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Nirma University Fudges Placement Stats? Students Expose University, University Threatens Students

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LSAT - Discover Law

By Tanuj Kalia

So Far, So Good

On May 12, 2017, Ahmedabad Mirror published a story ‘So Far, So Good: Nirma Law Grad Offered Rs. 16L Salary‘.

The report further stated: The placement season at the varsity peaked with excitement as Rs 16 lakh per annum was the highest pay package on offer, with the average pay package settling at Rs5.25 lakh per annum.

Many universities do such ‘publicity stunts’ around this time of the year. Hint: peak admission season.

But Wait, Things Take a U Turn

However, students caught this ‘exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations’ and an anonymous email thread began to do the rounds (Lawctopus has a copy of that).

Ahmedabad Mirror, thanks to some active social media campaign by the students, soon followed-up with another story ‘Did Nirma Varsiy’s Insitute of Law Fudge Placement Data?

Alind Chopra, the student who got the 16 lakh offer, told the newspaper “I was not placed through campus placement. I had applied for the internship myself. It was a pre-placement offer, which is independent from the institute. Contrary to the institute’s claim, I do not know even know what my pay package is.

This is what the Director Purvi Pokhariyal had to say about this: “I don’t see why it is being said that the institute has no role to play when a student gets internship. No one takes on an intern unless the documents have the college’s stamp and signature. There is some influence of the institute when students apply for internship.

Some more statements from students as published in Ahmedabad Mirror’s piece are reproduced below:

Five years ago, we heard the institute’s tall claims and took admission here. It is only in the final year that we came to know of the truth. We do not want more students to take up the course here by reading placement activity news, because the scenario is not good at the institute.

We decided to speak up against the false claim because aspirants choose institutes after reading about such achievements. Five years ago, I read how a girl from this institute had grabbed a great salary package. What I did not know then was that the girl’s father worked in the same firm, hence the offer. Such misleading announcements must be disclosed.

It Goes Worse: Students Accused of Defamation

The University hasn’t taken lightly to such comments and has warned students against defaming the college online. Ahmedabad Mirror has yet another story on that here.

In an email to the students Director Purvi Pokhariya wrote: Some of our students are trying to defame the institute where they are studying. Any student who has got any issue, any query can directly write to the administration but engaging yourself in an activity which belittle the institute is not tolerated. It is ultimately damaging to the future prospects of all you existing students.

In the piece by Ahmedabad Mirror a student says:This is not the first time we are being threatened. After students raised the issue, we were expecting to hear from the director. Instead of explaining why the institute has been sharing misleading information, we have received an email asking us to watch out for our future prospects if we write against the institute”.

Well, that got out of control. A story which began with ‘so far so good’, has ended up, well, being pretty nasty.

Not NEWs?

Surprisingly (or maybe, not surprisingly), a CLATgyan post, dated May 22, 2014 says very similar things about placements at the Institute of Law, Nirma University.

The director’s interview, published on May 16, 2014 on Bar and Bench (now hidden behind a pay-wall) too has comments which don’t speak too highly of the then state-of-affairs at the University.

Seems like things haven’t changed so far.

Full Disclosure: Nirma University has been an advertiser on Lawctopus. We have an arm’s length relationship with all our advertisers. 

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.
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  1. Dear law aspirants,

    I am a final year student of National Law Institute University, Bhopal. It is my humble request to you to read my entire post before thinking about taking admission in NLIU Bhopal. I joined this University hoping to become a law graduate with essential skills. But this place has become a hub for internal politics which is affecting the career of students. The recent placements can show that we are lagging behind even new NLUs and all because of the vindictive attitude of our [admin…]

    I am going to explain about academics, fees, placements, examination system and recent scams.

    Academics- There is a deliberate policy of failing students so that they are forced to pay bribes to the university administration. If you go to the examination section of the NLIU website, you will see that there is no mention of the marks of the students. This is done so that actual marks of students can be hidden. Many students who are failed are able to pay bribes to [admin] of the examination department.

    If there are not able to pay bribes, then they are forced to give repeats. Re-repeats and even ex-student examinations. As a matter of policy, the director has given strict instructions to fail students in these examinations so that university can earn in the name of re-evaluation and repeat examination fees. Even the results of re-evaluation are not declared publicly on the website. This is being done by […] with the help of entire administration. The number of people who have backlogs can be seen on NLIU website and many of them have been deliberately failed.

    Attendance Rule- Like all other law universities, NLIU is also strictly complying with attendance rule of 70 %. If a person is ill or in the hospital with serious medical problems, he is not given any mercy.

