Internship Opportunity with Niti Manthan’s Sushruta and Clinicase Essen [2 Positions]: Apply by July 10


About Niti Manthan

Niti Manthan is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and to guide them traverses the righteous path throughout the endeavour of their personal and professional lives. By having a direct interaction and by the exchange of views with experienced legal minds and researching, conceptualizing and correspondingly reporting according to the selected avenue given below. 

It has been recognized by The International Criminal Court Hague, United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme, Recognised for volunteering work by the IBJ, Geneva, and has Collaborated with various Public Institutions and Universities pan India.

The think tank, Niti Manthan currently functions in the areas of Research, Legal blogs, Internships, E-classes, Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Program, Research Centers on Medical and Health Law, Environmental Law, International Criminal Law & Psycho-Legal Studies, Workshops, Certificate Courses and Lecture Series.

About Sushruta, Centre for Medical and Health Law Ethic Studies

This Niti Manthan research centre is a unique effort to collaborate on the complexities of legal rulings and medical issues. The aim is for young upcoming professionals to have open conversations about effective policymaking in the healthcare sector.

In pursuance of this goal, the centre encapsulates operations including internships, tabling policy papers, empirical researches, and other awareness initiatives. It has hosted esteemed professionals like Dr Raj Shankar Ghosh, Dr Sarika Verma and Adv Kashish Aneja in the past few months.

As the name suggests, the centre is rooted in the Indic tradition; touching upon the core values of Indian society amalgamated with a global outlook, and catalyzing holistic healthcare policy which could benefit the masses at the grassroots of India.

About the Project

Sushruta in collaboration with R.U.C.E. (Research Unit of Clinicase Essen) is working on a project dealing with Misconduct and Negligence with Patients by Medical Practitioners in India. The ongoing research project will include the doctrinal study and analysis of primary and secondary sources of information, along with a Narrative literature review.

The project aims to strike a balance of rights between patients and the medical fraternity, by providing a broader perspective to the problem. The frequent attacks on the medical practitioners discredit as well as discourage the efforts made on behalf of the medical fraternity.

Regarding the same, Sushruta has already compiled a report, but this second phase of the project aims to balance it by supplementary analysis of data which becomes the root cause of such violence that is misconduct and negligence by medical practitioners.

Time Period

One month (Can be extended depending on the requirement of internship).

Mode of Work

Work from Home-Virtual Internship

Important Dates

  • Last Date of Application: 11:59 AM, 7th July 2021
  • Internship Start Date (Tentative): 10th July 2021

Number of Interns Required



Apart from the Certificate of internship & publication opportunity, the interns would have hands-on experience in practical nuances of the law, working with team members and professionals from different parts of the country and exposure of empirical research.

Eligibility Criteria

A regular student or practicing professional in the field of Law or policy.

Selection Criteria

Submit your CV along with a Statement of Purpose (Max. 300 words submitted in the same document as the CV) at for the first round of shortlisting followed by a group discussion interview round if necessary. 

Please note that there is no monetary transaction involved at any stage. All the researchers are working probono at Niti Manthan.

Contact Information

For any queries: Please feel free to write to us at, in case of any query or visit any Niti Manthan Social Media platforms.

Mobile Number: +91 9643720882 (WhatsApp only)

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship.


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