Internship Experience @ National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi: Write Case Briefs, Read Cases, Attend Court Room Proceedings


Anmol Malhotra, 1st Year

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

Name of the Organization, City, Address, Commuting and Team Strength and Office

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission is an amazing place to work at.

It is located very near to the INA Metro Station which falls on the yellow line via the Delhi metro.

One can easily reach the office getting off at the INA metro station and walking by the INA Market to reach the office.

The office is a four storied building divided into various sections with courts running from the first to the third floor.

Also of people are engaged with the NCDRC but everyone minds their own business and there is a lack of internship culture.

Date of Internship

1st January, 2016 to 29th January, 2016

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

One can easily send an email to the Mr. Anil Srivastava, Registrar NCDRC on the email address of but be sure to write well in advance for the internship request from your college’s approved internship cell.

Be sure to follow up and not just leave it hanging.

Duration, Days of work, Timings

I used to be in office starting 9 am to almost 5 pm.

The timings are a little flexible and days of work range from Monday to Friday.

First impression, first day, formalities

It took time to find the building on the first day so leaving early is recommended on the first day to get yourself better acquainted with the route.

The first day one meets the registrar and one of the members and gets work assigned to himself.

An application is to be given for the procurement of a computer with an active internet connection to the IT department and one may use their own laptop without internet access from the NCDRC.

I was allotted a workspace in the PA/PS room on the 4th floor and i used to work there.

The environment to work on the 4th floor could be better but it’s definitely manageable.

One may use the computer provided by the NCDRC but I used to use my laptop with USB tethering from my phone for an active internet connection which effectively helped me bypass the internet hurdle.

Main tasks

I used to interact with Dr. B.C. Gupta who used to generally guide me throughout my internship.

I used to write case briefs, read cases and presenting my personal opinion, mock arguments writing, attending court room proceedings and their analysis thereon, sitting in the Revision Petition section, Original Petition section etc were the main tasks.

More work was given upon completion of the previous task.

I wasn’t made to feel like a first year with no knowledge in fact knowledge was imparted in a practical and logical manner.

Work environment, people

Mr. Banerjee, Dr B.C. Gupta, Mr. Ramashankar, Mr. Hanumanta Rao, Dr. S.M Kantikar etc. were a few people I interacted with and they helped me a lot in terms of guidance and work.

The atmosphere in the PA/PS room on the 4th floor where I used to sit was comparatively less professional but very manageable.

The good and the bad

I liked how there was plenty of work and nobody undermined you for being a first year.

I was almost never free to just while away time and the staff was very helpful and used to give good quality of work.

There was nothing bad in particular, maybe better internet access and legal databases access would solve a lot of problems.

Apart from that, the internship was most knowledgeable and most enjoyable.


There was no stipend given.

Accommodation, areas near the office?

I stayed at a friend’s house so accommodation was not a problem faced by me.

The INA market is walking distance from the NCDRC and it does provide necessities but don’t expect anything too lavish.

The office has two canteens on the ground floor where food is reasonably priced and one can have lunch here.

Even the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) canteen is nearby and is rumored to be better than the one in the NCDRC.


I managed to write a research paper on the basis of the knowledge gained during this internship. This internship was most enjoyable and knowledgeable.

The NCDRC is an excellent place for a 1st year law student to intern provided he/she likes to work, is sincere and diligent.

The reward of this internship is a remarkable amount of knowledge and a beautiful certificate.

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