PosterNLS Darkroom Diaries, a photography club based in the National Law School of India University, Bangalore is organising the first edition of  Vignettes-2014, a pan-India university level photography competition.

Internationally renowned photographers constitute the panel of judges for this competition.


Best Image and the Most Popular Image:

1. An Alternate Approach. Unusual perspectives of everyday life.

2. Time-scape. Time. Showcased. In a single image.

3. Psychedelic Streaks. The uncanny. In Us. Anywhere.

4. Contradictions. Unexpected. Contrasts.

5. Life Downhill. Resolve. Heart-wrenching. Recovery.

Photo Story:

1. Relations. Budding. Stagnating. Dying.

2. I am Here. Making my mark.

3. Life and Decay. Juxtaposition.


Submissions will only be accepted from bona fide students from the invited institutions. By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees to the rules of the contest.

The submitted images should mandatorily be in JPEG or TIFF formats. For entry into the competition, the minimum resolution is 2 Megapixels. There is no cap on the maximum resolution of the images or on a maximum size.

There are 3 categories under which entries can be submitted: (a) Best Image, (b) Best Photo Story and (c) Most Popular Image. 

There can be a maximum of three submissions by a single person, provided that each submission is an entry in a separate category.

Editing of the images is only permitted to the extent decided by the judges. Filters and effects will be admitted on the discretion of the judges. However, multiple exposures and digitally manipulated images will not be accepted. Images should not be watermarked either.

All required image information such as creation date, place etc., as well as the caption must be provided within the metadata of the image files. (EXIF).

The contest starts from 20th January 2013. The entries should be received by the 10th of February 2014 in order to be considered for the prizes. The results will be announced on the Facebook page and via e-mail on the 25th of February 2014.

Entry is subject to the submission of a digital scan or a photo of the contestant‟s valid college ID proof. This submission can be made along with the entries via email.

A contestant can submit under all three prize categories simultaneously. However, the different entries need to be under different folders (preferably archived in .zip format) attached with the email, with the category name specified.

When submitting the images, please enter the subject line in the E-mail as “Vignettes Entry for <relevant category>” and mention your name in the caption on the image(s). For example, “Vignettes Entry for Best Image and Most Popular Image” should be the subject line of an E-mail while submitting an image for consideration in both the categories.


Altaf Qadri
Kalyan Verma
Subi Samuel
Fawzan Hussain
Tina Dehal
Vinay Arvind


‘Best Image’: (1) 1st Prize: Rs.10, 000/- , (2) 2nd Prize: Rs. 7,500/-, (3) 3rd Prize: Rs. 5000/-

‘Most Popular Image’: Rs. 7,500/-

‘Best Photo Story’: Rs.10,000/-

The winning entries shall be published in the April 2014 Issue of Smart Photography.

Please refer to the all the Vignettes Rules for further details.

Please view the list of judges and sponsors HERE.

Contact Information:

For further clarifications and information, please E-mail us at [email protected] or [email protected] 

Or you call us at 07760677164 (Aayush), 8095198902 (Shambhavi), 8884331388 (Arunima).

You can also message us queries to us via our Facebook Page HERE.

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  1. Tanuj,
    If possible, could you find out about the status of the results? They’re not responding to queries and if they are, it’s obvious that they’re pacifying the students.

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