National Law University, Assam NLUJAA: 8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go There

nlujaa assam, National Law University and Judicial Academy
1. NLU Assam has only one professor, the VC himself, who’ll be leaving soon!

National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam started functioning in 2011 and in three years the University has not had a Professor other than the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Gurjeet Singh (who will be discharging his duties as the Vice-Chancellor on 26th of this month).

2. Incompetent assistant and associate professors

The standard of teaching in the University, quite frankly, makes one feel like studying in a primary school.

Assistant and Associate professors teach subjects that they are not specialized in and create a mess for the students.

3. Exorbitant fees, lack of facilities at NLU Assam

With almost Rs.2 lakhs fees per annum the University was expected to function at least modestly well, but it does not provide students with funds for any recreational activities etc.

4. Lies in the brochure

NLUJAA also does not withdraw its frivolous claims of having things which it does not have. One example would be the Student’s Bar Council, which is included in the fee structure but its existence is highly doubted.

In the 2013 CLAT brochure the University promised to shift to its permanent campus in a year but a year later the students can’t even imagine how they are going to remotely keep up with this promise.

5. Administration

The Registrar of the University lacks any understanding of the legal profession and the requirement of law students.

6. Ridiculous syllabus

The syllabus has failed to impart the students any useful legal knowledge and the administration has declined to bring any changes to its ridiculously tiresome syllabus which is forced on teachers, most of whom are inadequate to teach the subject.

7. Fine culture at NLUJAA [not a part of the original blog post]

Heavy fines are imposed on students, sometimes as high as Rs. 25,000-Rs. 60,000. Earlier no ‘notice’ was issued when such a fine was issued, but nowadays notices have started coming out.

8. Students are leaving NLUJAA

With absolute lack of transparency, deficiency in infrastructure and a heavily compromised quality of education numerous students have opted to leave theUuniversity but those who can’t leave or aren’t left with other options are doomed to be here.

This university, in its current state is incapable of providing this country with a single good lawyer let alone fulfill Madhava Menon’s vision of creating social engineers.

Even if it does the credit will absolutely lie on the excellence of the student and not on her or his alma mater.

This is an anonymous reader blog. We’ve however confirmed the contents with independent sources too. 

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