NLSIU’s 2 Day Seminar on Dalits and African-Americans [July 9-10]

This seminar is proposed to bring scholars from USA and India to discuss and share their expertise and learning focused on understanding caste and race from critical perspective.

The purpose of the conference is therefore to engage in cross-cultural discussions about the similarities and differences between the African-Americans in USA and the Dalits in India with regard to their experiences of exclusion and discrimination, marginalization and exploitation and threat to their life itself, and that it would provide the participants of both USA and India with invaluable insights in understanding such realities that the two countries are faced with today.

Dates: 9-10 July, 2015

Venue: International Training Centre, NLSIU


1. Changes in Dalit and Afro-American Identity in the context of Intensified Capitalism

2. Social Policies that address Dalits and Afro-Americans

3. Parliamentary Democracy and Marginalised Communities

4. Human Rights Paradigm: Dalits and Afro-Americans

5. Diversity and Affirmative Action in the Era of Privatization: American and Indian Experiences

6. Literary Representations & Experiences of Discrimination: Reflections on Afro-American & Dalit Texts

7. Media and Diversity- Experiences of Dalits and Afro- Americans

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