Internship Experience @ National Commission For Women, New Delhi: Interview the victims and be a part of the hearings



Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

National Commission For Women, New Delhi

Application Process

I applied through the email address given on their website.

Also, you are supposed to send your CV as well as a recommendation letter from the university or any lawyer.

Duration of internship and timings

1st December, 2015 to 30th December, 2015

5 days a week. Timings depend upon coordinator to coordinator; Mine was 10 am- 5 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day formalities include filing the attendance and marking yourself present.

Don’t forget to carry a copy of the confirmation e-mail.

Infrastructure is basic, it looks like any other government office.

Main tasks

My Cell involved cases with the NRIs only.

I was made to write letters and address the High Commissions and Embassies about the grievances of the victims.

Besides, interviewing the victims and being part of the hearings was also required at times.

Work Environment, People

The working environment is pretty amazing. The coordinators are very friendly and cooperative.

They are ready to help you any and every time (I personally used to bug them and ask loads of doubts).

Best things 

Along with the work and case load,us internees used to hangout together, check out the places near NCW.

The most favourite being Connaught Place and its market. Palika too, as you can always buy cheap and not-so reliable things from there.

Bad things

Did not find anything bad about the internship.



Anything else you’d like to tell

The office hours depends upon your coordinator and the state you handle.

Since I handled Uttar Pradesh, So I had to sit back till 5 or even till 6 pm to complete the target.

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