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Meet RMLNLU’s 8-Pack Spartan Mohammad Adil : a Power Lifter, Martial Artist and Bodybuilder


In Law School there a few who can balance survival and the pursuit of passions. A few who dare to achieve the insane. RMLNLU’s 8-pack Spartan- Mohammad Adil – a power lifter, martial artist and bodybuilder, opens up about what its’ like to balance self-imposed physically extreme goals with life in law school.

Interview taken by Ryan Wilson of RMLNLU.

At one point I was verbally suggested by the administration to either choose between my career in law school or bodybuilding.

RW: Hi Adil. Lets get to the beginning. Before law school, how did you get into martial arts?

Adil: During my teen years, I was exposed to an environment where there was always a danger of fights breaking out in school. Being caught in the midst of it, there was always a constant fear of being attacked.

I needed to toughen up for survival. I became a part of School Athletics team practicing 3-4 hours a day.

This routine of mine caught the attention of the Taekwondo Instructor Mr. Javed Khan. I was further groomed into martial arts by him and under his guidance I was able to win accolodates at both National and International levels.

RW: A martial artists in school, you took up powerlifting in law school. How did this happen?

Adil: When I joined the RMLNLU, I started hitting the iron at the college gym. My weight training became more intense and coupled with taekwondo training, and started to consume at least than 6-7 hours of my day.

This caught the attention of my Powerlifting Guru Ramadhan Misra Sir, who introduced me to the sport of powerlifting.

With a combined strategy of training my body to both extremes of flexibility of martial arts and strength of powerlifting I soon developed a good physique with proper symmetry.

It was under his guidance that I banged various medals at the several district and state powerlifting championships.

RW: Among your many accolades you also won bronze at Mr. Purvanchal 2013 on your debut! How did you take up professional bodybuilding?

Adil: During my summer vacations I went to Varanasi. I joined a local gym named ‘Fitness First’ and here met my third Guru Subhan Allah Sir, who is a renowned bodybuilding coach.

He saw my enthusiasm and my intensity and soon enough he was personally training me for the upcoming state bodybuilding championship ‘Mr. Purvanchal-2013.’

It was all because of his grooming and the time he gave me (often training me 10-12 hours a day) that I bagged the bronze medal on my debut. Since then I have been a lot more focussed and am under the constant guidance of all my 3 Gurus.

RW: How do you balance law school life with your passions?

Adil: It is a very difficult life. Balancing regular classes with my training schedules and cooking my own food leaves little room for a social life.

RW: Do you intend to practice law?

Adil: I intend to help people and the environment by practicing law. While Strength training is my passion, taking up the practice of law one day is my duty.

RW: Many students in law schools take up unhealthy vices. Your advice to them would be?

Adil: I believe no one is naive enough to distinguish between what is good and bad for him, especially when one is mature enough to be in a college.

It’s a personal choice, they should kill these vices immediately.

Adil Mohammad, rmlnlu spartan, bodybuilder

RW: It is said that serious bodybuilding involves hours in the gym, which will leave one too fatigued to pursue a career in law. What are your thoughts on such notions?

Adil: I won’t disagree but I would say it isn’t impossible. But you have to make sacrifices. You’ll have to abandon your social life entirely.

RW: Do law schools invest sufficiently in the physical health of their students? How has RMLNLU supported your passions?

Adil: National Law schools in general seem to be the poorest when it comes to their investment in fields of physical health. Nutrition in the mess food is minimalistic. RMLNLU has never sponsored me for any of the sport event I have participated.

At one point I was verbally suggested by the administration to either choose between my career in law school or bodybuilding.

They are not even willing to grant us the attendance for the classes we miss while participating in such events, let alone the travelling expenses, competition entrance fees or any such support.

RW: What are your philosophies for the gym and for life?

Adil: My philosophy regarding iron training is Progress. Whatever I did yesterday, whatever I was yesterday is all history, every day I have to be better than the day before, a step ahead, I have to grow.

RW: Can you name some mental benefits you have noticed from weight training?

Adil: Majority suggest that yoga is the best therapy for anger management. I say they haven’t tried weight training yet. You’ll never see an angry bodybuilder or powerlifter or weightlifter or a martial artist.

Weight training calms your mind and body. It enhances your ability to focus on a specific target. I suggest weight training to everybody who is undergoing depression or mental breakdown.

RW: Can you touch on what your current workouts look like?

Adil: As for right now I am undergoing a bulking mode. During this phase a bodybuilder takes his weight to the maximum limit possible and then starts shredding it during the competition session.

During this time I workout only 5-6 hours a day with a minimum of cardio and martial arts training and a lot of weight training including powerlifting and weightlifting sessions.

My daily workout schedule is as follows:

6.00 am -10.00 am – I enter the gym. At first I do a 100 pushups and a 100 pullups for a warmup and then I workout any one major bodypart like back, chest or legs followed by my powerlifting exercises.

5.00 pm- 5.30 pm – I do my stretching exercises followed by some taekwondo exercises.

5.30 pm- 10.00 pm – I workout another two body parts of mine followed by another 3-4 sets of pullups.

RW: What does your diet look like?

Adil: As I have to pursue 3 different sports which although might seem alike but are actually very distinct when it comes to training and diet pattern.

I avoid any item which has any kind of sugar or preservatives in it. I am not supposed to have anything oily or with fats, but I occasionally enjoy a cheat meal.

On a daily basis I consume around 7-12 egg whites with 1-2 yolks, ½ kg-1 kg chicken, 400 gms beef or goat meat, daal, 250-500 gm curd, chapatties, vegetables, fuits , nuts along with an occasional serving of milk, rice, or fish.

However during the competition period or during a taekwondo tournament I rely mostly on orange juices, curd, eggs and meat.

RW: Current goals, such as a show or competition you are planning to compete in?

Adil: Currently I am working on to capture the Mr.India and Mr. U.P title in my weight group.

At the same time I am also training for the next National Powerlifting Championship and the National Taekwondo Championship, all of which are expected to be between August to October. I shall also be participating in several other state and district competitions.

I have high hopes after bagging the silver medal at the State Deadlift Championship in spite of a back injury.

RW: What are some accomplishments that you’re proud of?

Adil: That would be knocking out the Nepali contender at The 2nd International Thamel Championship to win the Bronze Medal in the semi-finals.

Although I got disqualified after the semi-finals for breaking his nose and ribs, but it felt good. I am still to capture the gold which is what I intend to do this year.

RW: Is there anything in life that you haven’t accomplished that is still on your list?

Adil: I want to experience and push myself to the extreme limits of the human body.

This is lifelong mad pursuit.

I intend to practice and learn new things everyday but first I must do everything I can to win a Mr. India trophy for my bodybuilding coach Subhan Allah Sir, a gold medal at International Taekwondo Championship for Javed Sir and break the world record of powerlifting in my weight group for Ramadhar Misra sir and perhaps if lucky get myself a Rhodes scholarship to learn law at Oxford.


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