Never Give Up- A Poem on the CV of Failures Series



Hum like a bird, flow like a stream,
Feel and touch the flower of a daffodil;
The world is yours, it’s your regime,
Break the ice, when all standstill.
Must take a breath, but be ready to fly,
Surely you will die If won’t try.

The sun blares as well as sets,
Countless stars twinkle and rupture;
Bit by bit ice melts,
All at once emerges a sculpture.
Never ever give up, touch the sky,
Surely you will die if won’t try.

Whenever you desire to find the real obstacle,
You halfheartedly pull yourself back.
The vicious footfall of failure is impalpable,
Your destiny time to time gives you a whack.
Still, accept mistakes and be ready to rectify,
Surely you will die if won’t try.

Ask from yourself, who are you?
Ask from cuckoo what is melody;
Ask from the sky what is blue!
What is agony, what is the remedy?
Do not be quiet, discover “who am I?”
Surely you will die if won’t try.

Many hands carved you out,
Look behind reaching the milestone;
Why invisible hands helped you to surmount,
Introspect whenever you’re alone.
Threads of life have to untie,
Surely you will die if won’t try.

The conscience outlaws your Karma then speak up,
The screams of silence begin haunting then speak up,
When all is in inertia then speak up,
Eyes stop dreaming then speak up.
To break the shackles, you have to defy,
Surely you will die if won’t try…

(This poem is written by Mr. Masoom Reza who is a 4th-year law student at Jamia Millia Islamia and can be reached at

We need to bring out more stories so that people who feel apprehensive have an outlet to talk and relate to. If you are somebody who could openly share your failures in public, please do so. If you want to do so under anonymity, that also works. You could make a CV (with your failures) and send it to us, or write about experiences from your life. Please get in touch at


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