocrity is the motto I suppose!
    That bit about 3 am smoking was stupid though. Artful exaggeration is not their strong point. Let that one slide eh?

  16. Universities should be a relatively open atmosphere, and law schools particularly, where you’re taught to fight against the rampant injustice and to voice your opinion when you believe you aren’t being treated fairly. The authors are not wrong for posting this. Most students looking into universities have no clue as to what to expect nor do they have any idea of the atmosphere of the university.

    A hostile environment is only going to hinder your growth and will prevent you from working to get facilities which you should be offered, especially in a law school. It is important for people to know what they’re getting into rather than only finding out once you’ve made the commitment.
    The sexism should be called out. No school is perfect, but it’s when people have the notion that everything is fine the way it is, that’s when it paves the way for mediocrity. National law schools being “the best” should adhere to the standards it so proudly talks about. Students are the epicentre of a university and all efforts should be made to provide the best facilities possible and treating everyone equally, as the law provides. I personally find no fault in part of the authors, they have shared their experience and their opinions on the university and it will be useful for those looking into law school.

  17. If you have so many complaints you should approach the authorities directly and speak up and try to bring about a change. This is not the right way to do it. Actually this is proper cowardice more than anything. Even though few points you have made are valid, majority of the things you’ve mentioned is just like a frustrated kid whining. And as far as girls going out at 3 am for a smoke is concerned I am sure no faculty has justified the rule saying that its cause “burglars only loot girls”. Since you are in NUALS I’m sure you understand what the consequences would be if you are permitted to go out at 3 am in manalimukku. And another point is that No seniors care what you wear or don’t wear and let alone them trying to control you. About internal marking system all NLU’s follow the same pattern as the one followed in NUALS and just maybe if you spend more time in class and pay attention you might end up getting more marks in your internals. And word of advice since all four of you though frustrated are “compelled” to continue your education in NUALS, it would be wise if you decided to take this up with the concerned authorities rather than tarnishing the reputation of your own college, because at the end of 5 years people will know you as a graduate from NUALS.

  18. Every butthurt comment on this post seems to tell the authors to leave college. This points to a regressive attitude towards free speech, and an intolerance of views other than those that align with your own. Further, WHY must these students find another college which isn’t sexist/arbitrary? This brave first step towards bringing in change in THEIR college is an effort to be lauded. Kudos to the authors of the article! We are with you.

  19. It cannot be denied that the faculty/administration of NUALS have an array of discretionary powers which are subject to little scrutiny. The grade on every internal exam paper has a more direct causal relationship with the professor’s opinion of the student than to its content. Eviction from the hostel is upon the whims of persons whose judgement and relative stability are in question to say the least. The imposition of a moral code and the imputation of immorality to anyone who does not comply is the reality which the students are forced to work with.
    This almost eliminates the possibility of open discourse because of the amount of self-censorship that the students have to perform to reduce the risk of offending the fragile sensibilities of the powers that be. The self-imposed restraint is assumed in every act in college as any lapse can and will directly impact academic results.
    All of this could be rectified if there was some accountability and a way for the students to officially voice their disapproval. There isn’t.
    The Student Council is largely majoritarian and far from being truly representative of the student community. While it can be conceded that the major petitions backed by a lot of people are being considered, the opinions and concerns of many are being disregarded. The Council does not possess much direct executive power and is just another petitionary platform.
    Dealing with the current situation, when an article has been written about the state of affairs to elucidate the issues faced by the students, it is disappointing to observe students of the college responding to the article with what essentially says shut up or get out, especially since the lack of the ability of open dissent is one of the major problems being elaborated.
    While it may well prove futile, there is a significant section of the students at NUALS who would agree with many of the arguments raised here. Denial and abuse, while not new in any comments section, certainly aren’t helping out in any way. If nothing else, it leaves the author with the satisfaction of saying something that needed to be said but wasn’t. In any case, freedom of expression has to be respected and there is nothing to be gained by badgering a lone voice into silence.

  20. You know I always thought the only thing saving our country at the moment are colleges and centres of higher education of quality, where people of good liberal mindsets would be shaped and who would go out and change thing sin the country. This being said it is imperative that we have something done about this problem. Over a period of time, if this problem is not solved,it’ll lead to people going and doing things like holding women to ransom where no one will ever stand up for them. This is conservative attitude is what will lead to the downfall of our country. Over a period of time it has to be realised that these are the people who will go out and change the country. These law students are going to go and become lawyers who will fight for justice. If you stiffle at this stage in law school then all their lives they will live in a scenario where they will never love what they are doing. Experiences are essential. Things will have to change.

  21. Dear Frustrated Student

    If you know where the present Family Court in Cochin is, suggest you take a trip down there. The tiny grounds and the run down building had once been NUALS, and is still NUALS for the first couple of batches of this institution.