    Recently my batch mate lost his mother and directly abused him saying that he is from a poor family who deserves to be debarred. However, kids of politicians and senior officers are able to influence the administration even if their children are way below 70%. There is no transparency.

    Faculty problem- While most of the faculty in nice and have experience, few are a nuisance for both students and administration. A junior professor failed entire batch as he was not aware of the change in maximum marks of the questions. He is also known for supplying drugs to the students and asking for a bribe. Those who don’t pay are failed again.

    There is another faculty who is very old and short-tempered. He always threatens to fail certain students and make good of that threat. Because of these intimidation tactics, three students have committed suicide in last five years.

    Fees and Infrastructure issues- We have one of the highest fees among all National Law Universities and most of it is used to fill the pockets of university administration. While such activities are quite common in all NLUs, the extent of corruption is way too high and has led to attempted rapes, snake bites and death of students in accidents.

    Even lower staff exploits students and steal their stuff. Few of them even threaten students with fake cases if they fail complaints. They worst are mess and hostel staff. The mess workers have been caught peeing in the food many times and the same contractor has been there for many years.

    When my seniors protested against this as there was a case of food poisoning many years back. The leaders of this protest were not given character certificate and deliberately failed in their final years this affecting their careers.

    The canteen is non-existent and only offers cold drinks and packet of biscuits. There is no other alternative as the campus in located in forest area far away from the city. Even buses and transport facilities are not available. Few autos are there who charge around Rs 400-500 for one trip and even misbehave with students. There have been cases of sexual harassment with the female students too as the area around campus is very unsafe and girl students have very less freedom inside the campus.

    Placements- This was one area where we were good however the vindictive policies of the director have led to a very bad placement this year. It is the mindset of the director to somehow not allow companies to come for placements as he wants students to prepare for LLM in NLIU and join as faculty.

    There was a case few years back where a female recruiter was harassed by a faculty member. The placements are going down as compared to other NLUs. There is no effort to bring mid-tier law firms even if many students are willing to join them. If any such firms try to come for campus placements, they are humiliated by the director.

    Even other NLUs are facing issues of their own however we have no remedy to sort out these issues as the director is well connected and have not allowed student bodies to be formed. While we are performing well in moots, sports and other activities, the career of students is being destroyed by the administration.

    It is my request to the admin to share this with law aspirants and they have a right to know about this.

  2. I am a student here too and I have mixed reaction to this issue. The people who are supporting the college somewhere or the other themselves know what the reality is. Every single person here is frustrated.. be that watchman, students or staff. This place would have been a great place of learning had it cooperated with the students. To share some bad experience- Library(which is a must for every law student) gets closed at 8 PM! students had to literally beg the administration to open it atleast till 10 Pm but the request went unheard! and to add to it..it is open only till 4PM on saturdays! Wow!! there are no hostels for students here.. haha I mean u r claiming that “our college is showcasing national character” but you don’t wanna provide hostels to them when they come from different places to study here. students have to face many problems in nearby apartments from where they are told to vacate the apartment for being bachelors! And the cherry on the cake is the “ATTENDANCE”..for every coarse there is compulsory attendance… on every saturday there was this extra curricular activity like chess/fine arts/cricket… (we aren’t kids that u are teaching us all this) we had to seriously leave MUNs, MIPs and other conferences because we had to learn these essential activities… we had been threatened to repeat the coarse if we fall short of attendance in these coarse! But yes.. there is no doubt that the crowd here is extremely talented. we excel in almost every competition we go.. be that moot, MUNs, Mock Trial or anything and I think that’s the reason why we are surviving here.
    PS- Hoping for the change and cooperation!

    1. You desperately need to develop your English skills. Compulsory English classes for you till you graduate.

  3. Dear Lawctopus,

    Great job in exposing this college.

    Here are some more things about this college which need to be highlighted:

    1. Courses like chess/dramatics/cricket have been made compulsory for students. That’s a LMFAO moment, but it’s true.

    2. The fee to retake the exam is Rs. 5000. We aren’t even given receipts for that.

    3. Nearly 20 faculty members have left the college. A college that can’t retain good faculty, means it’s a shitty place to be in.

    4. You expect a law college to be at the forefront of the values it preaches, like ‘equality’. But, guess what?
    There’s a strict dress code for girl students in the college.

    5. A funny/snarky Facebook page which was run by students of Institute of Law, Nirma University was banned at the instructions of the administration.

