Call for Volunteers: MC Mehta Environmental Foundation [Phase 2]: Apply by May 24

About Us

Inspired by the success of the First Phase of the MCMEF-ICELA Volunteer Program, the M.C. Mehta Environmental Foundation and the Indian Council for Enviro-Legal Action now launch Phase II of the Volunteer Program.

MCMEF and ICELA are NGOs working nationwide for the protection of the environment, the rights of the people to a clean environment, the promotion of sustainable development and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of India.


Through this program we aim to create a group of empowered, experienced and sensitized citizens who will serve as the voice of Mother Earth wherever they are!

ICELA has contributed significantly to the broadening of environmental jurisprudence in India and has obtained landmark judgments and directions for the protection of environment, people’s life and health.

MCMEF has been actively involved in creating awareness among NGO’s, lawyers, scientists, senior officials, academicians, students and youth through training and capacity building programs, seminars, workshops, moot courts, declamation contests, green marches and other grass root level activities.

We believe that if all of us unite and take proper care in the protection and conservation of the limited natural resources, we can give our children a better tomorrow.

It is possible only through community participation, awareness and by raising our voice!

In making co-existence and sustainable living a reality, we thus reach out to all those interested in joining the struggle for existence of life on Planet Earth against pollution, climate change and degradation of natural resources! For more information you may check the website.

Application Process

We are scheduled to organise intensive programs and thereby invite applications of those interested to volunteer with us for the same.

The nature of work is voluntary and all volunteers will be given a certificate / letter for their contribution.

The work may include the following depending upon the applicant’s expertise:

 Coordination work for organising Environmental-Training Programs/Meetings etc.

 Environment education projects with school and college students

 Giving presentations on air/water/soil pollution, environment law and policy, wildlife conservation, sustainable energy, solid waste management, animal rights and other health related issues. Experience and understanding in the concerned fields will be required.

 Organisation of Capacity Building Programs at our Eco Ashram in Dehradun

 Technical work in designing and/or website management

 Creative, artistic work in drawings, paintings, craft, designing etc.

 Writing reports, articles, briefs etc.

All interested applicants will have to undergo a two stage selection procedure:

The first stage comprises the sending of Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with the Registration Form available on our website based on which the second stage i.e. the interview will follow for those selected.

Download Volunteer Application Form, click HERE.


Last date to apply for this program is 24th May, 2016.

College/University students and above may apply.

We look forward to also having people with administrative experience in general and/or field experience/qualification in any of the above mentioned environmental issues in particular.

All students currently pursuing their education will be required to provide a Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member in their institution.

The required documents need to be sent to [email protected]


On final selection, the volunteer will be required to pay a one-time registration fees of Rs. 500/- for the expenses borne by the organisation for the purposes of the training and communication.

Volunteers once selected will still be subject to disqualification in case of any inappropriate conduct during the course of their tenure.

NOTE: A selfless spirit to passionately protect our natural environment at all costs, along with perseverance and determination is what we are looking for.


Phone: (011) 41756519

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Click HERE.

For further details, click HERE.


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