Nirma University Fudges Placement Stats? Students Expose University, University Threatens Students

By Tanuj Kalia

So Far, So Good

On May 12, 2017, Ahmedabad Mirror published a story ‘So Far, So Good: Nirma Law Grad Offered Rs. 16L Salary‘.

The report further stated: The placement season at the varsity peaked with excitement as Rs 16 lakh per annum was the highest pay package on offer, with the average pay package settling at Rs5.25 lakh per annum.

Many universities do such ‘publicity stunts’ around this time of the year. Hint: peak admission season.

But Wait, Things Take a U Turn

However, students caught this ‘exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations’ and an anonymous email thread began to do the rounds (Lawctopus has a copy of that).

Ahmedabad Mirror, thanks to some active social media campaign by the students, soon followed-up with another story ‘Did Nirma Varsiy’s Insitute of Law Fudge Placement Data?

Alind Chopra, the student who got the 16 lakh offer, told the newspaper “I was not placed through campus placement. I had applied for the internship myself. It was a pre-placement offer, which is independent from the institute. Contrary to the institute’s claim, I do not know even know what my pay package is.

This is what the Director Purvi Pokhariyal had to say about this: “I don’t see why it is being said that the institute has no role to play when a student gets internship. No one takes on an intern unless the documents have the college’s stamp and signature. There is some influence of the institute when students apply for internship.

Some more statements from students as published in Ahmedabad Mirror’s piece are reproduced below:

Five years ago, we heard the institute’s tall claims and took admission here. It is only in the final year that we came to know of the truth. We do not want more students to take up the course here by reading placement activity news, because the scenario is not good at the institute.

We decided to speak up against the false claim because aspirants choose institutes after reading about such achievements. Five years ago, I read how a girl from this institute had grabbed a great salary package. What I did not know then was that the girl’s father worked in the same firm, hence the offer. Such misleading announcements must be disclosed.

It Goes Worse: Students Accused of Defamation

The University hasn’t taken lightly to such comments and has warned students against defaming the college online. Ahmedabad Mirror has yet another story on that here.

In an email to the students Director Purvi Pokhariya wrote: Some of our students are trying to defame the institute where they are studying. Any student who has got any issue, any query can directly write to the administration but engaging yourself in an activity which belittle the institute is not tolerated. It is ultimately damaging to the future prospects of all you existing students.

In the piece by Ahmedabad Mirror a student says:This is not the first time we are being threatened. After students raised the issue, we were expecting to hear from the director. Instead of explaining why the institute has been sharing misleading information, we have received an email asking us to watch out for our future prospects if we write against the institute”.

Well, that got out of control. A story which began with ‘so far so good’, has ended up, well, being pretty nasty.

Not NEWs?

Surprisingly (or maybe, not surprisingly), a CLATgyan post, dated May 22, 2014 says very similar things about placements at the Institute of Law, Nirma University.

The director’s interview, published on May 16, 2014 on Bar and Bench (now hidden behind a pay-wall) too has comments which don’t speak too highly of the then state-of-affairs at the University.

Seems like things haven’t changed so far.

Full Disclosure: Nirma University has been an advertiser on Lawctopus. We have an arm’s length relationship with all our advertisers. 


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