Not Able to Clear Judiciary Exams: Now What?


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We often hear people saying ‘think positive’ or ‘only those who fall can rise.’ All of it seems comforting when you are just a beginner. Quotes like these boost morale of those who need it.

However, when you fail at something repeatedly, all the hard work feels insignificant. And all these quotes seem, well, like hollow words.

Not being able to clear judiciary exams even on the third or fourth attempt makes you doubt your education, intelligence. And your self-confidence shatters. And, of course, the feeling of disappointment that what a let down you are to your friends and family. 

You’re not alone.

Thousands, if not lakhs, of students appear for various judiciary exams every year. And not everyone succeeds.

In fact, it is a familiar feeling felt by everyone who tried to do something in their lives and failed. 

Not everything is in our control. But we can control how we face the challenge thrown on our faces by life. Therefore, if you feel you are a failure because you couldn’t clear one exam, think again.

And while you are at it, down below are some of the options that you can explore as an ex-judicial aspirant looking for new opportunities.

judiciary exams

Back to Work

It can be daunting to get back and apply to jobs you once rejected or never cared for because your sole focus was on judiciary. But believe us when we say you have a clear shot at landing jobs wherever you want. 

Even if you couldn’t become a judge, it doesn’t mean you don’t know the law. Send your CV to firms or advocates, and certainly, someone will hire you. The initial payment may not be as good as you expected, but it will be enough to show you the path ahead.

Take Online Law Courses to Upskill Yourself

If you are someone who didn’t attend moots and seminars in college and didn’t do internships because your sole focus was judiciary exams, finding an opportunity will be difficult but not impossible.

To kick start your career as an Advocate, enroll yourself in online classes that would help you know the rules of the real world. 

From drafting, and litigation basics to research courses, take anything you like. Constantly improve and upgrade yourself, and your CV. Write research papers, attend seminars, and surely you will see new opportunities emerge in no time.  

Want to enroll in an online course to upgrade your CV and skills? Check out Lawctopus Law School and pick a course(s) that suits you. 

World of Fellowships

A few years back, the perception was that the only thing a law graduate could do is practice as an Advocate or become a judge by clearing judiciary exams. 

But these are not the only career options available. Fellowships that were once considered a social services kind of job/opportunity are now getting popular among Law, IIM, and IIT graduates as well.

Fellowships like Daksha, Young India Fellowship, Teach for India, and SBI, to name a few, are good options for someone looking to start somewhere.

Legal Content Writing

If writing is something that you enjoy but don’t want to leave law behind, then try to give legal content writing a chance. 

Many independent organizations working in the field of law are looking for people with creative writing skills with a background in law. Why not give that a chance? 

The job skills will require writing articles on legal issues or following up with legal developments, judgment summaries, working with agencies, publishing content for competitive law exams, etc.

Judiciary is not the ONLY Govt. Job

If your goal was to join Govt. services, you can fulfill your dream with any other govt. job. Be it Assistant Public Prosecutor, Professor, Banking, etc. The key is not to close all doors because you couldn’t get through one.

If you are still not able to make a decision, then you must read The Senior Talk: Lawyers Who Aren’t Practising Law.

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