JOBS @ Death Penalty Research Project, NLU Delhi: Apply by July 10 [Graphic Designers and Content Editors]


1. Communication designer for conceptualising and designing volume 1 of the Project report

2. One Content Editor for editing volume 1 of the Project report

3. Two Content Editors for editing volume 2 of the Project report

About the Project:

In June 2013, the Death Penalty Research Project (“Project”) was started by National Law University, Delhi in collaboration with the National Legal Services Authority.

The objective of this Project is to examine the socio-economic background of prisoners on death row across India and its influence on the various hurdles faced by these prisoners during their interaction with the criminal justice system.

Through personal interviews with the prisoners, their families and lawyers, the Project seeks to evaluate the fairness of the investigation and trial process, the quality of legal assistance, the impact of the death sentence on the prisoners and its implications for their families.

The Project report will be released in two parts:

Volume 1 of the report is an analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data collected during the Project fieldwork. Quantitative data would be represented through graphs, maps, tables and infographics.

The length of volume 1 of the report is expected to be 300 pages.

Volume 2 of the report will be personalised accounts of narratives for prisoners interviewed during the Project. Narratives of 100 prisoners on death row have been identified for this volume and its expected length is 150,000 words.


1. Communication Designer:

a. Graduate in graphic and communication design

b. Minimum two years’ experience of working with a reputed graphic design firm

c. Availability to complete the assignment by September 2015

d. Prior experience of conceptualising and designing social science materials would be preferred

2. Content Editor for Volume 1

a. Minimum five years’ experience of writing/editing non-fiction work

b. Experience in editing human rights/public policy materials would be preferred

c. Availability to complete the assignment by mid-August 2015

3. Content Editors for Volume 2

a. Minimum five years’ experience of writing/editing fiction work

b. Availability to complete the assignment by mid-August 2015

c. Track record of being published in magazines/newspapers/ edited volumes

d. Demonstrable skill sets relevant to narrating personalised accounts would be preferred Proposals and their evaluation

Interested applicants are requested to send a detailed work proposal as per the requirements of this call, indicating possible timelines and approximate cost for the assignment.

The University is aware that a precise costing might require further details but applicants are requested to indicate approximate figures based on the information provided in this call.

Applicants are also required to send their resume and at least two samples of previous work.

In finalising successful applicants, the University will consider quality of previous work, relevant experience, along with the costing provided.

All proposals must be addressed to the Registrar, National Law University, Delhi and must be sent to

Only electronic copies of the proposals shall be accepted.

NLU Delhi reserves the right to conduct interviews to fill these positions. NLU Delhi will be unable to cover the costs for attending the interview but the possibility of a telephonic/online interview can be explored.

Deadline: Applications must reach us no later than 10 th July 2015.

Note: Applicants must clearly indicate the assignment being applied for.

Content editors interested in applying for both editing assignments must send separate applications.

Full details are HERE.

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