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BU [Bangalore University] has issued a circular as a “warning” to NLSIU that it could face eviction from the land, reported DNA. BU’s registrar BC Mylarappa told the paper: “If they do not correct themselves or continue to fail to keep their students under control, we will consider withdrawing our land provided to NLSIU… We are fed up with the way the students of NLSIU are behaving and also about the bad name our campus is getting because of them. We will not tolerate this anymore and will issue an official notice.” [DNA]

How about you stop tolerating that a rape allegedly took place on your grounds, rather than blaming students for ‘bad behaviour’. Sadly, for the college this approach appears to be easier than acknowledging that it failed to keep its own back garden safe and something terrible appears to have happened on their watch.

That’s not all. Several papers on Monday and yesterday reported an unnamed police source’s speculations that there may be “loop holes” in the case, before a medical report or the investigation was even completed. So, basically the police admit that they have no real idea yet, are just piecing together the evidence but one cop anonymously alleges that he thinks there are gaps in the victim’s story, and the newspapers think it’s a good idea to publish that?

So, what looks like a snap judgment of anonymous “sources at the hospital” and unnamed policemen shooting their mouth off about thorniness, is apparently good enough to include in a national newspaper.

In this entire episode, the behaviour of media and police, and now of Bangalore University too, has been beneath contempt.

No matter what the facts are in this case, how can other women and men be expected to come forward with allegations of sex crime if the police, media and even educators start throwing the blame back at them in so many words before the case has even been investigated?

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  1. I think that whatever has happened is an unfortunate accident and blaming anything on the girl is the worst thing that can be done to aggravate her pains. Just like every guy each girl has a right to move freely when and where she wants. if anyone takes advantage of a girl just because she is physically weaker than him it shows his chauvinist beliefs and bad upbringing. Such a person should be condemned vehemently instead of raising any allegations on the girl’s character. Its high time and women should be treated equally as any other man as guaranteed to us by the Constitution of our country.

  2. Student at BU – I understand your concern, I really do. But it’s EXACTLY that kind of thinking that people are using to extrapolate the notion that “the rape was her fault”! The crime is done, she’s suffered her worst – yet there are people analysing how she could have AVOIDED being raped! You may be saying this in good intent (and I know you are) but right now we really need to support her against a media campaign that’s decided to make things difficult for rape victims.

  3. Look, the BU campus is HUGE and practically like a jungle in a lot of parts. Yes, BU DEFINITELY needs to STEP UP and needs to do something about the grounds. However, ANYBODY who has lived in that area for about 3 months should be wary when they venture out at night. If not because of the thugs that possibly roam those parts, then because of the snakes and even leopards (yup. there was a leopard in those parts a few years ago) that are possibly wandering around that area!
    It really is unfortunate that girls cannot feel safe going out at night but the fact of the matter is, due caution needs to be taken. In fact, in some cases, it needs to be more. Why take a risk that can cost you?

  4. As a father of a daughter, you can imagine the sense of shock that news of rape on a campus brings to me.

    However, I stay in West Bengal, where rape was so commonplace under the erstwhile regime that the newspapers got tired of printing such news. In fact, even after Central Government employees got raped in open daylight on the main road, the political establishment whose partisans had effected the outrage, came up with the classic “These things happen”.
    With the change of guard here even a molestation (and I use the words ‘even molestation’ without minimizing their import) gets reported.
    Isn’t it time that we stopped blaming the administration and started questioning the values that the male students and their parents and teachers who nurtured them had and have, and a society which publicly in a very Victorian manner decries sexual predation, but privately, spends hours and fortunes ogling at on net and dvds, for the situation?
    Does rape mean that its perpetrators are sad gits who cannot score women and have consensual sex with them, or does it mean that we have a collection of animals who are so far away from societal norms that their only sexual outlet is forcible sex? If it is the former, put them all into mental asylums alongwith those who cover up for them; if the latter, put them in a prison and throw away the key.

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