    The campus that did not have power back up, where a regular broadband was luxury and wireless internet was unheard of , where a library meant some donated books. But this is the campus that also produced one of the finest legal minds that this institution has seen – batches that can boast the highest recruitment ratios in the history of NUALS, partners in reputed law firms, high court practitioners, faculty in leading institutions etc.

    If students in the past have strived and achieved with the limitations that they faced (I must say they would be quite beyond your imagination) it is obvious that it is the students that make a university, that gives it quality, not otherwise.

    In the 5 years that we spent in NUALS, it always had a campus recruitment cell and a very active alumni who were all the more ready to help out any junior looking for opportunities.

    To sum it, to sit and complain through a blog- easy!
    To network, obtain contacts and create opportunities – indeed tough! (but hey, we got it done)

    So, please understand and make best use of the available resources before you to make a future.

    Coming from your humble alumni who attended the initial Manupatra training sessions when NUALS bought the subscription bowing to student pressure!

    1. Dear Chetta/Etta/ Bhaiya,
      We are truly proud that as seniors you took NIALS to NUALS and as a member of the last batch to study in that god awful campus, I agree that we have come a long way. However, things really have gotten rotten in the last few years. We need the administration to wake up. NUALS can’t become a production line for the High Court. If more people step forward, the students can run the college again because right now, the college is running the students.

      1. Respected Seniors,
        I agree with whatever both of you have said. I belong to the last batch that studied for at least a year in that campus. And things are definitely much much better (considering we have useable toilets to begin with). But what is also true is that student activism is also restricted as the system is insanely slow. The uniforms changed at the end of my first year i.e. March 2011. And this process started much before i joined the college. The process of NUALS hosting it’s own moot took about 2 or 3 years to materialse from it’s proposal form. You’d agree that when a college could acheive so much with so little, then if the present college with all its facilities is unable to at least reproduce what was done in the past, let alone better it, then there must be some areas where the institution is gravely found wanting in.
        The institution has come quite a distance in my years there and yet I can’t help but shake of the feeling that it did not go as far as it should’ve.
        The post here is largely true factually, although there seems to be a significant amount of exaggeration too(unless things have drastically changed since May 2015)

  22. If some of these responses from alumni are any indication of this Institution’s attitude towards grievances and criticism, I think that more than adequately reaffirms what this article has to say.

    Perhaps something changed after your experience here. Or perhaps all of you actually like these things that the authors perceive as major problems. Either way, asking the authors to leave the institution mid-way and sacrifice their valuable time and money amounts to a shallow understanding that you wouldn’t expect from NUALS graduates (if it really is as great as some of you say it is).

    It is every aspiring law student’s dream to get into this college, and one could say with relative certainty that they wouldn’t squander that opportunity to bad mouth the institution they tried so hard to get into – unless there’s a real problem at hand.

    1. When the authors warn the prospective students of NUALS against joining the institution isn’t it fair to reply back in the same style?
      Things are changing at NUALS. It is a developing national law school. A problem has to be solved and that can only happen internally. There is no purpose served by putting up such a post.

  23. If u knew kerala has a conservative culture u could have opted for some other collegE.

    No one forced you to come to NUALS


    1. All hail freedom of speech! This is such a GEM of a comment XD
      This is not akin to pooping at home and publishing the news that it didn’t go down too well.
      Its more like some one in a fiduciary role abusing power. Shouldn’t shut up about those things should we?

  24. As you feel the college is so sexist, let us tell you one thing as seniors. Having been in this college for much longer, we are aware of what you are not: sexism is something rampant in India. This is not a feature unique to NUALS alone .

    The VC personally takes it upon herself to address the grievances of the students. You must’ve forgotten that she addressed a meeting with all the students in the college earlier this year where people got a fair chance to voice their opinions. All complaints regarding hostels, food, curfew timings, library facilities were addressed and steps were taken to make it better and more convenient for the students. It seems like you are not aware of these developments even though you claim to be a NUALS student.
    As far as internal marks are concerned, please learn the difference between ‘strict marking’ and marking based on – (i) Whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend (ii) Whether you are a boy or a girl (iii) moral principles you follow (iv) What clothes you wear etc. In order to obtain high marks in any exam you need to work hard and that rule is applicable to every college in the country. You are claiming that the marking system in NUALS depends upon various other ‘factors’ apart from your own intelligence but you have failed to support your argument with any such concrete instance where you have felt that.
    You yourself do not seem to know the difference between the words “effect” and “affect”. Also it seems to us that you are not aware of things regarding the alumni database, internship body, functioning of the Centres etc. You have failed to mention the well versed external faculty who come to teach us which include many eminent lawyers and High Court judges.
    The extension of hostel curfew, hostel facilities has improved vastly. Two new floors have been constructed to accommodate more girls and boys. New water coolers and refrigerators have been installed. All the rooms were renovated this year. At the end of every sem, repairs are done during holidays. Our hostel is one of the best hostels amongst all the NLUs, with attached tiled bathrooms.
    Also we would like to appeal to future law students that every single college has its pros and cons. Not every college is perfect and that’s a fact. Before taking a decision as to which college you would like to join, please consult the administration, firms and lawyers who have associated with that college and students who are well informed about the college.