    1. 1. The fee to retake an examination is Rs. 200. The fee to retake a course is Rs. 5000. Receipts are given for every transaction related to examinations. Why do you think the exam section emails us to get our fee receipts during the re-examination?

      2. The attrition rate is not too different to that of other private law schools. I don’t see you highlighting that. New faculty are hired within a reasonable time. Granted there was a shortage in the last semester, but new faculty have been hired and will join in the next semester.

      3. Please elaborate on the ‘strict dress code for girls’ and compare it to similar policies in other law schools. You won’t find much of a difference.

      4. The cricket / chess / dramatics course may seem like a LMFAO moment for you, but most people in my batch enjoyed it and admitted that it was a welcome respite from the rigors of the first semester.

      I don’t see you elaborating on our achievements in mooting, debating, MUNing and academic conferences. Or are these not parameters on what you judge a law school?


      1. Wow! So you agree with all that the comment said. And basically you are saying, “since others are bad, we don’t mind being bad”. Great!

        1. Retake the course? We clarified this with a student and she told us that the fee to retake the exam for ONE course is Rs. 5000. Rs. 200 is for one ‘test’.

        2. Attrition rate is high across colleges? Check with JGLS.

        3. Dress code, in colleges like NLS, NALSAR, NUJS does NOT exist. There are no diktats issued to “dress appropriately”. Learn from the best out there, not the worst.

        4. Chess/dramatics/cricket being compulsory is laughable. Why couldn’t they have been made optional?

        1. 1. From where you got to the conclusion that less retainment among faculties = shitty place. Faculty leaves because of n number of reasons like in any profession an employee leaves for n number of reasons. This doesn’t even prove a thing. And 20 left?? in what time period? what reason? Get some logic in your comment man.
          2. Dress code??? WHAT? seriously? aren’t you exaggerating a lot here? Acha the dress standards you are mentioning is that we aren’t allowed to wear boxers and attend the college. Is that too much? Why essentially is it bad?
          3. Did college ban a facebook page? How? Is it even believable? they called Zuckerberg or what? What they exactly did? Was college authority involved? How exactly the ban happened?
          4. Chess/Dramatics/Cricket/Basketball are made available as optional courses along with plenty of others like creative writing, food and nutrition, and what not. I guess it’s a good thing college is putting effort to offer it and not putting a ton of academic pressure students. How is it bad anyway?
          P.S. If in pursuit of making this post sensationalised you want to reply I will appreciate logic in the allegations.
          Yours Truly

          1. 1. People don’t leave a great place in hordes. That’s the logic. Probably you need to revise your logic reasoning classes.

            2. Not boxers. Dress code for girls; them being told to ‘dress appropriately’. We know more than you think we do.

            3. Not Zuckerberg dearie. Forcing the students to delete such pages/comments.

            4. That’s the point; they were NOT optional. They were made compulsory. Definitely NOT a good thing.

          2. In any profession, people leave for better financial avenues or a better place to live for their family and thousand other reasons. With law schools mushrooming around the country around 10 of the staff leaving in a span of 2 years is not as huge as you are portraying it to be. Its a usual process people leave and people are recruited.
            Dress appropriately is not only for girls but guys as well (why you missed on that? well sensationalism zindabad!) and the way it is understood around here is pretty liberal and I can assure that… please visit our campus sometime.
            Exactly how forcing happened.. jabardasti ke allegations… without an evidence.
            And I study here… I took dramatics and creative writing as I was interested in those courses… didn’t even touch chess, yoga, cricket, basketball and all. Get your facts right man.

        2. Your sources are having a field day misleading you. Are you gullible enough to fall for them?
          When I mentioned course, I meant 1 course i.e. the Law of Torts. So if you fail the internal components/ lack of attendance in Law of Torts, you need to pay Rs. 5000/- to retake the Law of Torts course. This includes internal components, retaking the classes and semester end examinations. If you fail the semester end component only, retaking the semester end exam costs Rs. 200.

          JGLS? – A whole different ball game. High fees = high salaries for faculty which usually leads to a lower attrition. Focus on institute’s at a comparable level – in terms of fees charged, salaries paid.

          Dress code – Notwithstanding the fact that the dress code isn’t draconian since when has what a student is NOT allowed to wear to an institute become a parameter of the institute’s reputation? I love my Jockeys but that does not mean that just because I’m not allowed to wear them on the college campus, I’m being restricted from a quality education.

          Chess/ Drama/ Cricket – Non-credit courses. It may be compulsory but you not performing is not going to affect your grade in any manner whatsoever.

