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National Students’ Parliament by Kerala Legislative Assembly [Feb 23-25]: Applications Open

By: Aprajita Karki | February 15, 2019

About the event:

This three day mega event is organized by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. The event is scheduled to commence on 23rd February 2019 and would conclude on 25th February 2019. there would be plenary sessions followed by discussions.

The discussions would contemplate on the topics like faith and affinity towards politics and parliamentary democracy, plurality of thought, the essence and spirit of the Constitution, the need for ethics in public life, the vision of sustainable development and the emergence of an enlightened new world, through information gateways


  • To spread and strengthen democratic values and the democratic way in all part of the world through engagement with the youth.
  • To support and strengthen civic learning for all children and encourage civic engagement by young people.
  • Increase the participation of youth in decision making process at all levels in society and governance.
  • Promote the development of youth as global citizens by providing a platform for youth from all parts of the world
    Take the ideas and resolutions and innovative ideas and practices of youth for world peace and sustainable and equitable development.

Theme: Power and Possibilities of Democracy & Politics.

Location for 23 and 24 February: Main Venue: R Sankaranarayanan Thampi Member’s Lounge, Assembly Building,Thiruvananthapuram.

Location for 25 February: Nishagandhi, Open Air Auditorium.

For registration click here.

For the schedule of the event click here.

The poster link is here.

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