    P.S. Freedom of expression is taught at NUALS, but uninformed ranting is not.

    1. Sexist behavior is meted out all over India, so why aren’t they fine with it happening to them?

      But of course you said that.

      1. The college isn’t really as sexist as they seem to portray though. Its not like boys get higher marks than girls or anything like that. The only legitimate thing that they can complain of is the campus curfew which used to be 9 for boys and 7 for girls, but even now that’s been extended to 9 for both boys and girls. Both hostels are locked at 9.

  25. First off, PLEASE get your grammar right the next time you write something like this. I’m a student here too and my entire batch will vouch for me when I say I’ve been at the receiving end of the worst possible kind of discrimination this university has to offer. However, this is hardly the most prudent thing to do to regardless of your frustration. I’m not going to make some grand speech about fighting the tough fight or tell you that you should go about changing the world. What I will tell you, however, is to accept that it sucks sometimes, find things that you do to make you happy, and get through it. Posting stuff like this, while it may seem like a good idea while you do it, helps nobody, least of all you. Also, your Kerala stereotypes are a little unfair. If I started picking on where you are from and told you your entire states mentality was stupid, I can only imagine how many anonymous internet posts I’d be the subject of in retaliation. For the record, I’m not from Kerala.

    1. Dear LunchNomad whatever,

      Just so you know, your approach makes you a coward.

      While I definitely cant expect everybody to display the guts and the nerve that these authors have shown, I would nevertheless highly appreciate it if you could refrain from infecting them with your spineless approach.

      To each his own. You want to be a coward, by all means, do so. YOU can go and gloriously stick your head in the sand, “accept that it sucks sometimes and get through it”, but please, for the love of god, let the others atleast make the change. (Since you’re clearly incapable of it)

  26. I study in a national law school as well, and I completely understand the grievances of the authors because you can’t always approach the people in power, especially if you’re a student who does not have much authority. The point of lawctopus is to tell the worls at large whatbis happening with you, and they’re talking about personal experiences which are completely legit. So don’t shoot them down for telling people what their personal experiences were, because that influences their opinion of a place. Instead of helping them, you’re stifling them by further shooting down anything they say. Let’s all respect each others’ opinions.

  27. There are enough number of people affected by the sexist/discriminatory/arbitrary stance NUALS takes in many respects. Just because the library timings and mooting culture is being developed, it doesn’t make the other problems go away/ right. We must aim for a wholesome development and if we can’t support our own fellow “suffering Nuals-ian” on an online forum, then how is anyone going to have the guts to stand up and take action in a college which is quite blatantly conservative and indifferent to student’s needs. Just cuz this “rant” of a post has only some legitimate issues, we can’t write off the authors as being inaccurate regarding the information published. We need to learn to be able to stand up for each other, even if a certain “disciplinary action” did not concern us or our group of friends. Our real problem is we lack unity. Our real drawback is NUALS is filled with as many cowards and selfish elitists as it is with sexist and extremist faculty and administration!

      1. The changes that I have mentioned as a reply to ‘another affected persons’ comment is the result of the joint effort put by all the members of student council. We are unified for change. However, change comes only by actions.
        There is no question of a lack of support for the authors. It is just that they could have taken the pain to enquire about the developments happening at NUALS before they make such claims.

  28. Dear blind supporters and religious followers of NUALS administration and faculty,

    So somebody suggested that students should go and talk to the VC. This is a person who has tried talking to the VC. She is […] when it comes to taking suggestions. She is the one who warned a student “it better not be an affair” when she came to know about the friendship that the student had with another guy.

    Why do you think the college was shut down even after one and a half months’ vacation at such a short notice when she very well knows that people studying here are from all over India and tickets can’t just be booked at her whims and fancies?

    Despite the fact that they got one and a half months’ time, they didn’t do anything regarding the hostel construction. People came back from vacation and they had to go back. People came back from their homes to sleep in rooms, the roofs of which were dripping of toilet water from the upper floor.

    When complained, the VC asked to adjust a little. Upon further complaints, she conveniently ordered the entire college to be shut down for 3 weeks just after three days of commencement of college thereby disrupting this entire semester schedule. What do you know about the financial misappropriation happening here? The interim VC ordered for an investigation. She was transferred off and the current VC replaced her.

