Law School Ranks as calculated by taking into account the placement figures, the mooting achievements, faculty ratings and CLAT Preference.
Placements Faculty Mooting Student Teacher Ratio CLAT Preference Rank Points Rank
NLS 28 14 14 13 28 97 1
NALSAR 26 13 12 14 26 91 2
NUJS 24 10 11 11 24 80 3
NLUJ 22 12 13 12 20 79 4
GNLU 20 11 10 10 18 69 5
NLIU 18 8 9 8 22 65 6
RMLNLU 16 9 6 9 14 54 7
HNLU 14 2 8 1 16 41 8
RGNUL 12 8 7 3 10 40 9
NLUO 6 6 4 7 8 31 10
NUALS 6 4 5 4 12 31 10
CNLU 10 5 3 5 6 29 12
NUSRL 6 4 2 6 4 22 13
NLUJAA 8 1 2 2 2 15 14

Key to Rankings

1. Placements through sources: Bar & Bench and Legally India.

2. Faculty through source: Faculty Profile of college websites.

[3 points – Professor

2 points – Associate Professor

1 point – Assistant Professor

Guest Lecturer and Teaching Assistants are not taken into account for scoring]

3. Mooting: Average MPL Rank of last five years.

4. Student Teacher Ratio: Total UG Students/ (Professor + Associate Professor + Assistant Professor).

5. CLAT Preference Rank: Average of Highest and Lowest Ranked AIR General student in CLAT 2014.

For the purpose of ranking each college have been scored from 14 to 1 but the scores have been doubled for placements and CLAT preference, the reason being these two are the drawing factor for CLAT aspirants due to lack of proper ranking system.

It is upon the preference of student to give priority to one of the above determining factor or none while opting for a NLU.

The above five are expected criteria a student should look into while filing his preferences.

FAQs Answered for Worried CLAT Aspirants Who’ve Just Got Their Results. CLICK HERE.

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  1. Supreman I bet you were not able to make it to nujs and it is all about students and well we are in league with best in field

  2. Hahaha!

    Do you even know who was the last candidate to get through to HNLU through CLAT? Are you inspired by the ‘ClatMentor’?

    Admin: Why don’t you publish a better list? Include the CLAT score for reserved students too. They form an integral part of the institution too, don’t they?

    Why are you being judgmental/biased against them? (To: Writer)

    • unfortunately they do…
      its better to ignore them because their presence cause enough damage to college…
      at least give these college privilege in these ranking..

    • it says preference…half of the HNLUites don’t opt for the place, its only their last resort…so technically you can’t count them 😛

  3. The way in which CLAT Preference Rank has been tabulated is really random. So, if, Rank 1 opts for RMLNLU (because of whatever reasons), their CLAT Preference Rank would reflect (1 + 800)/2 = 401.5 (assuming that 800 is the last ranked general category AIR student to get in), instead of, say, (600 + 800/2) = 700? And you even multiplied the score by 2, which aggravates this discrepancy?

          • And who the f*** are you to judge DSNLUs performance? 3 years of establishment and 8 moots, 12 parliamentary debates and pre placement offers. Oh I forgot you’re that hypocritical b**** who comments on names and not the brand value associated with it.
            Burn B****.

          • Well, being a perspicacious person, get your basics clear. DSNLU ia a 3rd tier NLU so NLUJAA, TNNLS, NUALS, CNLU, NUSRL, NLUO all stand in a same tier. secondly with any inclusion of any company the placement rose to 18 lakhs and second best at 14 lakhs. talking about others, i don’t need to say more. others were interested in practice.

    • well!! to start with, DSNLU is a newly established national law university placed in Vishakhapatnam. it has got an amazing contingent of cooperative staff. the university is about to shift into its new campus, which is 70 km’s from the main city, that’s bad :P. its has got somewhat 120 seats out of which 80% is reserved for the andharites, . It’s an upcoming national law university and quashing the critisicm of many it has proved its worth as a national law university in many competitions.

  4. So mooting is a criteria to judge a law school now. I should write a mail to QS ranking to get their things right. I thought people join a better university for good faculty and infra ( library, research facilities and facilities to live through the five years).

    • Hi,

      Mooting is the most widely ‘contested’ legal event among Indian law students.

      Don’t you think then that mooting is a fair way to judge ‘student quality’?

      • I, along with other right thinking members of the society believe that criteria of QS can be trusted over the criteria used in a random writer blog.

        • Like other right thinking members of the society you need to acknowledge that the eco-system in ‘India’ is slightly different from that in other countries.

          • Acknowleged.
            But the reason the eco system is so different is because of rankings like these which give undue weightage to mooting. Which, as a domino effect, leads to students spending more time mooting than conferences and quality research publication. Honestly, if we ever want to feature in the QS rankings, we’ll have to prove our mettle against the eco systems of all countries. Quoting moot court achievements has and will only lull us into a self bestowed superiority complex. Don’t hide behind the excuse of a different eco system, instead, step up your game!

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