Law School Review: National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

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National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

Faculty and Academics of NUSRL Ranchi

The faculty of the college is really knowledgeable and well versed with their subjects, except for few.

The main drawback is that the number of people working in the faculty is not sufficient and there are very less teachers.

The course is very efficiently structured from one law subject in semester I to all law subjects in semester X.

The class timings are different for different year, but usually revolves around 9:30 am – 4:00 pm.

The teachers set a good standard of question paper and evaluate solely on the content of the answer.

Student Culture and Activities

The co-curricular activities include Moot Court Committee, Parliamentary Debate, Sports Committee, Mess Committee, HRIDAY, CLAP, Cultural Committee.

There are no fests organized by the college, however there are events conducted from time to time.

Mooting is compulsory in the college and the students are allotted National Moots on the basis of their scores.


The college is situated on a National Highway and so there is no proper market area nearby.

The closest is the Reliance Mart area where the bus goes every Wednesday.

The main market within the city is quite far and the students are provided with transportation till the main market only on Saturdays.

Since the college is still under construction there are no hot spots within the college.

Placements at NUSRL Ranchi

The first batch was placed in 2015.

The college did help a little but mainly students were placed through PPOs.

Administration and Fees

The fees has increased this Semester to Rs. 1,06,000 per semester.

The hostel in-time for girls is 10 pm and no in-time for boys yet. However, the students are not allowed to go outside the college campus after 8 pm.

The administration of the college is not the best.

The construction of college or other matters for that fact require immediate attention.

Good things

The best thing about the college is that is takes the academics very seriously and every student in the college aspires to do well in their exams and they take their internships very seriously.

The exam patterns and tests always keeps the students busy and the best part is that the college has compulsory Court Room Exercises which enhances the skill of mooting among the students.

Apart from studies, the hostel is also great and the rooms, though not too big as double seater, is extremely spacious as single rooms.

The faculty also is fair and teaches well, mainly interacting with the class.

The clubs and committees are mostly student run and thus the students are part of the major events of the college, making it huge success.

Bad things

The slow construction of college campus.

The food of the mess is poor at days, but usually it is somehow edible.

Other things about NUSRL Ranchi

The college faces the same problems as any other college, but the best part is that the students are determined to improve the college is every aspect possible.

The academics are good and there need to be a little more of extra curricular activities.

The rest is all set to be good.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

Hostels are well build with availability of Wi Fi.  The Rooms are double seated with attached balcony.  However, students of Fourth and Fifth year have single rooms.

Classrooms are spacious and Air conditioned. The Library, however does not have sufficient books and needs to be improved upon.

There is a common mess for both boys and girls.  The food is not at all good, but on days of any event the food served is delicious.

The canteen is gradually developing and serves decent good food, it has a large variety of food items available.

The drawback about the infrastructure of the college is that even though there is a lot of space and land available, no proper usage has been made till now.

There is no proper grounds for any sports and since the college is still under construction, it is expected to be completed soon.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.

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