    Why don’t we have a proper playground? All we have is small barren land filled with gravel where we play cricket, football, volleyball and throwball on the same playground and at least two sports happen simultaneously apart from the car parking.

    Have you noticed the fast-paced changes that are happening in the annexure building where the furniture and flooring of the VC’s room is being changed just because she didn’t like it when the students’ council has been fighting for a basketball court for years now?

    This campus has been shifted for over five years now yet all we see is a partially constructed compound wall and then they talk about girls’ safety by caging them in the hostel at 9:00pm with absolutely no access to library when the VC wants us students to develop “a reading culture”. Let’s not forget about how enthusiastic they were in killing the innocent dogs which entered the campus because of the partial construction.

    There was this unheard of hostel committee which suddenly rose to occasion when there were new hostel admissions to threaten and harass selected people restricting their admission for frivolous and lamest of the reasons, for instance, going more often to Lulu Mall, taking more students out to Lulu mall, sitting at the back bench in the ‘class’, eating food from outside, having a relationship, not being dressed according to one’s religion, sleeping too much and what not.

    None of these is exaggeration. People were discriminated on the basis of caste, sex and religion which is ironical considering that this is a law university. There were also people who were denied hostel without stating any valid reason.

    Take a look at the amphitheatre. It’s now growing mushrooms because of non-functioning. How will it when it’s too small, without any power source or a roof considering the fact that it rains most often in Kerala?

    If someone writes something to let the world know, what’s so wrong about it? It’s the truth that is being stated. Instead we are advised by the alumni to take TCs and leave. How wonderful! People should know about this place before they come to this place and ruin their lives. People come from far off places with a lot of hopes and expectations not to bear with this.

    We request the alumni to stop posting facts about how good the college was during their time because it might be true but the same doesn’t hold now considering we see and suffer everyday.

    Why would any student bitch about his/her college if it were good? Universities malfunction at times, but never like this.

    1. VC is always approachable. Everything was stuck at NUALS for some time but since she took over we have seen a lot of changes like the following:
      The construction of hostel block was completed.
      Boundary walls were constructed upon student’s request.
      We have our administration block about to be inaugurated. All the works are done.
      The new seminar room was used today for the interface programme with lawyers. It is equipped with proper infrastructure at ideal costs.
      A new basketball, tennis, and volleyball court is going to come up next to the OAT. The preliminary works are now going on.
      The OAT has temporary electricity connection now. Permanent roof with adequate sound systems will soon be in place.
      The library is going to be equipped with RF ID system. This will help us to carry our books inside the library with out any interference. We can also ask the library to be open for longer hours.
      A gym is finally going to be set up at NUALS. The quotations have been given and equipments would be supplied by next semester.

      There is a lot more. 🙂

  29. I’d just like to point out that boys don’t get to go out for smokes at 3 a.m. Ikka’s closes at 10. Guys get to go out only till 9 as well. Not denying sexism though.

    General Quality of teachers is not above average. It’s very much average. Definitely a few very knowledgeable teachers as well in the mix.

    There is a Committee for Campus Recruitment which seeks to ensure recruitments/assessment internships for 4th years and 5th years. There exists a website for it as well like all other schools which have a recruitment cell. So, the authors, though frustrated, are not well informed.

    The internals system is horrible. A lot of students haven’t suffered because of it but a few have. The students are pretty much under the thumb of the administration. Girls drinking and smoking is considered a taboo. Sexism is pretty evident day in and day out. Hell of a lot of conservatism too.

    All said and done, the experience could be bitter sweet at the end of five years if you manage to survive the umpteen number of times that you think you’ve hit breaking point. And you will feel that you really earned that NLU tag. Which in my opinion, does help.

    P.S: The usage “public relationship” is hilarious.

  30. For the benefit of everyone reading these comments (after having read the post)
    While we do understand that we have not addressed the positives of this college enough (we have accepted that there are good parts to the college in the article itself) and have not elaborated on the pros over the cons, we accede that some of your points are quite valid. However, this does not discredit the fact that the truths that we have mentioned are not the cold hard truths, that people have approached us about biased internal marking or hurdles they face. We understand that you might feel attacked/defensive of your college, but five good instances do not discount 2 bad ones.
    To anyone we might have offended, we apologize, not for our opinions, but for insulting you on any personal level if we might have.
    Lawctopus was a way of airing our issues (as it should be, as an online forum) and we are entitled to the opinion we have claimed, as are you. Our qualms do not become any lesser due to the medium we chose to air them.