          1. I am not aware about present senario, but yoga was made compulsory n if any student fails in it then he have to pay 5000 for yoga
            That was too high
            N it was not having any credit

  4. The CRC has replied with a point by point rebuttal to the student who first protested against this. All the details of how the placements were conducted, the institutional support offered and how the average placement figures were calculated. I’m assuming Lawctopus does not have a copy of this email because:
    1. Lawctopus and Tanuj Kalia are not in the habit of independently verifying facts before publishing vitriolic blog posts; and
    2. Tanuj Kalia’s sources have conveniently decided to not share this email as it embarrasses them by bringing out the truth.
    Else, Lawctopus has the email but chooses not report about it because hey! A sensational post generates higher viewership.
    Granted, calculating an average on the basis of assumed CTC’s may be erroneous, that’s the only wrong thing that the CRC has done.

    1. Haha. We are NOT dependent on sensational post to gain viewership. Our usual posts on ‘internship experiences’ and ‘opportunities’ are enough to generate great viewership.

      1. Of course, who says you’re dependent. Your opportunities and experiences are pretty great. 🙂
        Your journalistic pieces, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired.

        1. Oh yes, since we are criticizing Nirma, our ‘journalistic pieces leave a lot to be desired’. Well, no one likes being shown a mirror.

          1. Looks like you are the one shying away from a mirror.

            Not verifying facts independently ‘reflect’ on your low journalistic standards.

    2. Looks like Tanuj Kalia shying away from publishing comments that underline the truth on Lawctopus now.

      What’s the matter, boss?

      You gather information from the comments on this page and post it on Facebook but don’t deem it fit to publish my response to this comment?

      Freedom of expression, eh? Hypocrisy much?

      1. Dear anonymous courageous commenter: Not shying away. See. 😀

        And you’ll need to revise your lesson on ‘freedom of expression’. Such a freedom is granted by a ‘State’ and not individuals/organisations.

        PS- Actually we’ve received a full-fledged blog post by another Nirma student with a lot more exposes. Just editing it for ‘defamation’ for now.

  5. Tanuj
    I’m assuming you haven’t gone through the response of the Campus Recruitment Committee to the student who raised this issue. I’m assuming you don’t have a copy of this email because the protestors have decided that it is ultimately more convenient for them not to share it with you. Should you go through the response, you’ll see that the CRC has responded with a point by point rebuttal and effectively silenced the protestors, who incidentally, did not see it fit to attend any of the CV building and interview skills activities that the CRC organised for them. Yes, the college was wrong to the extent that they shouldn’t have mentioned salary figures but that happens to be the beginning and the end of the CRC’s mistake.

    Secondly, I don’t think it would be wrong to assume that a person of your standing in the law school / student mentorship arena should have actually contacted the college for their side of the story before reporting this. Misreporting has an adverse impact on colleges that aren’t around as long as a Symbiosis and aren’t as wealthy as a Jindal. Though this does not pardon the director’s unfortunate use of words in her email, it was by no means meant to be a threat.

    The least you could have done was get both sides of the story rather than rely on an article published by a journalistic rag and a 3-year-old article published on Bar and Bench.

    As the most reliable website for law students across the country, I implore you to get your facts verified independently before embarking on authoring a vitriolic blog post.

    1. Wow! You are pointing fingers everywhere and playing ‘victim’ yourself.

      Here’s what you are saying:

      “YOU misread the director’s email. OUR interpretation is the correct interpretation”.

      “Our college is poor (we are a victim).”

      “CLATgyan is a journalist rag.”

      Try doing some introspection.

      1. Tanuj, the Arnab style of journalism must be your source of inspiration. Low on facts, high on worthless sensationalism
        1. The director mentioned in the email that it was an appeal. Get the email check it out for yourself.
        2. Not playing the victim card. It’s a relatively new college which is not as well funded. We can’t afford quality PR to ride over waves of misrepresented and misreported social media articles such as yours. I’m sure if Lawctopus faced such unwarranted negative publicity in its early days, it wouldn’t have reached the popularity it has amassed now.

        3. CLATgyan a journalistic rag? Your words, not mine. CLATgyan is essentially a law entrance prep blog. Doesn’t even qualify as journalism. I was referring to the Mirror.

        Interesting to note that you haven’t commented on my request to independently verify your facts. Maybe you’re introspecting?

        1. Anonymous, old Congress people should be your inspiration in cowardice (being anonymous) and in boot-licking your bosses (Nirma).

          1. The director said “it will not be tolerated and not to post such things on social media”.

          2. If a new college fudges data, it still fudges data.

          Lawctopus got all sorts of publicity in its early days.

