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Internship Experience @ National Human Rights Commission, Delhi: Relaxed, yet challenging

By: Utkarsh Trivedi | December 30, 2017

Name, College, City

Utkarsh Trivedi, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack

Name of the organisation

National Human Rights Commssion, Manavadhikar bhawan, GPO Complex, New Delhi.

Application process

The process is very simple, for first and second year students, a STIP (Short Term Internship Program) is run, you can apply for the same by taking out the form from the website of the NHRC. You need a CV and a recommendation letter from your university.


15 days



Work atmosphere

On the first day, our credentials were checked and then we were sent to the MADAD centre to draft complaints of the people who came for the redressals, which was front hand work done by the interns and it gave us an insight of the work of the commission as well. The people are friendly in the commission but are a but laid back,so we had to be on our toes to ask for closed cases and files which helped us in our projects

Project Work

As such there was no team for the project work assigned to us as it was an individual project given to the interns by the Senior Research and Training Officer on the first day.

The interns then had to work on the topic for the next 15 days and then submit it to the officer who then took a viva. The Project topic was directly related to the work undertaken by the NHRC so we had to take case files and work on the same.


Lots of networking and made new friends from various law schools, hard-working but really chill and laid back.

Best Time

Taking breaks from the work and watching proceedings at the NCDRC (a 2 minute walk).

Worst time

Waiting for the internet server to come online.


10:30 am to 4:30 pm but you are free to work till 6 pm.


I would recommend chai breaks at the 5th floor of the commission, refreshing and cheap!

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