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Spiritus-SLPC-NLSIU Annual Sports Law Essay Competition 2018 [Prizes Worth Rs. 15K]: Results Declared!


The Sports Committee at the National Law School of India, University organizes its flagship event SPIRITUS annually. Spiritus is a sports competition that hosts several law colleges of the country in a 3-day event filled with various sports competitions at the NLSIU Campus.

The Sports Authority of India also supports us by granting access to their several top-end sports facilities for the competition to promote a healthy spirit of competitiveness and interaction between the students of law from all over the country.

As part of this event, the Sports Committee also organizes a Sports Law Essay Competition every year along with Spiritus. This competition is open to all law students across the country.

The competition started towards the end of last year and we have seen an overwhelming number of entries for this edition of the competition which proves the developing enthusiasm of law students in this field of law.

The competition has finally reached a climax and we have some interesting updates. First off, we apologize for the delay in announcing the results of the competition. Secondly, this edition of the competition will have only one winning team.

This year’s competition saw some very talented authors. The participants’ understanding of the topics was thorough and the essays were well written. But as the saying goes, there can only be one winner of the competition, and so without further ado, we proudly announce the winners of this year’s Annual Sports Law Essay Competition.

The winning team is *drum roll*

Jitmanyu Satpati and Kumar Mangalam who are 2nd-year students at the National Law University, Odisha. They chose the topic “Should the BCCI be subject to the RTI Act?”

Original Post

Like every year, even though Spiritus is considered done with and behind our backs, it isn’t truly complete without the annual Sports Law Essay competition!

Please find below the guidelines and prizes for the competition:

1. Participants can write on any one of the following essay topics:

(a) Should the BCCI be subject to the RTI Act?

(b) Should sports betting and gambling be legal in India?

(c) Should there be a standalone criminal offence of match manipulation?

2. The prize structure will be as below:

First Place: Rs.7500
Second Place: Rs. 5000
Third Place: Rs. 2500

3. First Place winners will additionally be offered the opportunity to intern at the Sports Law and Policy Centre in Bengaluru.

4. The word limit is 4,000 words (inclusive of footnotes)

5. Maximum of 2 authors per entry

6. The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM of November 30.

7. All submissions must be sent to [email protected] [email protected]


This is a clarification post for the Sports Law Essay Competition organised by the Sports Committee of National Law School of India University.

This is to clarify that [email protected] is non-functioning and we request that you redirect your essay submissions to [email protected] 

In accommodation of any inconveniences, we are extending the deadline for the same to 30th November.


NLSIU Sports Law Essay Competition 2018


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