Naan Bread and Chai Latte: In Conversation with Sushruti Tripathi on Publishing a Book, Practising Law Abroad, and Law and Art

Naan Bread Chai Latte In Conversation with Sushruti Tripathi

Recently we interviewed author and lawyer, Sushruti Tripathi on her new book, ‘Naan Bread and Chai Latte’.

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Naan Bread and Chai Latte is a collection of poems (interwoven with prose). It covers her experience of working at Herbert Smith Freehills, London (while missing home) and the time after that. The book deals with themes of finding your feet- both professionally and personally, and of trying to make sense of the times we live in. It asks questions on identity, the meaning of home, chasing dreams, love, loss, and life. It is self-published along with Notion Press.

Listen to our conversation, where we discuss:

  • The idea behind the book and the process of publishing it.
  • Tips for writers wanting to self-publish.
  • Life at HSF, London.
  • The intersection of law and art.
    (And a poetry performance by Sushruti!)

About Sushruti

Sushruti Tripathi is a climate change and energy lawyer, poet, and dancer. Passionate about arts in education, she divides her time between environmental law and working with children to enable creative expression. She is currently teaching a credit course on Climate Change at her alma mater NUJS. She loves good conversations and chai.

The interview was conducted by Umang Poddar, an Editor at Lawctopus.

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  1. I bought the Kindle version of the book after watching the interview.
    Sushruti need not bother about writing poetry. Her prose itself pretends to be something other than poetry, but doesn’t succeed. The imagery of her poetry is palpable. The metaphors are so disarming that they yield everything they have in one gentle squeeze.
    If the poet fills her time writing (not bothering about lawyering), we may soon find an international celebrity in our midst.