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Internship Experience @ National Green Tribunal, New Delhi: Encounter and Learn About Environmental Hazards

Intern Details

Name: Smriti Sharma

College: Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab

Year of Study: 2015-2020

Duration of Internship

3 week (11th January, 2016 – 2nd February, 2016)

Internship Experience

“Love what you do, do what you love”

For all those people and law student, who love to protect and embrace the nature, what to know how our mother earth has been exploited by other human beings, what this beautiful nature goes through to provide us a way of living.

The best place to encounter and learn about the hazards, environment goes through is the Principal Branch of National Green Tribunal.

By far the best government organisation I have came across, which really work to safeguard the interest of public, from various environmental problems and continuously working for the upliftment of the nature.

How to apply

You can Apply for the internship (Winter/Summer) by mailing your CV to the email id:¬†[email protected]¬†also provide them with your basic details, as in name, college, year and duration of internship required.

The rest of the procedure depends on their reply, as they take the interns on their own discretion, but the best part is, they never keep you waiting for long, their response is prompt. If got selected, you will eventually receive a offer letter too.

Working Environment

The working environment in the National Green tribunal is disciplined and worth spending time over.

The interns are generally asked to attend the court room daily and take up one case from the cause list and prepare synopsis with help of files, which are easily available in the judicial section.

The staff are really cooperative and kind in nature, they are also ready to guide and help the interns without any laziness or hesitation.

Opportunity and learning experience

In my time during internship, I got opportunities to meet prominent judges and lawyers, and it has been an honour hearing them in the courtroom.

There were lawyer with whom we only came across in books or case laws we study in law college but listening and learning from them face to face is an all together different and great experience.

I personally get chance to meet Mr. M.C. Mehta and Hon’ble Justice Mr. Swatanter Kumar, and they are very kind and humble to greet any intern with there blessings.

Its definitely a great load of learning if one is willing to learn at NGT.


The office of NGT is located at Copernicus Marg, Faridkot House, Mandi House.

The nearest metro station is Mandi House and its a walking path of maximum 10 min from there. Else autos and Taxis are all time available at the station.

The exact distance is hardly 1.5 km. The locality is completely filled up with government offices of different state, which provide it an additional advantage of being one of the most clean areas of Delhi.

The office itself is properly managed and remain very clean and tidy, unlike any other government office.


There are lots of flats and PGs available in Delhi, but its still hard to find a suitable one especially for girls.

I spend my living in Delhi at Maheswari PG which is located in Mayur Vihar Phase 1.

Although its not  a prominent or luxurious place to live in but the accessibility to market and metro station, makes it a convenient one.

The metro station is just 700m away from the PG and rickshaws and autos are all time available.

For a short time period girls can avail this place with charges 5000rs for a month and other facilities can also be attached with some nominal charges like Wifi, Food service etc. (Maheswari PG-08506916967-Mrs. Seema).

The metro only take approx. 15 min to reach Mandi house, as it is hardly four stations away from Mayur Vihar.

With being a part of central Delhi, there is an easy accessibility of markets like Cannuaght place, Sarojini, Jan path etc.

So in case you thing that your stay will be monotonous and you have to need to travel a long way to meet your friends and enjoy Sundays, you are totally wrong. Your stay in Delhi will be a combined pack of learning with fun.

I hope this article is worth reading and you will be all set to intern at National Green tribunal at the end of this.

All the very best.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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