          3. Oh, great. Ahmedabad Mirror is a journalistic rag.

          We have independently verified your placement stats btw. We have our ‘sources’ you know.

      2. I want to write about my scams in my college. How should I contact you while remaining anonymous?

          1. Admin. I wrote about wrongdoings of my college administration yesterday. Are you going to publish it?

  6. Tanuj, You are a disgrace to Legal Journalism… You have always been biased thats why You are always crying lije this. Himmat hai kabhi NUJS ke against likhne ki? Kyu likhoge?

    1. 1. Please tell me instances of where I have been biased. And why would I be biased against Nirma?

      2. Haan, NUJS ke khilaab likhne ki himmat bhi hai aur likha bhi hai. Before putting up a comment, try doing a bit of research. Anyway, let me spoon-feed you.

      Link 1: https://www.lawctopus.com/via-legallyindia-nujs-kolkatas-administration-found-guilty-financial-mismanagement/

      Link 2: https://www.lawctopus.com/via-legally-india-bcis-damning-report-nujs-kolkata-hidden-9-months/

      Link 3: https://www.lawctopus.com/nujs-alumni-petition-cji-seek-urgent-intervention-rapid-decline-educational-standards/

      Would like to hear from you on this now. 🙂

  7. A request can be twisted to the extent of calling it a threat. When you try to understand things using a balanced approach, truth becomes a matter of perspective.
    We really need to rethink our value system. Difference between right and wrong is not that subjective as we have made it. Truth is not yours and mine, its out there. Its matter of courage to accept it.
    A teacher is to provide us guidance and has been of prominent importance. The literature of our country places a teacher at the highest pedestal.
    All that has happened would have been so digestible had Eklavya sued Dhronacharya for grievous hurt and Karna would have condemned him for not getting placed. Or if Kalam would have visioned that every teacher not ought to be respected. This very shameful for students.

    1. There’s also literature which suggests that ‘dissent is the highest form of patriotism’. But since you are the student president, maybe you won’t believe in it for a very very long time.

  8. FACTS
    Director sent a mail as “An Appeal” not as a “Threat” please don’t put excerpts and distort the fact. Just a word “not tolerated” (underlined as the writer wants us to focus on that only) does not count as a threat in isolation when the whole text of the mail was a request and nothing else.
    Institute provided data and explanation to all the students via mail, if someone is providing you with these trail emails, ask them and get that explanation, the facts provided is true.
    The Mirror talks about placements, not campus, off campus or any other specifications and the college has all the rights to celebrate the same and publish the same, as they invested in students, provided them opportunities to develop and prosper and be capable of grabbing those jobs.
    Stop creating a fuss out of nothing.

    1. Oh! And the appeals have been going on since the last 3 years? The fudging of placement stats have been going for the last 3 years? Stop defending the indefensible.

      1. It is for a fact that the data has been fudged and distorted. The college administration has been left with eggs over their places. They could have handled the situation in a better manner. But as they say in Hindi, Vinaash Kaaley Vipreet Buddhi.
        Having said that I give full marks to the media teams across many forums who have wasted no time in bashing up ILNU left right and centre without understanding why the entire uproar began. What began as Class of 2017’s sincere approach in ringing in accountability in the system have been turned into a sensationalism filled brouhaha perpetrated by the media folk. Thank you to your zero sense of critical thought and gossip mongering, what we set out to achieve has been left in tatters. Cheers to you Deadly Law, Lawctopus and co. May the sensationalism never end.

  9. Dear Aiyyaash Kailash, please don’t make it a trivial issue of a disagreement amongst two set of people. The problem is much deeper and bigger. The roots lies in facts. If the university or any other person, who believes university is not a fault, has a right to speak and come out with facts.
    While, at the same time if somebody does not agree and does not appreciate the response and reasons of university, he should give his reasons.

    The most important part of this controversy is has the institute made false claims and played with aspirations and feelings of its students, and is also trying to so the same to attract more aspirants. If this is not the case, they will have to come out with facts and logical arguments.

    Therefore, irrespective of which side you are from, don’t make this personal and importantly speak up if you have facts.

  10. Cue for Alakananda, Ankit, Mili, Pranav and other management reps cum students to start defending their college. Expect Aditya Kavia to make a guest appearance too.

    1. Ya hiding urself behind an anonymous id gives u so much of guts to write utter bullshit.
      Grow up kid , come up with ur actual face and then take a stand. It seems u are just like that small dog in a pack of wolves.

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