Publishing Your Post: A Message for New Event Organisers

By Tanuj Kalia


Thank you for your interest in publishing your opportunity/event on Lawctopus.

Please note that in the last few days we have received multiple complaints from students against many event organizers. Charging for money after claiming ‘no charges’ on Lawctopus; not distributing prizes/certificates on time; not starting the course on time, etc. are some of the complaints.

Side note: We also encourage students to be a bit patient. Some delays can be expected in any endeavor.

As they say, some bad apples spoil the bunch. 

We at Lawctopus care deeply for students and young lawyers. The last thing we’d want is for them to fall prey to a fraudulent organization.

Please don’t take any of this as allegations against yourself. At the same time this is what, unfortunately, some people are doing.

We have full trust in your integrity and are confident that you’ll conduct a great, quality event. However, given the situation, please give us some time to review your post. The review process can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks.

We know that this review process might seem a bit too long, a bit unfair, and a bit over the top as well. I apologise if it seems that way.

Having said that, I am sure you’ll understand our point of view. My colleague AprajitaAditya, or I will contact you soon.

Thank you once again.

Consider Lawctopus as your friend when it comes to publicizing top opportunities. We’ll also remain a watchdog for the ones which seem iffy.

Best regards,

PS- If you are a new event organiser, please fill the onboarding form here.


Note to students:

We care for you.

Till now, we have blacklisted 34 iffy organisations from publishing on Lawctopus. The reasons include:

  • non-payment of dues,
  • cases of sexual harassment,
  • claiming University affiliation (when, in fact, there is no affiliation)
  • charging students (while posting that the event is free-of-charge)
  • posting fake internship reviews

Do continue informing us about such fraudulent practices. We’ll continue working on how we post information on Lawctopus.

Do also read our thoughts on fighting fraudulent internship experiences.


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