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Internship Experience @ Niranjan and Associates, Hyderabad: Great work place, Never heard nor experienced such friendly and helpful advocates


Akash Pingley, ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, 2nd Year.


Niranjan and Associates, Hyderabad

Team: No specific number.

Application Process

It’s very simple. I interned under Advocate A.Venkatesh. Just drop in your CV at his E-mail ID and contact the firm anytime. They will give you the details.


My internship lasted for 2 months, that is from June 1st 2015 to Aug 3rd 2015.

There was no restrictions as to how long you could stay back at the office but the longer you stay the more you learn. I happened to stay till 8 pm and a couple of times extended more.

They work on all Saturdays. You can always take a leave on Saturdays with prior permission from him.

First Day

This internship being my first legal internship, I was nervous. Which is very common to freshers. This firm got me out of all the nervousness on the very first day itself. I have never heard nor experienced such friendly and helpful advocates ever.

Though this being one of the best law firms in Hyderabad with an extensive clientele, none let me repeat none of the advocates nor seniors or anyone for that matter at the firm had any such feeling of superiority or any attitude which would make any intern feel scared to work or ask for doubts and clarifications.

Well, that’s what makes successful advocates.

First day experience was amazing but everyday was much more thrilling than the previous.

Main Task

From Morning to Evening I was mostly sent to the courts as I was a first year graduate and some basic things needed to be learnt by the freshers in this field.

I was mostly given tasks like noting down the proceedings and arguments and take down the status of the cases. I was personally taught various procedures to be followed in a court by one of the junior advocates.

I was literally taught from the scratch and I learnt all the basic procedures of this professional field which no college would teach since its mostly learnt by experience.

I would personally suggest to all the freshers out there who would actually want to learn to work under any Advocate in this firm.

I would mostly be given research work and drafting work a little after 5 pm in the evening when everyone including the Senior comes back to the office.

Saturdays I was mostly taken to Arbitration and let me tell you from my personal experience never hesitate to go for arbitration as it is one of the most effective and upcoming ADR in this sector. You get to learn a lot and there is a lot of scope.

Again, Senior or his juniors would actually teach you everything over there.


The main motto of this firm was to teach and learn. Mostly all the junior advocates were in their mid- 20’s, which actually makes it even more friendlier environment.

The environment was such that it made me punctual. Without those juniors and other staff members in that firm, I would have never managed to learn so much.

The entire building itself is this firm and you can freely roam around anywhere. They have such a extensive library where you might get lost in the books.

They don’t restrict anything in this firm and they trust all their juniors and Interns alot more than anyone else in this profession would do.

Not to forget probably you would have never heard of this before but our senior would provide us with authentic home lunch to all his associates and interns on Saturday and I can never forget that. At first I felt a little shy but senior’s love for his advocates and interns would just outflow.

It’s situated in the heart of the city almost and you have all the best food joints in and around the area. You can always stop over at one of the places to grab a good dinner.

Overall I would say this environment is something you will enjoy, learn and it will motivate you to learn even more.

You will always be in touch with the senior even after your internship is completed. You will miss this firm when you leave and I personally assure you that.

Best Thing

This firm was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learnt all that my other classmates are going to learning in the coming days. I shall always be indebted to this firm.

If you want to learn, this is the place and never think twice before dropping your CV.

Bad Thing

Nothing at all. I just remember having fun working.


This firm does not pay any of its interns any stipend but if you incur any expenses in course of your internship in regard to firms work, senior himself will call you and pay you.

As rewards senior might give you something by the end of your internship.

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  1. Could you tell us the email-id of Venkatesh sir or the firm? The email id given at their site is not functional.



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