Nirma University’s Literary and Debate Festival Connaissance 2014 [Sept 19-21]

Institute of Law Nirma University is holding its 5th edition of Connaissance from 19th September 2014 to 21st September 2014!

Be a part of this extravagant literary and debate festival!

There will be various events forming a part of the festival.

The crown event shall be the 3rd ILNU Parliamentary Debate Competition which will be an Asians style (3 on 3) Parliamentary Debate Competition.

The other exciting events are

1. JAM (Just A Minute)

2. Creative Writing

  • Blog writing
  • If I could change the Law
  • English/Hindi writing event

3. Quiz

4. Word Mafia (Spell Bee + Word puzzle)

Please visit our Facebook page HERE.

Registrations open. Please follow the mentioned links for registrations.

Click HERE for Parliamemtary Debate related registration.

Click HERE for registrations for events like JAM, Creative Writing, Quiz and Word Mafia.

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