Mustafa Rasheed From Lawctopus Law School Shares His CV of Failures!


We started our CV of Failures series sometime back, getting inspired by people across the globe who wanted to show that behind your successes there is a long list of failures.

Rarely do we talk about the failures. It is only the successes that take the limelight. That’s what we want to rectify.

In our latest post, Mustafa Rasheed, the Head of Strategy & Development at Lawctopus Law School, shares his CV of Failures with us.

We are glad that he wanted to show the submerged part of his iceberg of success.

Find his CV of Failures below.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Mustafa Rasheed_CV of Failures”]

We need to bring out more stories so that people who feel apprehensive have an outlet to talk and relate to. If you are somebody who could openly share your failures in public, please do so. If you want to do so under anonymity, that also works. You could make a CV (with your failures) and send it to us, or write about experiences from your life. Please get in touch at

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