  31. Before you ruin it for the rest of us, you should first think about what this would do to the college and the students who study in the college. Instead of putting it up on lawtopus, why don’t you take the tougher road and complain and find solutions to the problem. How will this vicious article do you any good? There have been a number of positive changes that have been happening in the college. Like the curfew and library timings being extended and number of new facilities coming up. That is the result of a lot of hard work of the student council members. So stop raining all over it. You can’t just sit behind your laptop and complain anonymously like a lazy idiot. This article is just badly worded, unintelligent and incorrect. If anything it has just made matters worse. So next time, use your brain.

      1. If this article was on point and accurate, it would have been well received. But this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve read in a long time. So freedom of speech is welcome and encouraged but when you don’t contribute and complain and undermine the work done by others in the college and you do it representing all of us, then it’s not fair on us or the college.

        1. You can complain. Freedom speech is not restricted to content that ‘does not complain’. Also, their are a large number of comments supporting the author’s views. Actually, there is one full-fledged article (published a year ago) support the author’s views.

          1. Freedom of speech stops at defamation.

            Someone definitely skipped that lesson.

          2. We did that lesson pretty well, Keshav. Being in the media business (especially legal media business) we’ve got a good understanding of free speech laws. There’s a clear distinction between defamation and fair comment. Maybe, you should revise that bit.

          3. Mr. administrator, you have no idea what Nuals was and is now. The change this college has seen has been remarkable the past years. We have been fighting against the system for quite sometime now and the change is evident and positive. But this article is incorrect in a lot of ways and that is what we’re complaining about. If it was written to bring about positive change we would have appreciated it or maybe even promoted it but on the other hand this article is spiteful and completely exaggerates a lot of things happening in the college. We are not saying tolerate it because it happens everywhere or leave college but when you represent us, do it properly. You would not understand because your opinion is clearly clouded by bias here.

          4. A. This article doesn’t reflect ‘our’ opinion.

            B. Why would we be biased against a particular college?

            C. Why is it wrong to criticize?

          5. I don’t know why you would be biased but it clearly can be seen from your comments that you are. If you would have read my comment properly you would realise that I have nothing against criticism. But this article is just spiteful and looks like a bunch of people whining like teenagers and the ridiculous pictures to add dramatic effect to the article. And Mr. administrator mocking us and our college, of which you know nothing about, just undermines your credibility. You have put up an article written anonymously and are vouching for its credibility by referring to another anonymous article and you have put this up in the law school review section without cross checking the facts. This affects every student who is studying in this college. You are talking about majority of the students in our college sharing the opinion of the author of this article, that is incorrect and presumptuous on your part. I have put my opinion, now you can edit it according to your convenience as you have done with the article. Thank you.

          6. There’s no reason to believe that anonymous article lack credibility.

            FYI we’ve published nearly all comments without any editing. We just edit for defamation.

      2. We are so conservative that we also skipped reasonable restrictions such as DEFAMATORY statements not reflective of reality.

      3. Freedom of speech is not absolute. It should be used reasonably and not to defame an institution by discouraging the prospective students.

        The authors, being law students, should have used the grievance redressal mechanisms available at college. Lawctopus is not going to solve their issues.

        1. This is not defamation. This is criticism and fair comment.

          Media has always served as a great starting point for grievance redressal.

      4. Sometimes, it should be about being wise, not right.

        The pen is mightier than the sword. Monumentally stupid that the authors chose to use it on themselves.

      5. Dear Administrator,

        Funny thing. India Today gives a better “Law School Review” than yours (and that’s saying something). A law school review cannot be based upon personal instances of 4 “anonymous” students. Please consult a considerable variety of students in the college about all aspects of a law school. These, if I am not wrong, would include Mooting, Library, Faculty, Infrastructure, etc. If I may point out, the authors have agreed to the fact that these aspects are good at NUALS.

        Talking about skipping lessons, if you had done your Constitutional Law lessons properly, you would realize that the so called ‘freedom of speech’ is subject to certain restrictions, which protect the rights of others. These rights also include the right to maintain the reputation of others. (State of Bihar v LK Advani decided in 2003, which we learned at NUALS).

        So kindly pay attention in your classes at your Law School and do a better job at Editing this site.

        Lawctopus, which used to cater to the needs of law students all over the country has now descended into the quagmire that is ‘sensationalized journalism’ in order to garner readership. What separates YOU from Mumbai Mirror (Page 3) or Times of India (No page in particular).

        Also, if your law school doesn’t teach such things, please post their review as well.

        Happy studying!

        -An informed NUALSian.

        1. 1. India Today’s rankings are trashed everywhere so not sure if they are any good.

          2. Law school reviews are written by students, who are people, who will be subjective (always!).

          3. So, please let me know what’s the ‘constitutional’ restriction on publishing such an article?

          4. ‘We’ don’t belong to any law school.

          5. Internship experiences and law school reviews on this site are published ‘unedited’ to let the personality of the writer come through the article. We’ve explained this numerous times.

