OP Jindal’s Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Elocution Competition [Feb 4]; Register by Jan 30

O.P. Jindal Global University is pleased to announce the hosting of the annual Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Elocution Competition at its University premises at Sonepat, Haryana, NCR of Delhi on the 4th of February, 2015.

The Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Trust was set up in 2004 to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding jurist Nani A .Palkhivala. The late Nani Palkhivala was a passionate democrat, patriot, and above all, a great human being.

The main objective of the Trust is the promotion, support and advancement of the causes that Nani Palkhivala ceaselessly espoused, such as democratic institutions, personal and civil liberties and rights enshrined in the Constitution, a society governed by just, fair and equitable laws and the institutions that oversee them, the primacy of liberal economic thinking for national development and the preservation of India’s priceless heritage.

The Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Elocution Competition is one of the more recognized and premier Elocution competitions in the Northern educational circuit. JGU has successfully hosted this competition in the past and we have the opportunity and privilege of doing so again.

Clarifications, if any, may be sought from The Literary and Fine Arts Society, O.P. Jindal Global University
Email: [email protected]

Participants are required to register on or before 20th January, 2015.

To register, participants must revert to this mail with an attached scanned copy of the application form along with your University’s seal/stamp, as well as the signature of a recommending authority.

The application form is HERE.

The rules and regulations are HERE.


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