NLSIU’s Vandalism Incident: Students Bar Association (SBA) Releases an Apology Statement

Legally India had reported here that “One or several NLSIU Bangalore students allegedly vandalised notice boards on campus allotted to four of the law school’s faculty members.”

The student body at NLSIU has released its statement. See below:

Dear All,

At the very outset we convey our most sincere apologies for the dastardly act that took place over the weekend. This incident in addition to the one from last trimester clearly reflects the deterioration of the moral fabric of our college.

Though many students have stated that one must learn to segregate the culprits from the rest of the student body, we feel that all of us are to be blamed at some level. Such incidents and ideas thrive due to the indulgence of our collective society.

Possibly as seniors we have not been able to instill the right kind of values in our juniors and have failed to be the right kind of role models at a certain level. We firmly believe that such instances have their grounding in much deeper and complicated issues, sheer lack of regard for others being one to start with.

I am extremely sorry to say this, and probably a lot of you may disagree, but we are all plagued with the obsession of our own selves and emphatic disregard for others. This manifests in our interactions with faculty, juniors, peers and other staff members.

The college can run only with the co-operation of the students and faculty. This has been said several times but probably never understood or truly felt. For some time we have been seeing an odious sentiment surface across the student body. The sentiment of “us versus them”.

To my mind it is stupid and irrational to begin with this distinction. It only reflects the thinking of a factional and divisive mind. At some point of time or the other we all may have had our reservations and concerns with faculty members. This however, is clearly not a way of airing them.

Time and again we have reassured the student body that if there are any concerns they can directly contact us and we would try our best to assuage and address their concerns. Resorting to such means is gravely disappointing and saddening.

A dialogue is the only way to reach solutions and such “stunts” not only show how low and base we are but also re-enforces the entire notion of declension of the standard of morality.

We should also take a moment to reflect on the life lessons imparted to us through our five years in law school. Is this to be our reaction to those we do not agree with? Is this how we will react later in life to those with divergent views and modus operandi?

Such acts betray nothing but a juvenile and escapist attitude towards challenges….challenges meant to impart life lessons in dialogue, communication, responsibility and most importantly, integrity of character when things do not go the way we want them to. Most of the faculty have our best interests on their minds.

This we can vouch for based on our personal interactions with them. All concerns and issues should be aired through legitimate dialogues/dissent and not through these base acts of hooliganism. Some of us may be apathetic to this incident, but that is solely because it does not directly affect us. We should all try to put ourselves in the places of the professors who were targeted and probably then we would be able to understand their pain and anguish.

It is sad but such incidents only damage the relationship we all share with each other, and believe us, these relationships should be valued, respected and cherished. At the end all we would like to say is that we as representatives of the Student Body have been let down by this act and we convey our heartfelt and sincere apologies to the persons concerned on behalf of the students.

Rajat Gangwar

Janardhan Yadav

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