          6. What’s sensationalized journalism for you will serve has a great piece of informational content to future law students.

          1. Publishing a perspective about a law school as a law school review is just brutal and is nothing if not sensationalism.
            One could so easily paint a rosy picture as well, if that’s all it takes.

            Really, lawctopus could have done better.

          2. It’s pretty useful for future law students out there.

            We think we’ve done a good job here (thanks to the authors!).

            But yes, lots to improve on wrt a lot of things.

      6. Hey Mr.Frustrated!!! I am appalled and sad that the author who has posted this does not even have the courage to disclose his identity before posting this and has proved himself to be an embodiment of cowardice by firing flak by sitting behind a veiled curtain.

        [EDITOR/ADMIN: A. The author has full rights not to disclose his identity. B. That he hasn’t disclosed means that he really fears that the administration can be that vindictive. That’s sad, right?]

        What every NUALSian abhors is this cowardice. EDITOR: Really

        Have you realized that the rights you possess are also bundled up with certain duties you have to perform so that they together become meaningful? (as a law student that is the first primary lesson you should remember).

        EDITOR/ADMIN: The right to free speech is not ‘bundled’ up with any such duty. FYI these are the restrictions:

        1. Is it defamatory?
        2. Does it incite violence or is it subversive to the extent that it interferes with public law and order?
        3. Is it opposed to public morality or does it compromise national sovereignty or religious feelings?

        When you claim that boys walk out of gates at 3.00 am in the morning, it looks like you have been physically present watching them do so which should mean you yourselves would have been in breach of the 7.00 pm deadline,(outside campus).

        EDITOR/ADMIN: That’s an assumption you are making, dearie.

        I can’t understand the extent of hyperbole and over-exaggeration you are using to suggest as if NUALS is living hell on Earth or something like that and how blatantly you are making up false stories to tarnish the reputation of your own institution . Before washing dirty linen in public have you thought about the other side too??

        EDITOR/ADMIN: What’s the other side? Dirty linen not being washed and smelling bad?

        First it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you have complied with all the basic rules of the institution before complaining.

        EDITOR/ADMIN: No. Not If the basic rules are draconic. Ever heard of the word ‘protest’?

        Are you absolutely sure that you haven’t reached class after 9.00 a.m. not more than once and still got attendance?? And the faculty- haven’t they come to the rescue of many who did not even stand the chance of writing the externals??? Are you aware that you enjoy much more freedom in your campus than many other colleges in Kerala where even you have stipulated time for using you mobile phones and making a call??

        EDITOR/ADMIN: So you are comparing yourself with the worst?

        And is it wrong if certain restrictions are placed so that mishaps like those which happened in CET Trivandrum don’t happen here??? So are you branding not allowing girls at 12.00 am beyond the campus in the night as “sexism”? ( the claim that boys are allowed is a cooked up cock and bull story).

        EDITOR/ADMIN: Your statement expresses an attitude that’s similar to saying “Hey girl, don’t go out, you’ll be raped”.

        Faculty here are much more interactive and open so that the students can approach them to address their problems and not like many other institutions where the teachers come like robots and take lectures and walk away without having any sort of connection to the student’s lives. If you make the system water-tight you complain it is stringent and not compassionate and if it is made liberal you complain that there is favouritism…yes maybe there might be problems of transparency and accountability occasionally…however it cannot be projected as the whole image as such.

        There is no petition culture as such if you may understand, grievances are initially raised to the faculty themselves and petitions are mere documents of the grievances that are put up by the students so that there is proper recording of these before the faculty council.

        And please don’t try to act as a saviour for us by talking about the history internal petition…the concerns were raised before the teachers and they are in full support and have assured us that the necessary will be done…it does not matter if you don’t help but please don’t screw the lives of others through such insensible and least thought statements.

        Please do understand that even the so-called prestigious institutions like Harvard and Oxford have their own fallacies. But they have an advantage they do not have students who are too cowardly to reveal their identity and just crib about the shortcomings of their institutions and fire arrows into the open skies.

        They have students who if they require bring their grievances in open without masking their identity and do some productive work to engage the authorities and gain their bargaining powers from their exceptional performances and activities.

        EDITOR/ADMIN: Maybe it’s because these institutions openly encourage dissent or at least don’t stiffle it with authoritative measures?

        There is no dearth of students like that in NUALS as well. The only difference is that they have followed the required channels for addressing their concerns unlike you who has taken another safer route. Have you ever tried to make a change before putting this post…there have been meetings concluded to raise our problems…have you spoken up???

        Have you talked to any student council member about this??? Have you spoken to the Vice-Chancellor regarding this??? If you haven’t taken any fruitful step towards bringing a change then it is unnecessary and unworthy to crib like this. For instance you said there was no debating culture. Why don’t you spend your free time to raise awareness to bring it up???

