Indian Peace Summit 2016, Model United Nation [Bargarh, Odisha]: Registration Open


The Indian Peace Summit 2016 at Bargarh, Odisha aims at melting down issues of global concern through substantial deliberations and potent resolutions.


Bargarh, Odisha

Model United Nation

This 2 day long , conference in the garb of a Model United Nations conference, looks forward to quality debate, negotiation, controversy, conflict resolution and unlike most other of its kind,networking too.


With 3 councils to be simulated at conference, The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), The United Nations General Assembly- Disarmament and International Security(UNGA-DISEC) and The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes(UNODC), each of the committees would look into their agendas concerning their roles, in the global community.

The conference would also have an International Press to cover the committees and their proceedings; The Press, being an inevitable facet of conferences of this nature.

The UNHRC , would necessarily look into matters concerning Human rights and its violation, while UNODC would prioritize, the interrelated issues of illicit trafficking and drug abuse, political malfeasance and crime prevention.

The UNGA-DISEC would place challenges and threats to peace that affects the international community and issues concerning international terrorism, as their primary concern.

The social event on the concluding day intends to solve its purpose – networking, which we believe is vital to shrink the world to a smaller place, appropriately.

With about 500 delegates ,experienced executive board members and a secretariat working round the clock to ensure an exemplary event.

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