Internship Experience @ Manupatra, Noida: Stipend of Rs. 3000/Month

Name of the intern:

Divya Kathuria, School of Law, Raffles University, Neemrana, Fifth year

Name and address of Organization:

Manupatra. Sector 1, Noida

Duration of internship:

1 month (January 2, 2017- January 30, 2017)


From 8:30am-5:30pm

How big was the office?:

The office is quite big, divided in two floors and the legal content team sits on the fifth floor.

At the time I went, the content team was divided into two. One, which would do the usual work of manupatra and the other, for a new project named ‘Law Skills’ for making online courses on various subjects of law.

Application Procedure:

Application Procedure was quite simple. Just mail your CV to I had got an affirmation of internship from the HR within one month of the application. However, after a few days of this affirmation, I got an interview call from manupatra.

The person who conducted the interview seemed quite intelligent. The questions asked from me included many difficult questions like shortcut command for copy and paste.

Manupatra had been my dream internship and even such difficult questions could not affect my zeal to grab my dream opportunity. The Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V question kept haunting me for the days till I did not join the internship.

Accommodation: One can easily get an accommodation in nearby sectors like Sector 15 or 16. However, I got a PG in Sector 41 and it took less than half an hour to reach office.

First impression. First day formalities:

I reached ten minutes before time on the first day and waited for HR. HR was quite sweet and gave me all the details of the office. I was given a form to fill in all my details. I was asked to wait for a while for Ms. Ruchi Malhari (HR) was expecting another intern who did not turn up and might feel fortunate or unfortunate after reading this.

After that, a person conducted my session on how to use the recently awarded as best in the country online legal research portal.

He explained the things very clearly and responded to all my queries. I was more than excited to use the legal portal during my internship and hoping positively to become a pro at it at the end of the month.

After the session, HR introduced me to my mentor Ms. Ruchi Sharma under whose supervision I had to do all the work. I was also informed that for the first half of the day, I would work for her that is, the usual work of the online portal from 8:30am to 1:30 pm. From 2:30pm- 5:30 pm, I had to work for the new project- Law Skills.

Main Tasks:

As I mentioned, that I was working for 2 teams and therefore, the tasks allotted were different. For Law Skills, I had to review and edit a few courses and help the team in research work like finding case laws, writing on certain legal topics and so on.

The other team would do the usual work of Manupatra which I had to assist in for the first half of the day. The work was perfect for someone who is looking for a sabbatical from law or did not like studying law at all.

I was given work of finding out the authorities cited in the old judgments from 1990s till 2016.

Interns even had to do the diligent work of inserting case notes and citations in the software and sometimes, subject and the industry of the case laws in their software. My sabbatical was interrupted only once when I was asked to read a judgment and enumerate its consenting and dissenting opinions.

Initially, I thought it was only interns who were given such break from law, but later on, I realised that even the employees with a law degree and from prestigious law schools were under the same sabbatical. I must commend the courage of the employees to let go in vain the entire 5 or 3 years law course they had done.

Work environment:

Law Skills team was quite sweet and comfortable to work with. The work done was appreciated and it gave a great opportunity to learn and research on various laws. Mr. Chitesh- the head of the team was very friendly and would also give advice like a true mentor.

The other team members of my age group were friendly and constant support during internship.

Apart from Law Skills, I mainly worked under the supervision of Ms. Ruchi and Mr. Abhishek- her junior. Mr. Abhishek was always readily available to help me deal with all the problems that I faced all through the clerical work assigned. He had become a pro at all that by now.

With all this work with me and looking at what the legal team was doing, I got answer to the question that haunted me for days before I joined the internship about copy-paste command.

The interns were given so much importance that the work progress would be supervised by them every now and then. I was taught the importance of multi-tasking and completing targets on time by such hourly supervision.

Best Things: You can leave at 5:30 pm sharp. Interns are not made to stay back. The office people are cooperative in case you are unwell.

Another best thing is free lunch and all time available coffee, green tea, lemon tea and all sorts of varieties.

Saturdays were off! Phew!- Best of the Best things

Bad things:

There was nothing bad. The place was just perfect to get rid of studying and working on law. I tried my best for the whole month to find where law is (this is first half, after this I was made to break my break from law) and yes, it was so perfectly hidden somewhere behind the data feeding software/s that I couldn’t find it anywhere after many efforts in vain.

What did you do to chill? :

Only time to chill and the best time of the day used to be the half an hour lunch break from 1:30-2:30pm. Other times, I used to be busy completing the targets.


Stipend is usually Rs. 3000/month. However, I got a little less for the leaves I had to take because of my illness.

Any other things:

Like I said, the month was a sabbatical from law. The manupatra team helped to its best to not interrupt in between. I never felt I was sitting among a team of legal experts dealing with law everyday.

I could everyday watch Saas-Bahu Serials live. The ladies would be discussing about Jethanis, Saasu-maas, their children, their ‘Patis’ and of course, every inch of their married lives.

The Gentlemen would discuss about cricket matches, Big Boss and its contestants and so on.

That is how my multi-tasking improved. I would keep on over-hearing the loud conversations on such important topics and also, keep on completing my clerical targets with all zest and zeal.

With all this hustle and bustle, each employee, even from the legal background made sure that nothing about law would ever be discussed about. Hats off to the team!

Once or twice in a day, however, all the news headlines would be narrated by Mr. Abhishek along with his opinion and everyone around would religiously pay attention to those.

This reminded me of the scene on a Chai-stall where all the neighborhood friends from the locality would gather over a tea and discuss about the news headlines and criticize government policies, but are barely equipped with the hows and whys of those.

The office reminded me of my childhood days as well, of the times when the whole class would become a fish-market as soon as the teacher went out. The days Mr. Kapoor- the CEO of the company was not there, the employees would relive their childhood days and remind me of mine.

Biggest Lessons:

Internships are not just to learn the practical aspects of law. These are there to help you learn about the practicalities of life and teach you how to deal with unexpected people and situations.

You learn that world is full of variety of people and you might have to deal with any, at anytime. Such were the lessons I learned in this internship.

Internships are not always about finding where you want to work; sometimes you need to find where you would never work.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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