Are Model United Nations (MUNs) Important for a Law Student?

Q. How important are Model United Nations (MUN) for a law student. (Asked on Facebook by Devahuti Pathak)

If you love MUNing; MUN. If you don’t like MUN; don’t MUN. Yes, its a very Fountain Head-ish advice; but do consider your likes when you decide to embark upon an act.

The very calculated advice would be: Yes! MUNs are important. Common sense tells me that to be a good MUNer you need to:

1. Be a proactive person who hunts for opportunities; travels big distances; spends money, time and effort on that something called MUN. Being proactive is very important for a lawyer. Every recruiter likes a proactive person.

2. Be good with your speaking and negotiating skills: In the end there is the lawyer and there is the client and we have two people at work. Two is a company and the company interacts.

As a service provider, the lawyer has to obviously handle the business and the legal sides of a transaction. As a person the lawyer also needs to talk and interact and converse. (A company interacts, you know.) And he also needs to be very good at the negotiating table. MUNing will surely chisel a bit of these skills: interpersonal, negotiating skills etc.

3. When you MUN you meet new people, you make new friends and you network. And oh! Networking is so awesomely important for lawyers.

Maybe the IIT Kharagpur guy you met at the MUN will one day invent something that needs a patent and he may call you up. Or maybe that B-school girl (somewhere down the line) needs some advice on how to incorporate her startup. MUNing is important, you see.

Your friends are generally your first clients.

4. Supreme General Awareness.
Important for a law student.

5. Ability to argue.
Thats our daily bread. Say Hi to Mr. MUN; the baker!

I’ll leave you with a quote: Everything is important; till you realise it.

PS 1- People at Lawctopus have exams. Lawctopus might thus appear to be hibernating.

PS 2 – Haste will you wait; someone advised us. And we are doing that.


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