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NLU Assam Students Protest Inactive Administration, High Fees; Get Para-Miltarised

NLU assam protest

Editor’s Note: This is a post submitted by a student of NLU Assam. Do read the report on Legally India here, Bar and Bench here and Live Law here.

The students of NLU, Assam have gone on indefinite strike and all classes have been indefinitely suspended, in response to the lack of concern shown by the University authorities despite peaceful appeals towards the high fees charged in lieu of which services are yet to be provided, and for speedy construction of permanent campus at Amingaon.

With regard to the high fees charged (Rs. 2,14,000 for first year and thereon Rs. 1,76,000 per annum), the services provided have been dismal, or mostly non-existent.

The requests of the students for refund/ adjustment of fee amount has been unattended by the authorities who have delayed the process for more than 3 years on various pretexts, thereby disheartening the students.

The University authorities have assured the representation of students before the relevant administrative bodies but were not permitted to present their case before the concerned authorities when the said body convened for discussion, despite written assurances being given by the University administration.

This University is one of the premier institutions of the country and the students are being charged a hefty amount for the facilities, although both the Central and State Governments have exclusively contributed more than Rs 300 crore towards the construction of the permanent campus.

Nevertheless, the students continue to inhabit the temporary campus, the facilities in which are both inadequate and oppressive, with students having to live in congested spaces and pathetic conditions which are highly unsuitable for a student.

The construction of the permanent campus at Amingaon is not even halfway to completion since the five years of university’s existence, despite reassurances of its timely construction being given at the orientation ceremony of every fresh batch.

Prolonged passivity and inaction on the part of administration has spurred the students, not for the first time, to sit on an indefinite strike.

An audience with the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court in an open house discussion was also sought in order to appraise him of the situation as well as to seek relief from the very highest authority concerned with the University.

The protest on its second day continues to be peaceful in nature despite the intervention of police force on the very first day itself and the students have behaved in an exemplary manner, contrary to reports emerging in certain media.

Development on the 4th day of protest: (16/05/2016)

On account the on going indefinite strike by the students of the university two battalions of police and para military force entered the university campus at the peak hours of 16/5/2016 laced with anti riot gears and water canon vehicles and created an intimidating situation inside the university campus.

Inspite of 4 days of peaceful protest by the students at the campus the presence of such huge contingent of police and para military force raises question in the tactics of the university authorities as well as the district administration to subdue the legitimate demands of the students.

NLU assam protest

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  1. NLUs have a tendency to take a lot for granted since they are ultimately protected by the state. It is horrendous to have para military forces take charge of a premier institute which houses students. Another NLU going down!

  2. This is the case of most of the law schools. NLU administration have been apathetic to the situation of the students. The recent judgment by Gujarat High Court on GNLU and protest at NUSRL on various issues, shows the indifferent attitude of administration at these NLU’s. #westandwithNLUJAA. #fightforyourright.

  3. This is what happens when govt goes on a spree of opening NLU’s mindlessly all over the country..

  4. I wish we students of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies , Dehradun could do the similar protest.

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