        EDITOR/ADMIN: The students have every right to ‘write’ before doing all such ‘meetings’ like you are suggesting.

        Talk to supportive authorities for helping out your cause and start debating during the free hours in the evening. You can have that in open spaces too I presume. push for a debating society to be developed.So please practice before you preach!!!!

        Remember that it’s not the institution alone that builds the students, but the students who build the institution and its reputation. If you have any personal problem with the institution mention it as yours alone and those who share your sentiments.

        But do not take the tag of “every NUALSian feels the same” and mask your grievances under it And if you are a person with an iota of courage and integrity I dare you to come and speak in physical presence on a public platform in NUALS explaining why you have done this…FEARLESSNESS is not sitting behind the curtain and strumming the strings but coming on the proper platform and speaking fearlessly.

        From a proud NUASian
        EDITOR/ADMIN: Pride comes before a fall.
        Ashwin Venu
        Second Year, NUALS, Kochi

      7. Tread lightly before you cast aspersions on the quality of education at our college. If I am not mistaken, the defense of fair comment can be resorted to only if you have some facts to believe that such comment is true. If you are basing your comment on these reviews, I’d like to point out that neither this article nor the previous one disparage the quality of education at NUALS. In fact, quite the contrary has been stated regarding the teachers in the last few lines of BOTH articles. You’ll note that we’ve been taught well enough to know that the defense of fair comment will not apply here.
        Also, just a clarification – isn’t it the norm for administrators to be unbiased regulators of discussion?

        1. Aren’t we publishing all the comments, dearie? Doesn’t that show unbiased-ness?

          Also, we believe that the article is true and substantially based on facts.

          1. I’m sorry, that’s not what unbiased means. The fact that you find the need to interject on multiple occasions within the same comment with a personal comment based solely on hearsay makes it anything but biased.
            Comment in an individual capacity, if you must. You’re being quite unprofessional.

  32. No, we have absolutely no issue with the use of our vernacular, as inevitably 50% of our college is mallu anyway, damn the rest. Enthenkilum Aykotte. 🙂

    1. Dear Mr. MalluMafia,
      This is a “National Law school” if you haven’t noticed that yet and not a “Kerala law school”. Please refrain from posting such comments and showing your shallowness. Damn the rest? Are you kidding?

    2. “50 percent of our college is mallu anyway, damn the rest”
      Why don’t we all just follow similar logic and apply it to other circumstances in life, shall we? 50% of us in India are not harassed anyway, damn the rest. 50% of us in Germany are not Jews anyway so damn the rest. 50% of us in India have the opportunity of abject poverty, but hey, why bother about the others? What’s that..oh. damn them.
      Jeez, man.
      *insert random English sign off phrase here*

    3. Damn the rest? It’s people like you who make sure that the college can never attain the status of a real NLU despite the efforts of everyone who posted on this page, regardless of which side they support because at the end of the day they’re trying to improve the college,
      Ultimately, you just alienated 50% of the people who are trying to make sure that degree YOU walk out with is worth more than the paper it’s printed on.
      And here’s a heads up, no one but the first years use the term “mallumafia.” Just pray that you haven’t laughed too hard at this sordid little joke with your classmates because literally everyone will eventually come to know who you are.
      Happy Diwali in advance, asshole .

    4. Shame on you […] mafia for such blatant idiotic comments .

      You guys are a disgrace to the institution and especially […] here, you dumbos ,r u really students of this institute I doubt..if you are and if found considered your lives screwed..Hope when u go outside […] with this freaking attitude you will learn…

      If you are students from outside the institute passing just random comments,,involving in our matters ,,go to hell […] and your cheap tricks ..might work there.

  33. Internal Marks are determined by faculty members in almost all NLUs. Viva is never biased in NUALS. Every student is marked on his/her knowledge in the subject matter of project.

    If you submit assignments on time and make sure you don’t bunk classes you are bound to get the deserving marks for class participation. The attendance scheme in NUALS is not rigid. You get eligible leaves for genuine causes which includes representing university in moots, debates, MUNs, cultural fests, etc., and for participating and organizing various programmes in the university.

    There are 13 centres functioning at the college and each centre is headed by a faculty member. These centres are actively functioning throughout the year. The faculties with a kind of experience and academic interest have better things to bother about than peeping into the personal affairs of students. So please refrain from making such diatribes.

    There are teachers who encourage students posing questions and no one at NUALS would ever discourage it. In our three years of experience we have only seen teachers pushing students to be inquisitive. Our faculties are one who are open to corrections. They want you to criticise them especially in matters of law.

    There is no petition culture in NUALS. There is a democratically elected student body having representatives from each class. Any grievance shall be best redressed through this mechanism, which is very effective.

