My Career Fear: Smooth-Talkers Winning Over the Writer-Researcher; CV Bullet Points Winning Over Passion

It’s  been a semester in law school, and  frankly speaking, I can feel the pressure building up!

In the first place, ours is a good college but it’s not exactly a great place for law. The moot question would thus be – How do you stand apart ?

How do you make a great impression? To cut a long story short : What on earth would make a recruiter hire you and not an NLU graduate?

Of course , if you are a star speaker , you make an image for yourself. So do you, if you possess excellent drafting skills and research abilities.

But what if it’s neither this nor that? Even though it’s still simply the outset for me, and I enjoy writing and research, I feel an almost compulsory need to excel. And that does not help.

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Also, I believe law is becoming very much like engineering, in terms of the number of people pursuing it and colleges mushrooming all over. (Too many colleges and students but a smaller market?)

It’s definitely not of the magnitude of medicine or engineering yet, but that is surely where its heading.

So, unless you are from a premier NLU, the future is uncertain!

The good part here is – for law, an established National Law University would make your job easier, but at the end of the day it’s your research skills, mooting, debating, writing and the rest which matter.

The pressure to perform is immense, and that is draining.

Even when I enjoy the process , I do feel that a lot of things in law school are popularity driven. It isn’t actual merit that always matters.

Sometimes it’s simply the fact that some are involved in a lot of things – be it music or theatre or sports – and that people know them. Now these are of course nice things, but it’s quite unfair that people should be catapulted to MUNs, moots or debates because of these.

My speaking skills aren’t quite good, and public speaking has always been an issue. I’m into writing and research, but the sad part is speaking is always more glamorous.

In a moot, for instance,  it’s always the speakers who are the stars and pity the researcher (even if theirs is the winning team)! Writing is also quite slow a process in terms of the time and the rewards involved.

So how do you craft the perfect CV? Do the things you are passionate about or those tailor- made for a great resume?

Beyond idealism and highbrow ideas , is the latter actually the road to success ?

Lawctopus’ College Managers are writing about their biggest career fears.

We are publishing them not for the literary or the creative merit but because the write-ups tell the law student community that they are not alone in their doubts and worries :)

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