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Internship Experience @ National Green Tribunal, Bhopal: Good Mentoring, Friendly Colleagues



Manas Bulchandani


Department of Legal studies and Research, Barkatullah University


10 August 2015- 30 August 2015


Choosing law as a career, on its own is an opportunity. Sir Bacon in his short essay ‘of studies’ told about the importance of studies and how to play with it.

He further told that books provide knowledge but practical knowledge comes when it is applied in dealing situations of life. In the same manner interns are very important so as to know what actually the law is and how a law student should study the law.

Internships give experience which one can utilize in future. Internships are not mere for collecting the certificates because they are much more than that. They built up you and your personality. They add stars to your knowledge which you have gained from books of law.

NGT-CZ – a great opportunity:

It begins as no schedule of my exams was known to me till 11th June 2015. I along with my two friends on 10th June, 2015 planned to go for interns at NGT. But the very next day schedule of my exams was on my whatsapp and we all dropped our plan to go for interns.

After exams we all went to said location and made certain inquiries regarding internship. But my friends refused to come because they all went for a picnic trip and insisted me too. I, alone, went to NGT by bus from Lalghati square to Paryawas Bhawan. The NGT is at walking distance from Paryawas Bhawan.

The whole three storied building has green window panes. Really, at the first sight, I decided to go for interns at NGT. The Central Bench of NGT is at Bhopal. There are six Green Tribunals all over India. I was fortunate to have one at my birthplace i.e. Bhopal.

My first day:

I reached NGT at 9:30 am on the first day of my interns. I met a student of DAV, Indore. He also joined for intern that day. He was a fantastic guy. We both completed required formalities as per instructions of P.A. of the Registrar. The timings for proceedings were from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm.

On the first day, P.A. of the Registrar told us certain things regarding Tribunal and about Court manners. He suggested to go in Court Room and read the official copy of the case file of that day but with the prior permission of Steno Mam.

I took permission from Mam and read a case file till 10:30 am and submitted same to Mam. I sat at the last bench of the court room which was purposefully made for the intern students and for parties to case.

The Counsels are very helpful. They guide the intern students very well. My first day at NGT was superb. I learnt various new things. For the first time, apart from television, I observed court proceedings with my naked eyes.

Till last day of my Internship:

My internship doesn’t ends here. It has begun just. As the sun sets and a new day come, in the similar manner, I learnt every moment something new. A good lawyer is one who observes each and everything minutely and effectively.

The Hon’ble judicial member and the expert member were very punctual and honest in their work. They not only heard the case and gave decisions but apart, guided learned counsels how to make their case effective and advised to present the case with full confidence but with the proper study and should have control on tempo of voice while presenting the case.

Whenever any order is given, it should be listened very carefully because it is important not only for that case but can prove to be helpful in deciding other cases. Being a law student, I should say, a lawyer should have sound knowledge of law while studying and presenting any case.

Overall, my experience at NGT CZ, Bhopal was mind blowing because this place not only teaches you but at the same time grooms your personality. The bench cited various examples while hearing the cases. So listening to the cases in the courtroom I found that one must cite previous case laws related to the case to make it a strong case.

The court was strict for compliance of the orders. On the last day of my intern, I submitted my project work on the allotted topic to the Registrar. He provided me the Certificate for successful completion of my intern. Really, interns help one to develop ideas and think as a lawyer.

Interactive Sessions by Advocates:

On the third day of intern, advocates at NGT took interactive session of young internship-doing students. They took introduction of each of us and introduced themselves. They taught us about the Act of NGT, 2010 and EIA Notification, 2006.

Certain doubts were raised by me and they answered all questions very peacefully. One should have thorough knowledge of NGT before going for intern there and should purchase the Bare Act of NGT, 2010. The EIA notification, 2006 is very important to study along with NGT Bare Act.

Seniors of my college who were also doing internship at NGT proved very useful to me as they solved my doubts and taught me various new things. Really, all these added jewels of law to my personality. My newly made friends at NGT also taught me new concepts which they have been taught in their colleges.


No canteen facility is available. Court rooms are air-conditioned. Easy accommodation. DB City Mall proves a good place to refresh yourself which is at the walking distance from NGT. Lift facility and Wi-Fi connection are also available.

An updated and well furnished library is also there. PG facilities are also available nearby to this place. Various administrative offices are situated in this area.

Bad things:

As such nothing bad was there but seating capacity for intern students in court room is not sufficient. Sometimes, I stood for whole time in court room.

Breaking News – P.O.P Case:

One case which I found very interesting was related to making of P.O.P Ganesha and Durga Maa idols. Various petitions were been filed. The case became the breaking news during those days. I collected newspaper cuttings of this case and made research on POP idols. I should mention that don’t search rather make research.

Don’t go for Google rather make for Google. The court is very strict in the compliance of its orders. Really establishment of NGT proved very useful to the preservation and protection of the environment.

My Bare Act:

Learned Counsels told intern doing students to purchase NGT Bare Act from District Court nearby to the building of NGT. When I went there, I was unable to find Bare Act of NGT of my desired publication. At various shops, it was unavailable.

Then, I downloaded it in my tablet. On reading I came across various doubts and when I went to one of the Advocate for clearing them he asked to show my Bare Act. I told that it is unavailable so I haven’t had purchased. But he told me that it is available and purchase it first.

But he solved my doubts. Then, he explained me the importance of bare act in hand than having it on tablet. He complemented me on the last day of my intern by my work and curiosity.

Finally, I purchased the Bare Act of other publication because that day I realized my foolishness in not purchasing the bare act. It was really a great experience.

Good Environment:

Everything is well settled and well-planned. The environment at NGT is very peace and soothing. Daily case list and news updates were fixed on the bulletin board. There was cleanliness everywhere. Every office member is very cooperative. Even Registrar guided us at various moments.

Court Manners:

Certain court manners which a law student should follow while doing internships which I learnt are as follows:

  • Always be in time.
  • Come in proper uniform.
  • Don’t drink water in the court during proceedings.
  • Proper shaving and dressing.
  • Respect Judges and Advocates.
  • Stand before them at their arrival and departure from the Court.
  • Always listen to the case and its order carefully.
  • Not to murmur or whisper in the Courtroom.
  • Keep your mobile phones either silent or switched off.
  • Always note down cases, principles, quotes made during hearing of the cases either by the bench or counsels.

Experience never ends:

I have mentioned whatever I experienced at NGT during my 21 days internship and hope it may prove useful to the future law students who decide to go NGT for Internship.

One thing I must mention that no institution, firm, NGO or forum is good or bad rather everything depends on you. One must intern at NGT once in his law career. It was my first intern in I year and really it proved gold for me because being in the I year I got opportunity to intern at this wonderful place.

Here, it ends but experience never ends because every moment you learn something new and grooms your personality.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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