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My Biggest Career Fear: I am an Accidental Lawyer and I don’t Want to Die in this Accident (+ Networking Fears and Advice)

By: The Admin | December 9, 2013

My one and only dream ever since I was in 9th standard was to become an aerospace engineer.

My dream plan – study and get superbly amazing marks in 12th standard, crack ISAT and get into IIST, IIST to ISRO, ISRO to NASA and probably getting a Nobel prize in physics !

I gave twelve engineering exams and trust me on the fact that my most dedicated attempt, till date, was when I was attempting my ISAT.

I travelled the entire country to give engineering examinations and so in the process, I met this guy on the train who was going to Pune to seek admission in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth (law faculty).

We discussed as to what we wanted to do in life, I said “Engineering Dude !!” and he came up with this very weird thing called “IPR”. He told me about whatever he had researched, related to intellectual property rights. I found it pretty interesting.

We got off the train, topic over, I wished him luck with law and he wished me luck with engineering.

Four months later, the same guy contacts me over Facebook and asks me “ Hey! Hows your engineering going?” and I go like “Engineering! haha! Am doing law dude!”

What led to the above situation is as follows: despite giving 12 engineering exams, none of them secured me aerospace engineering.

And my ISAT score, well, don’t even ask ! Hence I started panicking and filled up all sorts of forms, everything, from B.A to B.Com to Law. B.A and B.Com were still fine…but law , I had never even thought about it, never ever.Law was never an option.

Hence, I genuinely wanted to screw up the one and only law exam that I gave. Despite knowing that there was negative marking for every wrong answer, I marked the answer for each and every question! And as luck (or bad luck) would have it, I got selected and my attempt to “not get selected” went absolutely futile.

And here I was, in a law college, having absolutely no clue as to what I was doing here.

I am in second year now, and trust me, the situation is still the same. I can intern, I can moot, I can do anything and everything to build my CV and secure a job.

But that is not the point here. Point is, do I have any interest in law? Even if i get a job (which I know I wont) and work for 18 hours a day, would I be happy doing it ?

Anyways, this can be thought about once I do get a job. Reasons as to why I think that getting a job is gonna be a humongous task, read on:

networking in law school

Apparently, networking plays a very important role in law. You make contacts, become friends with your seniors, become friends with your co interns and later use these contacts in getting a job.

So, what about a person like me who doesn’t believe in the concept of networking? Who finds this concept absolutely shallow? If you wanna get a job, why not get it on your “own” merit rather than using “jugaad”?

Since I have no idea whether my interest actually lies in law or I am studying it just because I am in a law college, my mind keeps wandering elsewhere.

As of now, the options that I am considering are as follows:

1. I can join the army after completing my third year or the fifth year (or)

2. I can give CAT and pursue M.B.A after my third year or the fifth year (or)

3. I can pursue a course in event management (or)

4. I can work full time with an NGO (or)

5. I can pursue journalism (or)

6. My newest option ! I can become a lecturer !

God only knows where I’ll end up!

Editor’s note:

You’ve got a very narrow, and I am sorry to say, wrong notion of what ‘networking’ is.

Networking is not just about ‘making contacts’ and boot-licking the seniors.

Helping people out is the best way to network. Think of networking as being ‘professionally friendly’: helping each other out with career.

Generally there is a specific personality type which is not comfortable with ‘networking’. Not everyone should be or can be a lively extrovert. Introverts too have their own powers. And they ways an introvert and an extrovert ‘networks’ are differently.

I mean, introverts too can network.

Networking is not jugaad, it’s ‘connecting’ and there is a whole lot of ‘merit’ in that.

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