NUALS Kochi’s Debate Competition Altus Disputatio [Feb. 7-9]: Register by Feb 7, Prizes Worth 1.15 Lacs

altus disputatio, nuals kochi, debate competition

Altus Disputatio is the avant-garde debating tournament conducted under the auspices of the Debate Society at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi.

Registration Deadline: February 7, 2014.

The official website is HERE.

Rules of Altus Disputatio:

A maximum of 24 teams shall be there in the Competition

Each team shall comprise of three participants only – Two Orators and One Inquisitor.

The teams would be addressed as Proposition Team [speaking for the motion] and Opposition Team [speaking against the motion]

The topic would be divulged to the Proposition Team two minutes prior to the commencement of the Expository round. At the end of their one minute, the Opposition Team would be informed about the topic. Therefore, the opposition team’s two minutes will include the proposition team’s one minute of performance.

The topics will be vague and the teams are expected to interpret the same by drawing analogy or making logical deductions or any other means.

The Expository round starts with Proposition team presenting their Motion (Interpretation) before the house taking not more than 1 minute.

altus disputatio, nuals kochi, debate competition

The Opposition team shall choose whether they would like to debate on the Motion set by Proposition Team or present their Motion (Interpretation) to the House.

Elocution Round shall commence always with Speaker no.1 of Proposition Team.

The Speaker no.1 of the Proposition team shall not take more than three minutes to address the House.

The Entrap round begins with the Speaker no.1 of the Opposition team, putting forth a maximum of two questions to Speaker no.1 of the Proposition team, which are expected to be answered at the rate of not more than one minute per question.

The Speaker no.1 of the Opposition shall begin the Elocution and shall not take more than three minutes to address the House.


Secretary, NUALS Debate Forum
+91 95395 79250

President, NUALS Students’ Council
+91 90372 49919

For Registration:

+91 99952 47839

+91 96001 70890

For Registrations please click HERE.

For Rules of the competition and debate, please click HERE.

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