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Workshop on Creating Inclusive Spaces by IDIA and Sony Pictures [Feb 24-25, Mumbai]: Registrations Open


The Constitution of India speaks about equality. And yet we practice rampant inequality on the ground; excluding those that are less privileged than ourselves. Worse still, we do this within the legal ecosystem: one that is meant to safeguard constitutional values.

A large part of this attitude springs from our lack of awareness and a concern that the differently abled may be more of a liability than an asset. Through this workshop, we hope to bust these assumptions and prove that:

  1. The differently abled (particularly the visually impaired) can make for outstanding lawyers, given the right support and ecosystem. In fact, studies demonstrate that addition of such diversity not only furthers social justice, but also makes for a more creative and productive working environment (the “business case for diversity”).
  2. The cost of creating an inclusive ecosystem to support the differently abled is not that significant.

Through this sensitization workshop, we hope that a number of employers in the legal ecosystem and beyond will be more amenable to creating inclusive working spaces.

By way of background, IDIA supports a number of visually impaired scholars who are studying in various law schools. Through their admissions to the leading law schools (through CLAT and other competitive law entrance exams), we’ve busted the notion that they are unfit for the top law schools.

We receive a number of queries from law firms and other institutions on how they can support our differently abled scholars through internships (and later employment as well). We therefore felt the need to organize this workshop as a means to effectively sensitise and induce more employers to create inclusive workspaces.

Who is it for

Leading lawyers, law firm partners/associates, in-house counsels, civil society representatives, inclusion experts, IDIA Scholars with disabilities, IDIA directors/volunteers, SPND Representatives.


24 – 25 February 2018


To be confirmed, Mumbai


If you can make the event, can you please RSVP to: [email protected], with a copy to [email protected]

For details and official notification, click here.



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