Modi sarkar threatened democracy; that is the most anti-national of all acts. By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

The full piece is here. Below are the excerpts.

The arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar and the crackdown on political dissent at JNU suggest that we are living under a government that is both rabidly malign and politically incompetent.

It is using nationalism to crush constitutional patriotism, legal tyranny to crush dissent, political power to settle petty scores, and administrative power to destroy institutions.


The government does not want to just crush dissent; it wants to crush thinking, as its repeated assaults on universities demonstrate.

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Some of the students may have been deeply misguided in the beliefs they hold. But a university is the space to debate them: yes, even the hanging of Afzal Guru.


The BJP does not also understand one subtle point: that unless there is real and immediate violence involved, a democracy that cuts “anti-nationals” some slack is a robust democracy.

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