Update: 1st NLIU International Negotiation Competition 2020 [Oct 28 – Nov 1]



With the tournament just around the corner, we know all the participants are hard at work, making it all negotiable.

There is always a driving force behind all the work, and the NLIU Alternative Dispute Resolution Cell (ADRC) has made sure to come up with the most innovative and captivating prizes for everyone who is to become a part of our first ever Negotiation Tournament.

See below for the list of amazing prizes that will be awarded at the competition:


Spirit of the Tournament 

As the Spirit of the Tournament, ADRC are offering Free Access to the Lawctopus Law School’s Course on Online Dispute Resolution. The details for this course could be accessed here. 


Best Negotiation Plan 

The Best Negotiation Plan is going to be rewarded by the Centre for Mediation and Conciliation by way of an internship with their organisation and a cash prize worth ₹ 2500. 


Best Introduction Video 

The Best Introduction Video would receive a 50% discount on the Lawctopus Law School’s Course on Online Dispute Resolution worth ₹ 2100 and a cash prize of ₹ 2500. 


Best Client and Best Counsel 

The Best Counsel and the Best Client for the preliminary rounds would be awarded with a cash prize of ₹ 7500 each. 



Moving onto the Runners Up for the Competition, ADRC has in store, a Tablet worth ₹ 25,000 for each of the members and a cash prize of ₹ 10,000 for the team. 



The showstopper for the tournament, the Winners would be reaping the benefits of their hard work. Each member of the winning team would be given an opportunity to Intern at Khaitan & Co., one of the premier law firms in our country, as well as a Dell Laptop worth ₹48,000.

There is also cash prize worth ₹ 10,000 for the team, giving a real life example to the phrase, winner takes all.


With the bling of all these prizes, we are positive that the participants have buckled up to go an extra mile and are preparing to snatch that bling for themselves, right away. 


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