NALSAR’s Faculty Gets ‘Talking’ in the New Website

NALSAR recently launched its new website. See

Do check it out especially for the faculty introductions!

amita dhanda nalsar faculty

Prof. Amita Dhanda:

I have taught like a researcher and my courses do not impart existing information but dwell on questions that need further investigation. Since our students stay with us over extended periods of time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to build learning together relationships with them.

I am also defined by my feminist pride in my traditional build; my sweet tooth, which keeps me traditionally built; and my work obsessions, which trump my fitness travails and cause me to miss the movies I should see but watch the soaps I should miss.

Prof. Faizan Mustafa:

Law for me is an instrument of social change thus as the Senior Vice-Chairperson of Rural Litigation & Entitlement Kendra, Dehra Dun. I supported the filing of the country’ first environmental and ecology related PIL in the lime stone mining matter. The petition succeeded in obtaining voting rights for the indigenous people of Shivalik Hills i.e. Van Gujjars and obtained the release of 19000 bonded workers. 

Nothing interests me more than cooking. I enjoy teaching and have some passion for debating.

Click on the ‘about’ page on the Faculty listing here.

Hat-tip to Danish Sheikh on Facebook.

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