Internship Experience @ Multiple Action Research Group (MARG), New Delhi: Learned basic legal concepts


Vasu Jain


Multiple Action Research Group (NGO), Delhi

Team: 1 Head, 4 lawyers, 2 clerks

Application Process

I applied through my university.

But one could apply by sending an application to Mr. Noor Alam @

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You need to send a sample of your writing along with the mail.

He will revert back to you within a week.


3rd November, 2013 to 16th December, 2013: 6 weeks

First Day

My first day was just a day after Diwali and it was going to be my first internship, so I was little hesitant to go.

But I reached the place much before the given time, so I had to wait for one and a half hour.

I was greeted warmly and treated like an employee.

I was required to give a copy of my CV, sample writing and 2 photographs.

Then I was introduced to the other members and given my place of work.

For the first day, there was no work and was allowed to relax.

The office was good and well furnished.

It has a separate chamber for the lawyers and admin staff.

It also had a library, conference room and a kitchen.

It was petty spacious.

Main tasks

Since it was an NGO, the main task was to research and make list of government policies and rules.

We were given different conditions on which we had to compile all the government’s policies.


I was given a separate desktop to work on, since I had no laptop then.

People were very friendly.

Noor Sir used to guide me on various topics.

There were 4 co-interns and lunch with them was the most relaxed part.

Best things

The best part was those 2 days on which I just had to watch the movies (say TV show named Bol Basanti) made by MARG.

It was aimed to create legal awareness and explains the basic legal concepts through the protagonist who is a common man.

And also the Manupatra access.

Bad things

It was very far from home. :p


Nil (Afterall it was an NGO)

Biggest Lessons

“To help the poor, you need to be Poor” – Mother Terasa.

You need to know the poor before you go to lend a helping hand.


I have till now done 6 internships but this has been the best internship till now.

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