Call for Papers: National Seminar on UN and World Peace, Achievements, Failures and Reforms [Sep 24-25]; Submit by Aug 31

Amity University, National Seminar, Seminar on United Nations, call for papers, call for papers 2014, amity seminarAmity University, Lucknow Campus is organising a National Seminar on United Nations and World Peace, Achievements, Failures and Reforms in United Nations between September 24-25, 2014 in its campus.

There have always been debates about the efficacy and effectiveness of United Nations as an instrument for preservation and protection of human rights and international peace.

Various countries time and again express their grievances for more democratized United Nations, which allows wider participation of third world countries allowing their participation in the functioning of this institution.

As of now, the balance is tilted towards developed countries as they have more voice and power as far the working of the United Nations is concerned.

In order to debate and deliberate on the relevance, usefulness and efficacy of the United Nations, Amity Law School, Lucknow campus is organising a two-day National Seminar on “UNITED NATIONS AND WORLD PEACE: ACHIEVEMENTS, FAILURES AND REFORMS IN UNITED NATIONS” on 24-25th September, 2014.

This seminar will explore mechanisms, initiatives and will also suggest reforms, which can be adopted by United Nations to make it a more representative body.

Who can participate?

Academicians, Professional, Students

Call for Paper

Tracks for the National Seminar

1) Structure of United Nations and International Conflict

(i) Role of Security Council in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security
(ii) Role of General Assembly in Peace Keeping
(iii) Changing Role of Secretary General under Article 99 Of U N Charter
(iv) Individual and Collective Security: Its status in the Post Cold war era and relation with human rights
(v) Role of Regional Agencies & NGO in maintenance of peace
(vi) Reforms in Security Council with reference to Veto system

2) Constitutional and Legal Issues in U N System

(i) Problem of Membership and Representation in U N Systems.
(ii) Third World Perspectives on U N structure
(iii) The concept of Fail / Weak States and the role of international legal community.
(iv) Relationship of Art 103 of the U N Charter with the concept of jus cogens.

3) The changing dimensions of Intervention in the 21st Century.

(i) The legality of Humanitarian intervention
(ii) Maintaining hegemony in the garb of Intervention: The case of Iraq , Georgia and Ukraine
(iii) The changing notion of Sovereignty in International legal order: Assessing the idea of Sovereignty as Responsibility
(iv) Responsibility to Protect: Evaluating its impact on world Community.

4) Challenges before United Nations

(i) Terrorism.
(ii) Drug Trafficking
(iii) Xenophobia
(iv) Secession and Self Determination in Eastern Europe
(v) Impact of War Crimes, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Crime against humanity and the Role of International Criminal Court
(vi) Self Determination and terrorism and its impact on World Peace


1. Abstract- 250 words

2. Full paper- 4000 words minimum excluding references

3. Abstract is to be submitted in soft copy only in MS Word Format (Typed in Times New Roman, 12 point, 1.5 spacing)

4. The title page of the submitted paper shall contain the article title, track code, followed by authors’ name, affiliation, communication address, email and phone details

5. The first page of the full paper and abstract should not contain authors’ identification at any point, and should commence with article title, followed by an abstract of not more than 500 words and a maximum of five relevant keywords

6. All papers (abstract and full) must be submitted on [email protected]: [email protected]


1. Submission open: 30th August, 2014

2. Abstract Submission (250 words): 31st August, 2014

3. Notification of review decision: 5th September, 2014

4. Full paper (minimum 4000 words): 10th September, 2014

5. Registration opens: 10th September, 2014

6. Registration closes: 20th September, 2014


1. Certificate of participation/paper presentation will be issued to those who register themselves

2. Those whose papers are accepted, but do not attend the seminar will not get the certificate

3. The paper has to be presented by at least one author


1. Indian Participants: INR 2000

2. Indian Students: INR 1500


1. Mr. Bhanu Pratap : [email protected]

2. Ms. Sweta Gupta: [email protected]

3. Mr. Abdul Hafiz : [email protected]

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