The Editorial Board of NLU Students Law Review bearing ISSN 2518-9389 is pleased to invite submissions for its 2nd Volume due to be published in June 2018.

About Us

The NLU Students Law Review, a student-friendly law journal, has emerged bearing the idea to capitulate an exhaustive approach towards contemporary legal issues.

It aims at providing a detailed analysis and assimilation of various issues on a single rostrum contrary to the concept of dealing with law, rights, and policies separately.

Further, the law review will also feature the works, opinions, and viewpoints of the renowned jurists blended with the modern critical approaches towards their work. The law review is committed to provide uncommon, unique and fresh probe into the core legal issues.

Form of Contribution

Contributions for Volume 2 of the law review in the form of articles, commentaries etc. from law graduates, undergraduates, teachers and other eminent persons are welcome and appreciated.

Submission Process

All articles, case notes and commentaries published in the law review are subjected to a double-blind refereeing process.

The Submission should be sent in an electronic version to with the subject as: “Submission (Title of the Paper) (Name of Author).”


NLU Students Law Review operates without any theme; anything related to law is acceptable.


The submission deadline is 31st May 2018.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The title of the research paper should be appropriate.
  2. The research paper shall be original and unpublished work.
  3. The paper should not be plagiarized,
  4. The Entry must be typewritten. Font: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5 and justified alignment.
  5. The Citations must be typewritten in the font Times New Roman, font size 10, line spacing 1.0 and justified alignment.
  6. The submission of Abstract is not mandatory.
  7. Co-authorship is allowed subject to a maximum of two. Full names and contact details of all the authors must be given.
  8. Any footnoting style may be adopted as long as it is internally consistent.

Word Limit

A. Articles (3000-5000 words including footnotes)
B. Short Notes (2000-3000 words including footnotes)
C. Book Reviews (1000-2000 words including footnotes)
D. Case Commentaries (1000-3000 words including footnotes)

The above limits are exclusive of footnotes. We are also open to discussing potential submissions that are substantially longer or shorter.


We welcome submissions from students, academicians, researchers and legal practitioners, to come up with their contributions in the form of articles, case comments, legislative comments and book reviews.


For any further queries, drop us a mail at


    • Dear Reuben,

      We do not charge any form of publication or scrutinizing fee from authors. The only criteria for publication is good articles from the authors. We publish it free of cost once it has been shortlisted by Editorial Collective.

      Warm Regards,
      Outreach Editor

  1. I would like to point out that not only is this particular ‘call for papers’ not pointing out the institution to which it belongs, but it has also furnished a false ISSN number (I have checked it on the ISSN portal). Under the circumstances, it is my opinion that this is a fraudulent attempt to collect research papers, using the ‘NLU’ phrase simply to lure gullible students.

    I request the admin to please take down this post.

    • Dear Souradeep,

      The journal is not affiliated to any institution. It is a student-run journal. The members of the Editorial Collective are from three different National Law Universities. The ISSN is initially assigned on the temporary basis. It usually takes 3-4 months for permanent assignment of ISSN. The ISSN can be found in the ISSN register only after its permanent assignment. For any other query, you can drop us an email on

      Warm Regards,
      Outreach Editor

    • Dear Anonymous,

      The journal is not affiliated to any institution. It is a student-run journal. The members of the Editorial Collective are from three different National Law Universities.

      Warm Regards,
      Outreach Editor

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