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Mashin’, Bashin’, Thrashin’ ‘n Dashin’ Cheers to You, O My Teacher, O My Life!

By: The Admin | September 5, 2013

By Pranusha Kulkarni


Cheers to You, O My Teacher!


Teacher, Teacher, O My Teacher

You’ve been quite a Preacher

Puncturing in hordes of Strictures

Cheers to You, O My Teacher!


Mashin’, Bashin’, Thrashin’ ‘n Dashin’

All by flashin’ a smile smashin’

Our eyes lockin’, my heart baulkin’

Even as you do my soul’s caulkin’


Wrigglin’ myself to sleep,

Wigglin’ myself away from the weep,

Starin’ ‘n starin’ at the empty sweep,

That’s when your wisdom does in me seep.


You kiss, cuddle, love n’ hate,

You do it all to get me goin’

You flourish your invisible hands,

My soul findin’ its resting stands.


Teacher, teacher, O My Teacher,

You have been quite a Preacher,

Life is Your Name, Nice is the Way You Play Your Game,

Walkin’ me through your Halls of Your Flame!


Rife are the sounds of your Strife,

‘M lovin’ the melody of your Fife

Smilin’ through your piercing Knife,

I love you as my Teacher, O My Life!

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