    VC always welcome students provided they meet her after class hours. She stays in the campus itself and works till late night. She ensures that all student grievances are redressed and the interest of students are cared for.

    Please abstain from making wrong claims of not having an alumni network or an internship committee. There is an internship body headed by the faculty members. The faculty and senior students are always keen to help those who are unable to find an internship by themselves. No one is there to spoon feed you at college. You will have to ask for help and it will be given at NUALS. Also, the student council is actively pursuing the formation of a student internship cell. About the Alumni network, the authors are again ignorant about the facts. A form was distributed to all alumni of the college by the student council. Responses have been collected and a database has already been made. Also, it was the alumni who supported us during the last Securities moot that happened in our college.

    With 3 years of hostel life experience we do not understand on what basis are you claiming that boys can walk out of hostels at 3 a.m. There is a campus curfew and no one is breaking it.
    If you are still frustrated with the college and feel that NUALS has nothing to offer you, please consider dropping out rather than spending your quality time at NUALS. It would also save your parents their hard earned money.

    – Akhil, Shinto & Rohit

  34. Hello,
    I see you are VERY frustrated.
    I do agree with you at “some” of the points that you and your 3 friends have raised here but lets be honest not all that you have mentioned is true. The rules are relaxed for the girls as well. Things are happening in the college now. You tell VC what you need and if the demand is legitimate she does try to help you out. No institution is perfect my friend. I am not saying adjust here or leave the college, just try to be smart enough to get your work done.

  35. Dear Frustrated Student,

    I am also a student of NUALS. To be honest with you, it is a disgrace to have students like you in a university like NUALS. I admit that the 50% internal assessment system is a bit harsh. But being someone who has studied in the University for the 5 long years , I personally do not think that the internal marking system has done any harm to a good portion of our students.

    Going through your “frustrated” remarks about NUALS, I would advise you to pack your bags very soon rather than blotting an NLS. My friend, an NLS is not your cup of tea. A National Law School stands for academic excellence with a tinge of fun as well. I feel that you and your three frustrated friends would be better off taking an evening course in a private law college.

    I also agree that the University has a few shortfalls. But before you throw bricks at the institution, I would ask you to look at yourself. Are you the so-called perfect human being ? And do you think you are qualified enough, or rather perfect enough to comment on a National University ? Nobody asked you to join NUALS. No University in India is perfect. Since this is not the first time that such a post has come up on this platform, I am surprised that you still decided to study in NUALS ( why dint you leave then??).

    I would strongly advise you to leave NUALS atleast at this point, not because of my concern towards your frustrated soul , but because of my concern towards my alma mater. NUALS would be better off without you my dear friend.

    NUALS has a lot of advantages which you have very conveniently neglected. Try to take the good things in life and stop complaining like a child. Be bold enough to stand against wrongs , rather than venting your anger in a public platform like this. (Trust me, people have stood strong very openly in the University against such wrongs in the past, and they have not been bullied by the administration)

    PS: NUALS is not a night club for you to party for 5 years. Please grow up and try to take life seriously.

    May your frustrated souls rest in peace.

    A proud ex-NUALSian

    1. Dear Mr. X,
      Unfortunately so, dropping out of college after completing half of it is not a luxury everyone is entitled to.
      I am currently studying at NUALS, and having finished 3 years here, I can safely say that (though exaggeratedly), the article has some legitimate concerns. The point of an online redressal forum is to address the wrongs, not glorify the rights.

  36. I am a student of the same college and I do not find such ‘blatant’ violations happening here, as you seem to claim. If you find the life here ‘that’ difficult, why don’t you take a tc and quit the hell out of the place than hanging around desperately and bitching about it!

    1. Because it’s not easy for a student to let go 2/3 years of his/her life go waste? And this is not the first instance of such things come from NUALS’ students.

  37. Approach the Executive Council to improve situation in College. Write to the Ministry if you have to. If you want to improve conditions someone will have to step up fearlessly. Furthermore, to improve Alumni Network, have dedicated cell of students. And in the History of any college it is the student community who bring in the change. Be fearless and call out the injustice you are facing to the public and the concerned authority

    1. Dassappa mandattaram vilambate. Who will compensate me for the money/time and effort that I had already wasted. Don’t be intolerant to an intelligent dialogue. If you have a valid point to make, do so. But do not spew venom here. It is unwarranted and undesirable. Thanks. And yes, I fully agree with the authors. Good job.

      1. Edo Chetta,

        Itjoke paranjittu enth aavana? enthe collegine pattiyum kore paranju, pakshe onnum maarilla.
        Etre vegam ividinnu vitu poyal, atre nalathu!

        NLU kitiyathinu ashamsakal 😀

        1. Guys, we are publishing such comments but don’t really know what they mean. So if any of you has any objection with the contents of these comments, please let us know 🙂



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