Internship Experience @ MSV and Associates, Bangalore: Junior Advocates used to discuss advocacy skills with us


Ankit Chandra


MSV and Associates, Bangalore.

Application Process

The application process is hassle free, one simply has to call at the office number, the person I got with was very easy with interns as accepted my application without giving a second thought, his name is Adv, Shankar and one can directly call him on his contact number 9686930700.


I usually do internships for 30 days and so was it.

First Day

It was a small but well equipped office, sir greeted us very well and asked formal introduction from us and we were given case files of our interest.

Main tasks

Main task included reading cases and judgement analyzing it, often sir used to discuss the same with us when he used to be free.

Following cases, going to trial court (trial court was the toughest part as I was totally unaware of the language).


Work environment was awesome as the people were very helpful, the junior advocates used to discuss advocacy skill with us and even used to help for our studies. overall it was a good place to intern.

Best things

There was no such best thing, but sir was of a capitalist mentality and I was of socialist so we used to have long and interesting debate.

Bad things

The only bad thing was you had nothing to do except reading cases and rarely going to court. It was basically a kick start for me.



Biggest Lessons

One thing I came to know during this internship is that a capitalist and a socialist living in a mixed economy can have talks for hours.


For a kick start for a law student who ain’t have any law background it was good.

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