The Nagpur MUN is an understudy drove meeting with a target of giving its members an associate roused setting in order to help them intuitively about how to ponder and approach squeezing issues in a Global Society. We have organised a titanic cluster of points and boards that will guarantee an incomparably captivating and interesting knowledge for each delegate.


Yeshwantrao College of Engineering,Nagpur

  1. UNSC: The Arab-Israel conflict: A Regional Analysis of Arab-Israel Relations
  2. DISEC: Removal of Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) from former conflicted areas
  3. SOCHUM: The question of extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions
  4. SPECPOL: Measures to ensure Future Political and Governmental Development of Non Self Governing Territories
  5. UNHRC: The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar
  6. WHO: Mental Health and Awareness
  7. UNEP: Review of the Paris Climate Agreement and its Implications
  8. ECOSOC: Promoting women’s economic empowerment
  9. Lok Sabha: Review of IPC Section 377
  10. International Press Corps

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